Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Super Bowl Ring Recovered

Angry Dolphin Retrieves Stolen Ring Thief's Finger attached
by Robert Ludley for CPW News Service
9.14.2010 Fort Meyers, Fl. 

"I never expected to see that ring again," said the ex-Miami Dolphin defensive back and one of the stars of the "No-name Defense".

The player who wished to remain anonymous citing both his fondness of being on the "No-name Defense" and not wanting publicity over the way in which he summarily snatched back his stolen Super Bowl ring said... "The team offered to buy me a replica, but there is thirty years of memories associated with that ring. What would I want with a replica?"  The ring had been stolen two years earlier from the glove compartment of the player's car while he was at a golf tournament.

Mrs. Mary Weatherby of Fort Meyers collected the finger of Willard P Wallace from its resting place in the Ficus tree outside her store, thrown there by the angry Dolphin as he walked back to his car.

Attempts to reattach Mr. Wallace's finger were not possible because the man's digit had disappeared in transit to the hospital.

We asked officer Jonas Higgins who had placed the finger in a cup of ice in his squad car if he knew what happened to it. He said he left it with the emergency room nurse, Marjorie Reshamadan,  but she claims it was never received. We discovered that police officer Higgins' younger brother Daryl, a senior lineman for  the Florida State football team, has high hopes of playing for the Dolphins in 2011 and is expected to be much sought after by Miami and several other NFL teams.

The police department's Office of Internal Affairs issued a statement saying that the misplacement of body parts at the Fort Meyer's hospital is not common but no further investigation into the matter is necessary.
Officer Higgins said upon further comment that he set the cup of ice and finger down on a bench just outside the ER's sliding glass entry-way and that he remembers a mid-sized brown and while Beagle-like dog wandering by just after Mr. Wallace was admitted.  "We looked all over for the dog and couldn't find it."
Mr. Wallace, on the other hand, said "I guess that I should be glad I didn't take the ring from a soccer player in Khartoum."

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