Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Monday, September 6, 2010


German Wine Turns Gray Davis' Hair White

by Winsip Custer CPW News Service

     When asked if he was a direct descendant of Confederate President Jefferson Davis, Joseph Graham "Gray" Davis, former Governor of California who was recalled following the Enron induced rolling brown outs that cost the state of California a fortune, said "I don't think so, but my father was Adolf Hitler's spy during World War II." When asked if he thought that Arnold Schwarzenegger's father and grandfather were members of the same branch of the Nazi Party that Gray's father may have contacted, Gray was unavailable for comment.
     Gray Davis was not the only Davis to run for Governor during his recall election. Scott Winfield Davis' campaign whose motto was "The Other Davis", was punctuated by a spicy twist of irony and interrupted mid-stream. Scott W. Davis was removed from the California election by an extradition to Georgia where he faced murder charges for killing his ex-wife's boyfriend, David Coffin, heir of the Dexter Co. and son of the prominent New England Coffin family.
     "So Scott Davis was in the race to make a buck off of Gray Davis' deal with Enron?" I asked.

     "Can't say for sure," said a bystander. "Maybe something bigger...like to resurrect the Confederacy in California, or to create the Golden Triangle in the Caribbean."

     David Coffin's body was found in his burned out Atlanta home. There was a single bullet hole in his head. His favorite automobile, a Porsche, was found burned in a nearby county.

     When asked if his ancestor was Jefferson Davis or his ex-wife's ancestor was Robert E. Lee, Scott W Davis' website, www.freescottdavis.com, made no reply.

     Megan Lee Davis, now Megan Lee Bruton who lives in Australia has not responded either. David Coffin's family fortunes with Dexter Co. were gained by a variety of business enterprises from the production of the coatings used on the insides of aluminum cans, to high intensity paints used on every NASA space craft since the Mercury Program to carbon fiber parts used on Apache helicopters.

     Would this put the Coffins in a peculiar tug-of-war between the forces of peace and the war profiteers? I attempted to ask a family member who declined comment as he drank some Schmitt Sohne wine. "Schmitt Sohne wine?" I asked him. "Doesn't the head of US Schmitt Sohne live next door to David Coffin?" I asked.

     "That's right," he said.

     Schmitt Sohne is the largest German wine distributor, a company at the heart of the 1985 German diethylene glycol wine scandal, whereby the substandard wines were tainted with chemicals to fake their age and grade.

     "Did David's next door neighbor supply wine to Gray Davis during the rolling brown outs in California?" I asked.

     "How would I know?" he snapped.

     "Did Enron or Dexter Co. provide the diethylene glycol used in the Schmitt Sohne wines in 1985?" I asked.

     "Why don't you ask David Coffin's father. He's head of Dexter and he's down at his place at the Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo."

     "The Ocean Reef Club? Isn't that where the Bush family has a compound?"

     "You're a sly one," he said.

     Was David Coffin a relative of Yale theologian William Sloane Coffin, the outspoken critic of the Vietnam War, Cold War and nuclear proliferation? It seems likely, but this reporter isn't finished investigating that possibility.

     Joseph Graham "Gray" Davis's father, on the other hand, William Rhodes Davis (1889-August 1, 1941) was an American businessman who was named in assistant U.S. Attorney General O. John Rogge's Nazi Report published in 1961, as an agent financed with the personal approval of Adolf Hitler.

     We attempted to contact Harvey Olander of Hutto, Texas for his take on the coup. His father-in-law, A.G. Collin, having been the personal chauffeur of Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone, Thomas Edison, John Burroughs and others implicated in the plot, might have given an enlightening viewpoint, but sadly Harvey died in 2006.  His story, written for the Hutto Heritage Foundation, begins...."My wife's father was chauffeur of Henry Ford.  It all started because A.G. Collin and Milton Bryant were the best of friends.  Milton Bryant was the brother of Mrs. Henry Ford."

Janice Olander Barnard and friends at high school reunion
     I caught up with Harvey Olander's daughter Janice Olander Barnard, at the Reunion of the 1967 Class of Richard King High School in Corpus Christi, Texas, but she was not available to give an interview.

     William Rhodes Davis was engaged in securing oil for Hitler's Germany from the Rincon field in Goliad, Texas and from well's in Mexico with shipment through the port of Brownsville, Texas to Germany. 

