Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Friday, February 4, 2011

"Anybody With A Single Brain Cell Should Have Seen This Coming"....but Not Israeli Intelligence

By Winsip Custer CPW News Service

Appearing on MSNBC on Friday, February 4th, with retired U.S. Army General Barry McCaffrey was Mort Zuckerman.

"Anyone with a single brain cell would have seen this coming," said McCaffrey. "The Israeli intelligence has incredible foresight and they didn't see it coming," said Zuckerman the Yale educated editor-in-chief of US News & World Report and independently wealthy real estate billionaire who, in the formative years of his career, was associated with the Boston Cabot family.

By deductive reasoning..if as General McCaffrey says, anyone with a single brain cell would have seen the Egyptian crisis coming, then America's leadership over the past 30 years did not have a single brain cell. On the other hand, since Israeli Intelligence did not see it coming at all either, they didn't have a single brain cell or if they did, then it was shaded by something greater than democratic values and principles.

General McCaffrey, a veteran of the Gulf War, has not been without criticism for his handling of his Gulf War command and for overstepping his bounds as Bill Clinton's Drug Czar.  His Gulf War command included allegations of war crimes by Seymour Hersh  in the 2000 New Yorker and by Private First Class Charles Sheehan-Miles whose novel Prayer at Rumayla chronicles what he and others claim was the murder of thousands of retreating Iraqi soldiers that has become known as the "Massacre at Rumayla".

Meanwhile, Candy Crowley's CNN Sunday program featured U.S. Ambassador to Egypt, Edward Walker, and Iran-Contra retread, John Negroponte, on two successive weekend programs to explain to the American people the situation in Mubarak's Egypt.  Edwards, who was clearly in a position to know what CIA agent Robert Baer knew of the Egyptian problems, and Negroponte  (who with Otto Reich escaped the fate of close Iran-Contra associate, Elliott Abrams, who was convicted in 1992 of lying to Congress, but was pardoned by George H. Walker Bush) are hardly objective surveyors of Egypt's political woes.

The McCaffrey/Zuckerman and Walker/Negroponte exchanges serve to elevate President Jimmy Carter, who shared with Israel's Menachim Began and Egypt's Anwar Sadat a historic and unusual visionary leadership that the world rejects to its own peril.  Of course, for Carter to take on peace as his mission as opposed to war meant that he would not be a "war-time president" which would undermine his leadership in countless ways and focus the ire of the American Military Industrialist Complex. As U.S. naval officer with atomic energy credentialing Carter was even more of a threat to Big Oil.  The three Nobel Prize winners, true wise men, and three sons of Abraham...A Christian, a Muslim and a Jew all sat down together to lay a path toward real stability based on mutual understanding and respect and what happened to them? Sadat was murdered by the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood whose rise paralleled the thirty years reign of Mubarak, would, according to CIA Agent, Robert Baer, do the dirty work of a "CIA within the CIA" which kept the knowledge of the place that the Brotherhood had within U.S. Intelligence community a secret.

 Jimmy Carter's negotiation of release of the Iran hostages was commandeered by newly elected Ronald Reagan with the actual release of the hostages timed for maximum political effect upon a myopic American electorate.

From the Muslim Brotherhood came Al Qaeda which fled Egypt, was domiciled for a while in Syria and then by the Saudi Royal family in Saudi Arabia where they recruited the son of the Yemini/Saudi builder/engineer of the Saudi Royal Family, Osama bin Laden.   An understanding of the U.S. relationship with Saudi Arabia begins with Eisenhower-era development of the American Arabian oil company ARAMCO, the emergence of the Organization of Oil Exporting Countries (OPEC) and continues with the close ties of the the Saudi Royals with American "royals" which is seen clearly with the unusual relationship of Prince Bandar "Bush" to American oil policy.  The ARAMCO arrangement was historically based on the elevation of the Saudi Royal, Prince Saud, as "keeper" of the Muslim religious tradition which, at the center, hosts the holy city of Mecca, Islam's Vatican. Sunnis, Shiia and Sufi Muslims are all expected to make a pilgrimage to Mecca in their lifetime called a Hajj...in the same way that a KKK member might be expected to visit Stone Mountain, Georgia.

Nassar, Egypt's  president in the 1950's, flirted with Communism as an answer to the problem that Saudi people would have encountered had the Saudi Royals not been somewhat unselfish with their billions and billions of oil revenues.  In the 1950's the average income for Saudi Princes was $32,000 per year.   OPEC's policy of guaranteeing that oil from Islamic countries would benefit all Islamic nations, no more provided parity among nations than the Vatican's attempts to redress economic disparity among Christian nations.

