Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Diane Von Furstenberg's 2012 Awards

By Pierson Greeley Merlote for CPW News Service

     With recent television appearances of Diane Von Furstenberg asking for help in choosing the recipient of the DVF Award for 2012, a wave of new interest in the fashion designer’s  life and story has reemerged.  Von Furstenberg's life story is a cautionary tale about the intoxicating temptation extracted from the marriage of old world empires and the power of American oil.

Diane Von Furstenberg on Newsweek cover.

     Diane Von Furstenberg was born Jewish and her husband was European royalty, Egon von Furstenberg, grandson of American heiress, Jane Campbell, the Princess di San Faustino.  Among her clan is an heiress of the Italian Fiat auto maker whose factories in Milan and Turin were bombed by the British for making Axis products.  Egon’s stepmother was Texas oil heiress, Cecil Blaffer “Titi” von Furstenberg, daughter of Robert Lee Blaffer, a founder of Humble Oil and Refining Co., now Exxon-Mobil.  Robert Lee Blaffer’s wife, the former Sarah Campbell was the daughter of William Thompson Campbell who founded the Texas Company or Texaco.
     Robert Lee Blaffer would form a partnership in 1904 with William Stamps Farish II, the son of William Stamps Farish I and Katherine Maude Power.  William Stamps Farish I was the grandnephew of  Confederate President, Jefferson Davis.  His mother was Jane Lucinda Davis.  In 1915 Farish II became president of the Gulf Coast Oil Producers Association on the heels of his supervision of Texas Oil Fields, Ltd., an English syndicate followed by his organization of the Brown-Farish Oil Company.  The Brown name had been big in the Texas Revolution, with John Henry Brown, Indian fighter and newspaper man turned Texas revolutionary appealing to Alexander Brown’s hometown of Baltimore for the importation of English speaking Roman Catholic priests who would help in the Texas annexation effort.  Alexander Brown is the progenitor of Brown Brothers Harriman Inc. for whom worked Prescott Bush, father of George Herbert Walker Bush, who would choose, while as President of the United States, William Stamps Farish as the executor of the Bush family blind trust.

     By the time William Stamps Farish II and Robert Lee Blaffer were drilling oil wells together in Texas in the 1930 and 40’s, Hitler’s oil agent in the region was William Rhodes Davis, who claimed to be a direct descendant of both mega-wealthy industrialist Cecil Rhodes and of the Confederacy’s president, Jefferson Davis, thus further connecting Davis to Blaffer.   William Rhodes Davis, the grandfather of recalled California Governor, Gray Davis, whose connections to Enron and the rape of California have been widely charged, was supplying Germany with oil through the Port of Brownsville, Texas to Hitler’s  Koch-built refineries in Europe to fuel the Nazi dictator’s conquest of the Continent.  

Cecile "Tito" Blaffer

     Another of Diane von Furstenberg’s relatives is Princess Ira who was reportedly an occasional companion and potential consort of Prince Rainier III of Monaco after the death of his wife, Princess Grace, formerly the American movie actress Grace Kelly.   Like the late ruler of Monaco, a cousin of Diane’s they are related to the Scottish aristocrat Lady Mary Victoria Hamilton, the first wife of Prince Albert I of Monaco, who through Ira is descended from Lady Mary's second marriage with the Hungarian prince, Tassilo Festetics von Tolna.
     In May, 1941, the third highest ranking member of  Hitler’s Nazi Party, Rudolf Hess, flew his Messerschmitt airplane to Lord Hamilton’s Scottish estate East of Edinburgh.  While Lord Hamilton denied any prior knowledge of a plan by Hess to offer Britain a deal with Hitler for world-wide conquest in an Aryan-Anglo alliance, the map carried by Hess was clearly marked with Lord Hamilton’s estate as the final destination.  The Hamilton family has widely reported the embarrassment associated with this historical event, but some have indicated that the attempt to unite Germany with England through the Hamilton family may have been motivated by the desire for a direct line to the United States.  With Nazi Germany's support of slavery that link would likely be more favorable through a Southern/Dixie connection.  In the U.S. the early Free Masons, George Washington and the others, had after the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776, been eclipsed by the Scottish Rite Masons of Albert Pike who was married to Mary Ann Hamilton.  Pike was a Massachusetts Tory masquerading as a Southerner whose connections to England and Scotland through the Tory losers in the American Revolution provided the South with leverage against the Union. This connection is clearly shown in Pike's writing for the Scottish Tory magazine, Blackwood's Magazine which was published in Edinburgh, Scotland by Tory Jacobites....monarchist Roman Catholics.  Jefferson Davis's Boston-based opium and slave trading backer, Caleb Cushing, supported the continuation of slavery and the oppressive institution seemed always just a generation away from return.   With Albert Pike serving as Jefferson Davis' top Indian agent for the Confederacy and later as chief judicial officer for the KKK, post Civil War Reconstruction was as much a sham as the later War on Drugs.