     According to Dale Harrington, author of Mystery Man: William Rhodes Davis: American Nazi Agent of Influence (Brassey's, Washington D.C., 1999) Gray Davis' father was frequently claiming his connections to both Confederate President, Jefferson Davis and Cecil Rhodes, founder of the de Beers diamond company in Africa and namesake of Rhodesia and the famous Rhodes Scholarship program at Oxford as well as Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee (Harrington, pg. 1).

Francis Biddle, US Attorney General
 and Chief Judge in Nuremberg Trials
     Rogge's report was actually written during the war but was squelched when Rogge, Special Assistant to U.S. Attorney General Francis Biddle, had identified William Rhodes Davis as among those identified by General Smedley Butler as an American trading with the enemy...Germany....and who attempted to remove Franklin Delano Roosevelt from office. They included Prescott Bush, father and grandfather of two U.S. Presidents, George Herbert Walker and George Walker Bush.

O John Rogge, author of Official
German Report
     Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone, Charles Lindbergh and others were also part of the group...an American Nazi Coup de e'tat' thwarted by Roosevelt and Congress based on the testimony of Butler, a concern validated by Rogge's findings which led to indictments of 29 under the sedition laws, but a trial that was vacated when the judge in the case died. (New York Times: "Jury is Selected in Sedition Trial," May 17, 1944. New York Times: Nancy MacLennan, "Tumult is Raised in Sedition Trial," May 18, 1944)

     Some have concluded that for their unqualified support of FDR's New Deal, the American Nazi's were spared a trip to Nuremberg. The citizens of California concluded that Gray Davis was in bed with Enron, but that Arnold Schwarzenegger was trustworthy. If Arnold was a Nazi like his father and grandfather, his marriage to a Kennedy (though Winston Churchill believed that US Ambassador to England, Joseph Kennedy, was a Nazi sympathizer and pushed FDR for his removal) was checked in any potential Nazi leanings by his wife, Maria Shriver, who said "If Arnold is a Nazi I'll terminate him."

O John Rogge's book published in 1961
 by A.S. Barnes and Co. covering his September,
 1946 report presented to the US Justice Department.
 In three parts: The World-Wide
Nazi Movement, Nazi Penetration 1924-1942 and
 Pan-Arabism 1939-Today highlighting
the reemergence of Nazi leaders in the Arab
 world through Nasser's Egypt as a right-winged
reaction to Nasser's leftist policies.  During this time
the Muslim Brotherhood which spawned Al Qaeda as
an Afghanistan resistance group to fight with the
Mujahedeen, morphed into a lion that bit the hand
nurtured it.

     Was the Gray Davis- Enron scandal a resurgence of the "heil Hitler" party from the nation's recent past? Ken Lay, once tauted as George W Bush's choice for Energy Secretary, may know but he's not talking while Gray Davis, keeping a very low profile, said simply "pour me some more Schmitt Sohne."

Correction 10/11/14: It has been brought to the attention of the author that Gray Davis was NOT the son of William Rhodes Davis as earlier reported.  I have no explanation for this inexplicable error, except
that it may have been inadvertently heard in a way similar to one stating "I am a son of the South"....or "I am a son of Thomas Jefferson" or "I am a son of the Revolution".  Having received communications concerning this issue along with the most recent Wikipedia article on William Rhodes Davis claiming the true connection to California's former Governor, Gray Davis, I include it here, but make no claims as to the accuracy of this article.  More must be done by responsible and transparent journalists to get to the bottom of Gray Davis' broadly asserted paternity as
William Rhodes Davis' grandson.

Davis died of a heart attack on August 1, 1941, in Houston, Texas.[3] At his death Peters had remarried and was living in Houston, along with their younger son Currie. Their older son Joseph was living in Bronxville, N.Y., engaged to wed Doris Jane Meyer in November.[24] Davis and his wife were living nearby in Scarsdale, New York. Davis left $100,000 to Pearl Peters. He put the remainder of his estate into a trust, with half of the income going to his wife Marie M. Tomkunas and the other half to be divided by his two surviving sons. Each son was to receive one-fourth of the estate at age 30, and each another fourth on the death of their step-mother.[23] Davis' estate was valued between $5 and $10 million.[25] His longtime personal secretary Erna Frieda Wehrle became chairman of Davis' oil company, Davis & Co, Inc.[26]
Joseph Graham Davis married Doris Meyer on November 29, 1941.[27] Their eldest child was Joseph Graham Davis, Jr., better known as California Governor Gray Davis.[28]

