Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Flapping Tonsils Says Loose Bulls of Wall Street Created Worldwide Terrorist Threat

Economist Sees Fall of Soviet Union Cause for Worldwide Terrorism.

9.11.2010 by Winsip Custer, CPW News Service

He worked for the Reagan administration as an economist, but his testimony is an eye-opening view of forces inside the administration which brought on the fall of the Berlin Wall.
"You have to imagine that the Berlin Wall was a gate in the larger Iron Curtain and together they were like an imaginery line between two corners of a boxing ring. The big boys contolled both corners during the Cold War. There was parity. It was stressful, no doubt, living under the constant threat on nuclear attack, but is it any less stressful than today?" he asked. "From time to time someone took a bite out of another boxer's ear, but beyond that it was all pretty much predictable."
"So Reagan's challenge to Gorbachev was ill-time. Ill-advised?" I asked the secretive advisor. "The slippage was Regan's fault?"  I asked.

"Yes, He was the ring man and the promoters thought that they could count on Regan to keep Reagan and the fight going?" he said in a brisk tone.

"Poorly timed then?" I repeated.

"Well that's the largest understatement since the Dark Ages. You see, Gorbachev wanted to own a Mercedes dealership in Moscow and he couldn't do that so long as there was communism in the USSR. Reagan? He was under strict orders from his handler, Don Regan, White House Chief of Staff and former head of Wall Street firm Merrill Lynch, the company that was force-sold to Bank Of America during the 2008 collapse in a sweet heart deal that other firms dreamed about before going down the tubes....Ken Lewis, President and CEO of Bank of America, squeeling all the way to the Fed's check out counter about the deception and pressure. Regan was himself handled by the bigger handlers who controlled, by the way, both corners....East and West....Left and Right....Capitalism and Communism. They are dialecticians after all and at the extremes of the corners... with Nazis and hard line Bolsheviks it's really crazy and the big boys know this so they keep the focus the game in the middle of the ring.  Play the game.  Keep it going.  Parity.  Trading off....matching blows. They make their killing on the bets from the masses by controlling the fight," he mused.

"The people go home form the little bouts to their apartments in Brooklyn or Queens, to modest homes in New Jersey or Connecticutt. The big boys go home to mansions in the Hamptons and North Shore or Palm Springs or fly to Lisbon or Monte Carlo. Well, Reagan, bless his heart, was becoming increasingly forgetful and unmanageable. He forgot the parity thing and he was such an excellent communicator that, well, like a cruise missile with faulty wiring he just got away from everybody and the balance fell apart right under their noses. Now instead of a two cornered fight that's as managable as Hulk Hogan and one of his rivals, now its a tag team with ten or fifteen potential fighters standing around the ring," said the man who wished like "Deep Throat" to remain anonymous. "Call me 'flapping tonsils'," he said.

"Do you have any recommendations for where to invest in this new environment?" I asked him.
"In time's past I'd say invest in Don Regan's company," he said. "But he's now in Arlington Nation unless something happened to him like the 6000 other soldiers reported missing or lost. But to his credit he was bothered by Nancy Reagan's use of an astrologer, Ms. Quigley, who was informed by Nancy as to the President's schedule without Regan's authorization. The Bilderbergers must have been going nuts with that little side bar," he said continuing....
"In his memoire Don Regan wrote....'I was aghast to think that the wife of the President of the United States was using a public telephone to discuss the movements of the President of the United States with a party who had never been cleared by the Secret Service, or anybody else. It was wrong. And I don't care what others say of my conduct in reporting this, but I think it had to be out of bounds,' and it was out of bounds" ... And that's what we're facing today....the bounds are gone. Where are the bounds? Bounds. Here bounds."

For a glimpse of Regan's handling of  President Reagan as he spoke at the New York Stock Exchange see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QTcL6Xc_eMM

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