Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Monday, February 11, 2013

Mukesh Ambani Richest Indian Loves Poor People?

Fareed Zakaria Sees Ambani As Grounded In Democratic Values

by Winsip Custer CPW News Service

     Mukesh Ambani, the richest man in India whose company is the largest refiner of Iranian oil appeared on CNN’s Fareed Zakaria GPS program on Sunday, February 10th.  Mr. Zakaria began by telling his audience that Mr. Ambani has never let cameras into his 27-story home in Mumbai.  Mr. Ambani recounted how his father who had made the family fortune in textiles, energy, retail sales and communications, was concerned that Mukesh, the business patriarch's oldest son, had never known poverty.  "Claimed to be the world's first $1 billion home, some in the streets of India, Pakistan and nearby Bangladesh consider Mr. Ambani's home to be a bit pricey," said street vendor, P.P. Singupta.
Ambani's $1 billion Mumbai house.
     In spite of being deprived of this experience, Mukesh expressed his strong belief that the U.S. economy where unemployment is at a record high and an increasing number of U.S. jobs are going overseas including those in the telecommunications industry, is on the rebound.  Five years after the U.S. financial crisis that rocked the American and world economy Zakaria asked Mukesh to assess the current situation.  Mukesh noted that the U.S. shift to shale and natural gas would make it energy independent, but that the future economy should look to renewable sources especially solar and wind energy which Mukesh believes are becoming increasingly efficient.  "This is a good thing in that the price of Mukesh's utilities may go down on his $1 billion home.  I am proud that Mumbai has the world's most expensive house, but it's not cake.  The poor street people can't eat it.  It does beat, however, that house in Orlando, Florida modeled on the French royalty at Versailles, and built by the man who claims that he was responsible for George W. Bush's election in Florida in 2000, and who strongly suggest that his employees vote for Mitt Romney in 2012," said Singupta.  "Of course if American politics is anything like India's it is really hard to tell who is pulling whose strings."

     Both Mukesh Ambani and Fareed Zakaria are members of the Council on Foreign Relations which was started by energy mogul, David Rockefeller.  Zakaria, himself a former resident of Mumbai, received his Bachelor of Arts degree at Yale where he was editor of the Yale Political Monthly and president of the Yale Political Union, a member of Scroll and Key and also a member of the Party of the Right.  In 1993 Zakaria received his PhD from Harvard in political science and he was a protégé of Samuel P. Huntington, Stanley Hoffman and Robert Koehane.  Zakaria is on the Board of Trustees of  the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and Yale University.

     Marvin Powers of the Center for the Promotion of Peaceful Terrorism, noted following the Mukesh interview that “nowhere in the interview is the listener told of Mr. Zakaria’s connections to the most pyramidal, elitist organizations on earth.  Mukesh Ambani would have us believe that his father’s ascent from poverty kept him in touch with the values of the poor or middle classes.  Of course, John D. Rockefeller is rarely remembered for the Ludlow, Colorado miner's massacre where a new invention called "the machine gun" was used with great effectiveness as a strike breaking tool of upper management.  It's a real stretch for Mukesh’s father to claim that he's worried about Mukesh's unfamiliarity with poverty when he is so fond of sitting in large red leather wing-back throne-like chairs," said Powers.

Dhirubhai Ambani and son Mukesh.
     Economist Frederick M. Mellon agrees with Powers.  “We have here the first-born son of a mega-wealthy Indian....and remember that monarchs and pyramid sitters love to put Jr. on the throne, kind of like George H.W. and George W. Bush, replicating the primogeniture system of antiquity that's antithetical to democracy.  Their talk about the democratization of the planet and about how many millionaires they have created is an aside.   These are generally the high-paid slave overseers who do the power elite's bidding.  Nothing new there!  In 2011 Mukesh was appointed to the Board of Directors of Bank of America.   In 2008 Bank of America was forced by the Henry Paulson's bailout team to take U.S. sovereign dollars, taxpayers' sovereign dollars, that Bank of America's President Ken Lewis said they didn't need, and to use it to buy out Merrill Lynch.   That's Merrrill Lynch Pierce Fenner and Smith with the Pierce being related to both Franklin Pierce and Barbara Pierce Bush.  You see where this is going?  Right back to the slaver William Walker, the Aaron Burr-like filibusterer backed by President Franklin Pierce who was trying to make the Western Hemisphere into the Golden Circle of human slavery and misery.  The bigger question is who was behind the Ambani family to begin with?  When during an attempt by stock investors to tank Ambani's Reliance Co.’s value Ambani found other investors coming to his rescue and buying up the shorted stock to prevent the tanking by holding onto the stock.   Who made these rescuing purchases?  We know that the biggest part of the funding came from British-based transactions paid for by a family that went only by  the name 'Shah'.  Well, the connections of the Shah of Iran and the name 'Shah' in Indian culture are historic," said Mellon.
      "Subjugation of India by Britain depended on the British royals teaming with Indian royals.  Hence, the Brahman culture and caste system of India replicates the same system that the Israelistes resisted in Egypt, the French resisted  in France and the  Americans resisted in the New World.  Even in the New World, the old dying order dies a very slow death often talking about a 'New World Order' while replacing it with the old one.  In New England, that portion of the New World that continually suckled at the British monarchy's withering nipple, evolved the "New England Brahmans".    Within this throwback to the caste system of the old order,  Yale University, Mr. Zakaria's alma mater, is the premier college and home to Skull & Bones...a fitting description for a cemetery of outworn ideations. Yale is also a repository for U.S. spies whose CIA  has shown continuing support for the decomposition of a once proud society based on constitutional government.   No clearer is this evidenced today than in the recent announcement of drone strikes against U.S. citizens without probable cause and outside the normal judicial processes.  But I ask you,  did our boy, the Shah of Iran, practice democracy?  Or having been placed on his throne following the misadventures of Kermit Roosevelt and General Norman Schwarzkopf’s father, Norman Herbert Schwarzkopf, Sr., was this a U.S. intervention that removed a freely elected president? Did the Shah of Iran bring into power a secret police like that found in Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq or like the Contras in Honduras and Nicaragua or even like the LAPD or New York's NYPD where Bernie Kerik, the Chief of Police, was on the take from the mob?   Kerik was also recruited to train the security forces of Iraq before that task went to West Point Colonel Theodore 'Ted' Westhusing.    Westhusing died within four hours of confronting General David Petraeus on the corruption there,” said Mellon noting that Westhusing was the subject of the first chapter of Christian T. Miller's book Blood Money, but that Westhusing's education of General Petraeus appears nowhere in the book by the General's mistress, The Education of General David Petraeus.