     William Rhodes Davis was not the only American oil man supporting Hitler's Germany.  U.S. Ambassador to Great Britian who had supported Neville Chamberlain in his appeasement of Hitler, Joseph P. Kennedy, had partnered with Texas oilman John H. "Jack" Modesett, Sr. to drill oil wells in Texas.....on Copano Bay and on what is now the McAllen, Texas Airport across the road from the home of Jason Chilton Matthews' Quintana Mazatlan hacienda.  Matthews was the publisher of the American Mercury Magazine.  The wife of Modesett's grandson would become the public relations director for Enron in California as it was touting deregulation of public utilities under Governor Gray Davis.
     Additionally, an Amazon.com review of a book by H. Richard Niebuhr titled Christ and Culture, a book developed from a lecture given at a Texas Presbyterian Seminary in Austin, Texas indicated the degree to which during the 1930's America's German alliances were being challenged from the center of an ardent theological debate.  While Janet Olander Barnard's uncle was the Chief Geologist for the Rockefeller-connected Exxon Oil Company, A.M. "Red" Olander,  Janice's uncle was the chauffeur for Henry Ford and Harvey Firestone, known to be early supporters of Hitler's fascism which Mussolini had defined as the marriage between corporatism and the state.    They were challenged by the voices of H. Richard and Reinhold Niebuhr, not to mention Smedley Butler's earlier stance against U.S.-based facism.  Reinhold Niebuhr having written the Serenity Prayer that was coopted by the Oxford Group's Rev. Sam Shoemaker to become the self-help mantra for Alcoholics Anonymous was initially written as a prayer for social consciousness and courage in the face of the Nazi threat.  A review of H. Richard Neiburh's book Christ and Culture picks up on the connections to this ideological battle in Texas which produced both William Rhodes Davis' field of oil procurement for Hitler's Germany as well as the grounds for Gray Davis' California recall on the tail of Enron's economic rape of that state using the manipulation of the power grid and the bamboozling of the America workers and investors.  The U.S. media was mute.  Gray Davis' connection to William Rhodes Davis went unreported.  Enron's Jeffrey Skilling termed the company's approach to "theoretical future value."  As time showed that value was, as with Hitler and Mussolin's Germany and Italian vision for their future.... zero.  Enron had evolved from Houston Natural Gas, the company owned by Robert Herring, husband of Joanna King Herring who together with Charlie Wilson, became the subject of the book and film Charlie Wilson's War.

From Amazon.com's review of Christ and Culture by W. Harvey:

This work is timeless...as much for the content as for the battle that Niebuhr was waging early in his ministry. Christ and Culture is his lecture given at Austin Presbyterian Seminary where his parishioner and noted Old Testament scholar, Prescott Williams, was a member of the faculty. That was in a Michigan parish whose parishioners were mostly middle income auto workers and union members. Niebuhr championed their cause from a Christian perspective and in the lead up to World War II he and his older brother called for resistance of Hitler's program in Germany. During that time H.R. Niebuhr is sometimes credited with writing the Serenity Prayer....a prayer aimed at social justice and the courage to take a stand against evil. It was his brother Reinhold who is most often credited with doing so. The prayer was commandeered by Frank Buchman, a founder of Alcoholics Anonymous and close friend of Henry Ford whose support of Hitler's programs and distrust of Jews was chronicled in his series of articles in Ford's Dearborn, Michigan newspaper. Henry Ford's chauffeur was A.G. Collin, a close friend of Henry Ford's brother in law, Milton Bryant. Collin is a relative of a layman close to leadership of Austin Seminary, A.M. "Red" Olander and Harvey Olander who wrote a story for the Hutto Heritage Foundation in Hutto, Texas chronicling Collin's work for Ford, Harvey Firestone and John Burroughs, all believed to be among the German Bund's leading supporters and part of the "business plot" that involved twice decorated Congressional Medal of Honor winner, General Smedley Darlington Butler. Most of this is never discussed in American civics classes or even advanced history programs. Christ and culture are still going at it and though the wrong seems oft so strong.....he's still transforming it? Yes, still transforming it, Henry! Richard's brother, Reinhold Niebuhr, wrote a chapter on Frank Buchman and the Oxford Movement in his book Christianity and Power Politics, but suffice it to say that the Oxford Movement had identified with Hitler's Germany in the dark decade of the 1930's and had this ideological battle not been waged? Both Niebuhr brothers were at the center of the storm and so HRN knows whereof he speaks!

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