Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Pacific Gas And Electric Pipeline Explodes
Dozens of Homes Destroyed
Pattern of Corporate Malfeasance Questioned
09.14.2010 by Winsip Custer CPW News Service

     Erin Brocovich knows that  Pacific Gas and Electric is not new to the realm of corporate malfeasance.  It's poisoning of a city water supply at Henkley, California which it then covered up was the subject of the movie that carried her name.

     Pacific Gas and Electric partnered with Enron in the California energy scandal of the summer of 2000 just as Enron's collapse brought a fresh look at the Bush era mantra of "deregulation". Pacific Gas and Electric is home to the attorney and father of American Taliban, John Walker Lindh which raises the question of whether or not the young man who took a radical detour from his parent's values is not unlike another son of an American Industrialist. Thomas G Ayers served on the board of directors of Sears, G.D. Searle, Chicago Pacific Corp., Zenith Corp., Northwest Industries, General Dynamics Corp. of St. Louis, First National Bank of Chicago, the Chicago Cubs, and the Tribune Co. He was the father of Barack Obama supporter William Ayers, the Weather Underground terrorist turned college professor. Most of the companies his father served were associated with the pre-World War II attempt at a coup to remove FDR from office and which was outed by Marine General Smedley Butler with supporting evidence from Assistant Federal Attorney General of the US Dept. of Justice, O John Rogge whose book, The Official German Report, was published in 1961.

Sears has long been connected with the isolationist group America First led by Robert Wood, President and CEO of Sears. G.D. Searle's CEO, Donald Rumsfeld, who reportedly made $60 million dollars for his success at bringing the sweetner EQUAL to market without adherence to FDA requirements which were changed by Congress with much lobbying by the pharmaeutical company, left his job at the Defense Department following the Abu Gharib scandal. The other companies have longstanding ties to America's military and intelligence establishment.

According to, Dale Harrington, author of Mystery Man: William Rhodes Davis: American Nazi Agent of Influence, California Governor Gray Davis's father, William Rhodes Davis, was the major supplier of Adolf Hitler's American oil supplies shipped from the port of Brownsville, Texas to Hitler's war machine in Germany.

     The Butler and Rogge testimony pointed fingers at a group of hardcore Machevelian and Darwinian corporate raiders and profiteers that included Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone, John Burroughs, Prescott Bush and others who wanted to remove FDR by force using a 500,000 man army led by General Butler. From Butler's experiences came his book War Is A Racket.

     "The convergence of the children of these plotters in modern American business and politics is telling. That many of their children have moved to a  politics-of-the-extremes that is anametha to most middle Americans who have little awareness these connections is damning," said political science professor at Westcott College, Dr. John R Sherring. 'By shutting down power plants we could push power prices even higher', was the testimony of Enron traders as the scandal was investigated before Congress. It's the kind of thing that was running rampant in the years just before World War II by the power elites of America led by a handful of families. But then there is what I call the "Oedipus Effect". The sons will come back on the fathers and reassert their own dominance, cutting the progenitors off from their evolving madness at the knees. I have also termed it the 'St Francis Effect' since he was the son of a wealthy Italian businessman from Assisi who disavowed his fathers inheritance and way of life," said Sheering who continued..."it will be interesting to see if there was either corporate corruption involved in the explosion of the gas line at San Bruno or whether it was sabotage or simply the failure of a fifty year old pipe. Either way, it all points to the deep-seated frustrations that occur because of sloppy leadership, corruption, cover-up and denial," said Dr. Sheering.  "Middle America had better wake up," he said.  "They have long been sleeping."

     "Do you see middle America more open to the "Oedipus Effect" and the "St. Francis Effect" than the very wealthy and the very poor?"  I asked.  "That's a fine way of putting it. The very poor have less to loose than the very rich whose mothers are often the bearers of a tyrannical spirit...which may be why secret societies like Yale Skull and Bones, for example, are so secretive.  Who would want to admit that "Mom is Jocasta.  That Oedipus' father and Dad, Laius?  Not sure what he is," said the professor.

     "So truth and beauty is transmitted through a man's mother and at some point he must decide between forces of dark and light," I asked.  "Essentially, yes," he said.  "Which is why women in the early church were forced to the sideline and labeled as Gnostics.  Truth and beauty was surely pummeled by the female Laius', the dark male version of the unappealing Jocasta, had she been, say, Barbara Bush.  In the early church the Gospel would be silenced by female Laius'.  This is where the Da Vinci Code, the book by Ron Brown, may not be too far off base, except that he misses the battle between the female Laius' and the Marys'.  I don't mean Mary in the sense of some weak vessel that is ego deficient.  Some in the early church and Ron as son of a power elite insider would be motivated to keeping this a secret, too, since his father taught at Phillips Exeter Academy.  And so those men whose mother's carry little of truth and beauty in their person may remind the young man more of Oedipus' father than of Oedipus' mother who was obviously compelling and magnetic like love itself and Oedipus was willing to risk the greatest of taboos to pursue her....and, of course, not knowing the truth of his plight, Oedipus did know it was a battle he could not and should not win and if you think that's confusing imagine if Mom is like a dehydrated potato who rules the roost and Daddy is, well, ambiguous.   The whole thing gets swirled around and you end up with one god-awful mess."

     When asked why George W Bush did not appear to have been motivated by either the "Oedipus Effect" or the "St Francis Effect", Dr. Sheering said "St. Francis was moved by genuine, deep-seated religious sentiments.  I can't say that for GWB.  And as far as the Oedipus Effect...are you kidding...have you seen a picture of his mother?"

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