Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Mike Pompeo's Pomposity Cause for Citizen Revolt


By G. Manly Wippyahwell , CPW News Service

     Kansas, home of former Presidential candidate, Robert Dole and headquarters for Koch Industries, finds a Republican ally for President Barack Obama’s intelligence and surveillance program overseen by the National Security Agency (NSA) and James R. Clapper.  Prior to Edward Snowden’s revelation that Clapper was lying to Congress when he said that the government does not collect massive amounts of information on its citizens, Americans had no way of knowing the truth about the government’s domestic surveillance programs.
     “The fact that Congressman Mike Pompeo is supportive of this program is scary,” said Giuseppe Verde Bandini of the citizen’s group Sons of Italy for the Reinstatement of Habeas Corpus and Glass-Steagall.

     Bandini believes that Fox News' Judge Napolitano has taken the correct position on the Snowden case.  Judge Napolitano makes me proud to be a American.  "If Rudy Giuliani would join Judge Napolitano in decrying the U.S. government overreach the U.S. would go a long way to regain its tarnished reputation as an international bully and now a persecutor of its own people," said Bandini.

Napolitano's position on Edward Snowden..."Makes me proud to
be an American again."

     “I know Congressman Pompeo is a lawyer with the Washington D.C. law firm of Edward Bennett Williams, Williams and Connolly LLP.  That should tell you something.  When Enron was raping California citizens thanks to deregulation and it was proven that they were conspiring to set prices and manipulate markets who did Enron get to defend their longstanding law firm, Vinson and Elkins?  Yep, Williams and Connolly.  Vinson and Elkins was founded by Judge James Elkins who also founded First City Bank, a primary mover and shaker in the 1980's Savings and Loan scandal.   When Oliver North was running a secret arms for weapons for hostages program with some cocaine  thrown in to boot to fund a private war in Nicaragua who did North get to defend him?  Pompeo’s law firm, Williams and Connolly,” said Bandini.  “There is no secret screwed up government overreach that Pompeo’s law firm doesn’t support,” Bandini insisted.

    Bandini is especially concerned that Pompeo’s law partner at Williams and Connolly is Brendan Sullivan who defended the FBI against claims that it was criminally negligent in the execution of the wife of Randy Weaver, Rebecca Weaver, as she held her baby in her arms at her Ruby Ridge, Idaho home. 

Oliver North whispering to Iran-Contra case attorney,
Brendon Sullivan.  North's secretary, Fawn Hall would
marry agent for The Doors, Danny Sugerman, and
and be rescued from drug addition by her parents.
     “Pompeo’s law firm defended the FBI and their trained killer, Lon Horiuchi,’ said Bandini, "who mistook the infant as an AK-47.  The fact that these lawyers are supporting Obama’s U.S. civilian surveillance program is a cause of great concern for every man, woman and child in America,” said Bandini.   "It they can misinterpret a baby as an AK-47 they can misinterpret your email reminder from your dentist as a secret Al Qaeda contact.  Mr. Pompeo expects us to put our trust into the hands of an agency with this record and I say that if Mr. Pompeo was to have an MRI of his colon they could also examine his brain stem at the same time," said Bandini.

     Attorney for Karen Silkwood, the family of Randy Weaver and the Christic Institute which helped bring to light the extent of the U.S. government's secret war in Central America including the support of death squads, Daniel Sheehan, has written about the FBI pressure now coming to bear on the family of Edward Snowden. 

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