Did this history lead the U.S. to choose despotism over democracy during the Mubarak years.  It seems evident.  The American power elite share the fear of political and economic free-fall that has occupied the thinking of the Saudi Royal family, the Shah of Iran, Saddam Hussein's clan and Hosni Mubarak's basket of nepotism.  These are the same shadowy Americans who have been accused by Generals like Eisenhower and McCaffrey, though McCaffrey's problems at Ramayla clearly stain his witness, to be behind the "American Military Industrialist Complex, though both McCaffrey and Eisenhower before him, show careers that have been dependent on these intertwined, international military industrial connections. One finds the names of America's Murbaraks by simply following the oil, transportation, steel, munitions, chemical and "defense company" leadership changes over time. 

Ramadan at Mecca with pilgrims on Hajj
The Muslim Brotherhood is in many ways the equivalent of America's KKK which continued to do the American Military Industrial Complex's dark bidding as the vanquished younger brother to their South, but of the same color, religious and cultural background. This informal concordat between victor and vanquished was struck with the early end of Reconstruction and abandonment of real humanitarian reform for almost 100 years.   The KKK reached crossed the Mason-Dixon line in America with the release of the W.D. Griffith's film Birth of A Nation in 1915.  Membership soared. The KKK was to the North, what the Muslim Brotherhood is to the Middle East's East and West.  The Saudi Arabia Royal family is the equivalent of America's New England Brahman Protestant, Puritan, WASPS whose hardcore leadership is Yale educated and holds membership in the Alphonso Taft created secret society there, Skull & Bones.

The Saudi Royal family guaranteed the prominence of Muslim shrines with oil dollars as the American North defended the WASP agenda by its industrial might.  While the American WASPs in time used the KKK so Saudi Arabia uses the Muslim Brotherhood in their Western Provinces to help keep the Saudi Royals in power.  The Saudi Royals depend on manipulation of religious sentiments and regional conflicts and their Western military hardware to remain at the top of the anti-democratic Islamic pyramid.  The Muslim Brotherhood became the "Islamic Boogie Man" just as the KKK had become the American power elite's boogie man in America following the Civil War.  Christian leaders who wanted to feel successful in their ministries often had to pay homage to the Klan, as did Billy Graham who received funding for his evangelism ministry from The American Mercury Magazine, which also backed American Nazi Party leader George Rockwell.

So none one of this is new to the West which has experienced its own form of divide-and-conquer with guns and religious manipulation.  A great military brain and fierce warrior who is said to have had over forty African body guards and created the KKK only to distance himself from it with the rise of its violence was, Nathan Bedford Forrest.  Forrest's celebrated encounter with General Braxton Bragg points directly to his revelation of the power that this overarching complex of endless warfare for economic power and position's sake had in the Civil War.  Forrest could see the manipulation of his movement which substituted another form of slavery for the one he had misguidedly fought for and lost.

Like Forrest's suspicion of an alteration of his Klan movement, CIA agent, Robert Baer, claims that the lack of information on the Muslim Brotherhood hid the real power behind it's purpose.  He and  rank and file CIA agents in the Middle East were being misled.  This led CIA Agent Matt Gannon to ask hard questions.   Gannon, returning on Pan Am 103 to challenge this policy, never made it to Langley, Virgina and the CIA Headquarters there.   Gannon's plane was bombed over Lockerbie, Scotland.

In light of Gannon's death, the words of the expert on Egypt, Khalid Phares becomes clear.  He said in a recent interview, that the U.S. did not significantly interface with the Egyptian culture at-large "because we were told by the U.S. State Department that the Muslim Brotherhood was more important."
Anyone hearing this exchange could only come to the conclusion that good Egyptians, Americans and Israeli's, were being misled, but by whom? By their own leadership which is more concerned about oil and weapons profits than they are about human beings.  Why?  Because the same New England Brahman families who were as dependent on these war profits from the American Civil War as they are now on managed regional conflicts to continue the flow of revenues, are still in power in the U.S.A.. Over the  years these families have taken cover behind incorporation and other legal structures and have also broadened their influence by including more and more people while controlling decisions through interlocking corporate directorates.
We might also assume that Mubarak, a soldier who sat beside Anwar Sadat when he was murdered, has either been held hostage by those not wanting Sadat's reforms or that he intentionally missed the hail of gun fire that assassinated the Nobel Prize winning leader.

Either way, this explosion of human passion in Liberation Square in Cairo is now being rapidly "managed" by the ruling elites of Israel, the U.S., Egypt and especially Saudi Arabia. For the U.S.A. this means the same military and intelligence group  that Baer claims managed the flow of information to rank and file CIA agents and that Eisenhower said was so dangerous, but failed to specifically mention by name in his departing speech. In Egypt, that means primarily the military, whose likely presidential candidate is Lt. General Sami Elam, who was meeting with 25 of his top leaders at the U.S. Pentagon on the day the recent demonstrations in Cairo began.
Americans, Egyptians, Saudis and Israelis deserve better.  Meanwhile, the Chinese, who aren't above crushing human rights,  tell us that Ginseng is good for loss of brain cells.

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