Scottish Rite Temple at 16th and S Streets, Washington D.C.
compared to the Egyptian pyramids

     Scottish Rite Masonry was organized in 1786 by Frederick William II, King of Prussia, in Berlin, thus solidifying the German perception of a brotherhood between Germanic and British/Scottish knights, but without the dominant Masonic anti-monarchism of George Washington's American Masonic tradition.  The Scottish Rite's organization date, following the signing of the American Declaration of Independence by ten years, shows its detachment from the American Free Masonry of George Washington and others.  Washington may have been a slave holder, but his will clearly shows that he planned to free his slaves.  Washington's Free Masonry had provided resistance to the tyranny of European aristocracy along the lines of Moses resisting the ancient Pharaoh of Egypt.  Scottish Rite Masonry reinstated monarchism through its 32 degrees of advancement and Pike's embrace of the KKK's elitism which in many ways recreated the first-born biases of the Euro-Asian royalty in the Southern plantation system.  Scottish Rite Masonry often found its most devoted followers among Anglican and Catholic members with their hierarchical ecclesiastical traditions. Albert Pike, like San Francisco's Anglican Bishop James Albert Pike, stood in direct opposition to anti-monarchical Protestant sympathies of the early Colonists.  Albert Pike, a Roman Catholic, whose church often established its power by alliances with tyrannical dynasties, a key leader of the early Ku Klux Klan, found Nathan Bedford Forest, the KKK's founder leaving the organization he had founded before his death.  Forest believed that as he had discovered with General Braxton Bragg the Klan organization had been commandeered.
     Today, KKK leaders like Louisana politician, David Duke, includes on his website the messages of Rev. Ted Pike and his wife who rightly decry the evils of Jewish Zionism and the mistreatment of Palestinians, but never mention the KKK's oppression of blacks and other minorities in the U.S.A..  In her rejection of Zionism Mrs. Pike strides in front of what looks like the demolition of a Southern Plantation while linking it to the demolition of Palestinian settlements in Gaza.
     Indeed, Diane Von Furstenberg's Jewish heritage stands in direct opposition to any pyramidal, monarchical, primogeniture-based society.  This heritage is no more clearly seen than in the Jewish prophet, Nathan's selection of the Bethlehemite, last born son David, of the House of Jesse and in Moses' rebellion against Egypt's slaver and tyrannical monarch... pharaoh.  Nazi Germany made a key part of its eugenics program the acceptance of Arabs as Aryans along with the militant Sikh ethnic group in India.  Through these pseudo-scientific philosophical manipulations Hess' Nazi backers sought world conquest on every continent.  Most historians agree that Hitler would use these alliances and then supplant every useful group including old European royals in his march toward a thousand year Reich.  The Reich would not be built on old family dynasties of first-born succession, but on a system of equal opportunity within the Nazi Aryan cult.  In this respect the British royal's early support of Hitler  coincided with that of the American German Bund and Pike influenced American Tories,  as evidenced by Prime Minister Chamberlain and the Duke of Windsor's appeasement policies.
      In an effort to better understand Rudolf Hess’ mission to Scotland and the estate of Lord Hamilton, a key operative in British intelligence, Ian Fleming, future novelist of the 007 series, sought to have Hess interrogated by occultist, Aleister Crowley whose cult had direct ties to the gnostic mystery religions of ancient Egypt.  Crowley was a close friend of film maker George Melies, novelist Christopher Isherwood, and Britain’s Major-General J.F.C. Fuller.  Fuller, perhaps Crowley's closest friend, wrote “Nine Principles of War” which form the foundation of much of today’s modern military theory. When compiled in the 1930’s Fuller’s thinking was informed by the interconnections of his dark alliance to Aleister Crowley and his extensive military interests. This also provided Fuller, through Crowley, with a direct link to the Egyptian Ordo Templi Orientis sect and Nazi occult.  In the 1930's Crowley was in Berlin befriending Nazi leaders and solidifying his connections there.  From pre-war Berlin came Christopher Isherwood's writings which provided the basis for the movie Cabaret. The British royal family's connections to Germany's House of Saxe Gotha hidden as it was under their new name of "Windsors", was always a source of concern for Winston Churchill and all Magna Carta loving Brits.  In time J.F.C. Fuller’s interest included the Jewish Kabala, an unorthodox Gnostic and satanic tradition masquerading within a Jewish shell.

