Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Monday, September 6, 2010


8.11.2010 by Winsip Custer CPW News Service

Julius Wilcock fought in Okinawa during World War II where he received two purple hearts and three Bronze Stars. His lifelong dream was to be buried in Arlington National Cemetery, the former estate of Confederate General Robert E Lee. He also dreamed of being buried in Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati, Ohio near founder of the Yale Skull and Bones secret society and amid the 40 Union generals buried nearby "so they can kiss my bony ass," as he put it.

In the end, the small cemetery near the Presbyterian Church created by a group of his angry kin folk who left the Methodist church when its name was changed to "Union Chapel" was fine with Julius. In fact it was better than Arlington plot #289,004 which went to Lt. George B. Sanidal....since he was later discovered to have been misplaced and the body of some other soldier discovered there instead. That soldier's remains will be moved to the Grave of the Unknown Soldier.

"That's what we'll have to do with many of the problem burials, I'm afraid," said Col. E.M. Bolmer, when reflecting on the more than 6000 grave sites he estimates have been accidentally rearranged. "Desecrated?" he was asked. "Nobody desecrated those graves, they simply misplaced some bodies, that's all." When asked if this isn't just like burying these men in a common grave," Col. Bolmer said, "why yes, but one with a very, very nice granite marker above it. And with so many buried there and with hundreds of people visiting there daily their loved ones never feel forgotten or neglected. It's a communal thing, you know."

Before his death, Julius had heard of a friend who was buried at Arlington National and his body was removed from the Christian Section to an older Jewish section and then to the pre-Civil War slave section that had originally included over 3000 slaves. "My God," said Julius, "and he was a former Grand Dragon of the KKK. I think that there' some shenanigans going on. You don't find the same thing happening in Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati where the 40 Union Generals are buried near Alphonso Taft," he said.

Grave of Alphonso Taft, founder of Yale Skull and Bones at
Spring Grove Cemetery, home of the 40 Union Generals
 in Cincinnati, Ohio

"No wonder they call them Skull and Bonesmen. They rearrange everyone else's skulls and bones", said Col. Bolmer a distant relative of Daniel Ellsberg, Smedley Butler, Dwight D. Eisenhower and Lt. Charles Bare Gatewood, the soldier charged with the capture of Geronimo, but whose family is assisting with the return of Geronimo's skull to its original Oklahoma burial site after it was reportedly stolen by some Yale Skull and Bonesmen.

Originally from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Col. Bolmer's distinguished career in the military which culminated in his working with the families of fallen warriors has led to his interest in poetry.  His poem "Fallen Tom" received the Frederick A. Barnes Award for Wartime Poetry.

Fallen Tom

Ode To A Fallen Soldier

By E.M. Bolmer

A fat young fart then gangly
Shaved hair upon his head
A Veteran of the Foreign Wars
And now old Tom is dead.

Made for wars and killin’
and deeds that win their hearts
He spread around the candy
And hot salvos of red darts.

Back home we raised our glasses
Toasting Tom's great sacrifice
While the tender rendered service

And refilled our glass with ice.

Poor Tom is gone old buddies,
Old Tom has passed away.
If ‘passed’ can really capture
How his guts were sprayed that day.

We wish that more had known him.
That Tom had had a wife.
A little boy who chuckled

As he whittled with a knife.

He’d made a good employee.
Workin’ hard on some fine team.
Instead of flyin’ skyward.
Like Old Faithful puffin’ steam.

When Obama dies or Bushy
Or some other lucky son.

While millions cry and blubber.
And proclaim their battle won.

We’ll remember Tom’s quick exit
And we’ll slam another down.
For the loss of one good warrior.
As we buy another round.

He gave it all for others.
To keep us all from harm
While the favored sons are claimin’
How their life is filled with charm.

They step before the camera
With a swagger take the stage
And point to the great banner
And claim they wrote the page.

The suck egg mules of privilege
No substance to their claim
Send boys to fight there for them
To return in box or lame.

While Tom came back in plastic

All zip-locked in a pile
As his mother wept and wailed
By guards all polished single file.

Carl Rove and Georgie
Dick Cheney and Obam.
Fight on a turf that’s fertile
From Toms becoming Spam.

Should you find that you could join him.
Take up Tom's cause and go.
Consider well the issue.
Before you flow or glow.

If you find yourself in Tom’s shoes
On some strange and distant shore
A common simple soldier
When the canons reach and roar

It’s no shame to run for cover

To fight another day.
John McCain first ran for cover
When his Skyhawk blew away.

Then you can come and battle
For the future Fred’s and Bill’s
The Sams and Johns and Kellys
The Jacks and Rays and Phils

And bring honor to their memory
As we are doin’ now
And pay them decent homage.
For how they went…..ka-pow!

A simple sign is hangin’
By a ribbon on the tree
“Today we’re celebratin’
That Tom, thank God, ain’t me!

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