Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Monday, September 6, 2010


Formula One Austin LOOK OUT!
by Winsip Custer CPW News Service

Formula One's newly announced US Grand Prix race track backed by Texas' $25 million per year committment for ten years may soon have some competition.

Swedish start up electric car company VikingElectric Inc. may leave Formula One in it smokeless dust as it pledges to match Texas' $25 million per year to bring a winner-take-all annual prize to the US Lemans E-Car Classic.

Beginning in 2014 the LeMan's style race through the Texas hill country on a course from Leander to Kerrville is set to kick-off. "It will be a grueling electric-car-only race that brings the world's fastest and most fuel efficent race cars," said Ivan Erickson of VikingElectric. "These drivers are committed to speed, endurance AND all things green....and I'm not just talking about the $25 million....though that's nice, too."
VikingElectric's Dynosoar 1200 can reach a top speed of 345 mph. Weighing just over 2000 lbs, the car is a masterpiece of aerodynamic design, flawless maneuverability and precision engineering. The car's 100 pound Lithium battery pack can be switched out in four seconds, cutting the average pit stop on conventional race cars by almost 80% without fear of a fuel flash or oil skid. So why the name Dynosoar we asked Erickson. "Until it flies and as long as its earthbound we'll call it that....but unlike the gas guzzling dinosaurs of the Austin Grand Prix....Prix....that's appropriate isn't it? Unlike them and the NasCar and Indi dinosaurs....our dynos soar!"
Attempts to contact Swiss e-car maker of Green GT were so far unsuccessful, the British makers of the Lightening and as well as US car makers like Tesla have also been queried for their support of this groundbreaking Texas car race though they have not yet made their news releases available. Richard Branson of Virgin Airlines has said "I crossed the Pacific in a hot air balloon and was the first civilian to put a vehicle in space...I won't miss this one."

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