     Within this strange circle of interests runs modern musicians like Madonna, whose 2012 Super Bowl half-time show kicked off her world-wide tour.   The show featured an entrance like that of Egypt's Cleopatra being pulled into the arena by lines of lumbering buff slaves.
     Led Zepplin’s famous guitarist, Jimmy Page, bought Aleister Crowley’s English estate.   The son of the U.S. Navy Admiral from Coronado, California who was in charge of the Gulf of Tonkin affair that kicked off the Vietnam War, Jim Morrison of the Doors, along with Janis Joplin and Jimmie Hendrix, all died after concerts on England's Isle of Wight, an island long associated with occult activities. Morrison reportedly married an occult priestess shortly before his death, while the Navy Seal barracks in San Diego were clearly built in the form of a Nazi swastika in 1967 at the height of the Vietnam War, a war that pulled back the veil on the sacrifice of America's finest soldiers for the narrow self-interests of a power-elite.   Rudolf Hess is still celebrated by the modern Nazi movement.

Rudolf (right) the number 3 higest ranking
Nazi in Hitler's Reich who flew his plane to
the estate of Lord Hamilton in Scotland, May, 1941.

     FDR and Churchill thwarted any plans that  Hess and Lord Hamilton may have had to unite England and Germany with an America German Bund which became known as the “Business Plot” and included American industrialists like Henry Ford whose backers included outlaw Jesse James a member of both the Knights of the Golden Circle and of Albert Pike's Scottish Rite Masons, John Burroughs, Harvey Firestone, Charles Lindberg and others.  Following World War II and the successful passage of FDR’s New Deal, many believe that this chapter in American politics vanished from most American history books by design thus forgetting a history that always longs to be repeated.
     Crowley’s Ordo Templi cult, was said to have originated in Alexandria, Egypt where Rudolf Hess had grown up as a boy and where his father was in the import-export business.  In America, Crowley’s satanic cult is believed to have been taken up by the San Francisco based Church of Satan once headed by Anton LaVey  whose motto was “’evil’ is ‘live’ spelled backwards”.  LaVey’s cult was then eclipsed by a LaVey disciple and U.S. Army Colonel Michael Aquino, whose Special Forces training and high security clearance have raised many eyebrows and whose dark career has been associated with a barrage of internal and external complaints by military children and their parents and even extending accusations from parties to the Franklin Coverup.  Anton La Vey's widow would marry the retired FBI's Agent In Charge of the Dallas and Los Angeles FBI offices, Ted Gunderson, an expert in the Franklin Cover Up.   Col. Michael Aquino and key political leaders in Omaha, Nebraska, Washington D.C. and San Francisco were accused of using and abusing innocent children in a bizarre pedophile ring reaching to the highest level of government.

Navy Seal barracks San Diego, California

     Diane von Furstenberg’s humanitarian awards are asking for people’s votes.  She wants a winning women and children's rights advocate to be chosen from among four women who have helped women and children achieve a better life.  Diane knows the pain of needing such help.  Diane’s former sister-in-law was the daughter of Prince Tassilo zu Furstenberg whose arm is around Adolf Hitler in a family photograph.  The photo triggered a question from Diane’s young son.  At ten he was working on a school history project when he ran across the photo of the Nazi dictator with his grandfather….all chummy.  Her son immediately had questions and Diane turned to a Jewish friend for help.
     While Diane’s young son got the answers he was looking for, it was an eye opening encounter with his own humanity and the complex web of philosophies, theologies and political ideologies that separate families and destroy nations.  Especially wealthy families and myopic nations.  

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