     Marvin Powers believes that wealthy Indians, following the example of Mahatmas Gandhi, are an oxymoron or a paradox rarer than a vegan Bengal tiger.  “The Shahs of India are typically Sikh/Punjabi warriors.  Abbottabod, Pakistan where Osama Bin Laden was captured was a Sikh stronghold originally part of the Shah's region of India.  Ghandi was a pacificist Hindu, not a Sikh, who practiced radical peaceful terrorism with great distinction," said Powers.   "That skinny little beadie-eyed bald headed man sent shivers up the spine of Winston Churchill whose spine shivered as vigorously at the thought of the Duke of Windsor marrying Nazi spy, Wallace Simpson, but Ghandi was not a Communist in the traditional Cold War sense.   The Sikh's were not in Ghandi's camp, either.  Ghandi saw swords and rifles as tools of empire building and they had to go.  When Adolf Hitler sent envoys to India and Pakistan, just as he had to the Grand Mufti of Iraq to court the Sikhs by telling them they were Aryan, he was appealing to their exclusive,  royalist and militaristic leanings.  The mythical Aryians of twisted Nazi science provide the justification for Hitler's claims and can be studied in Edwin Black's book War Against The Weak.   I hope that Mukesh Ambani is radically different from what has come before, but his 27 story home and his membership on the same boards as Zakaria says otherwise,” said Powers. 
     "After the killing of Bin Laden by SEAL Team Six, many of these brave soldiers began dying before they could put two and two together.   Others rightly wondered if the Nazi swastika-shaped headquarters building of the SEALS in San Diego, the city where the German British royal family, the Colburg-Saxe-Gotha family and their  heir-apparent  the Duke of Windsor, first met Mrs. Wallace Simpson in some way effected the design of the SEAL building.   If the Saxe-Gotha's changed their German name to the 'Windsors' was there something to Prince Harry wearing a Nazi uniform to a costume party?   Is this Saxe-Gotha proclivity what prompted Churchill to exile Nazi spy, Wallace Simpson, and her husband to the British Bahamas for the entire period of World War II?   Churchill wrote the massive History of the English Speaking Peoples with its emphasis upon democracy as their crowning achievement....not monarchy?  Gandhi would have applauded that notion and Churchill's defense of it, but neither Ghandi nor Churchill could fully understand that during the 1930's some of  America's leading industrialists comprised the 'business plot' identified by Marine General Smedley Darlington Butler and O. John Rogge as Nazi-aligned," said Powers.

    Powers also noted that FDR's policeman on trading with the Nazi's during WWII, Leo Crowley, had sanctioned the Union Bank of New York on whose board was Prescott Bush, the father of George Herbert Walker Bush.   The increasing post-2008 investments of Bank of America and Merrill Lynch in India is also troubling to Powers.  After receiving the 2008 Paulson bailout money provided through Bank of America, Merrill Lynch used one third of the TARP money or $3.6 billion for executive bonuses.  This was after Merrill Lynch offered up some leading executives who were indicted for their part in the Enron scandal.  "Forced to pay restitution in fines Merrill Lynch also resolved its civil suits resulting from Enron in an out of court settlement for an undisclosed sum and an agreement to admit neither knowledge of or compliance in the Enron illegalities," said Powers.

   "The Bank of America Board members and Merrill Lynch executives who survived Enron will feel less guilty living next to a $1 billion home," Powers believes.


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