Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Monday, February 4, 2013



by Winsip Custer CPW News Services

     "You could not engineer a more powerful public relations assault on the Second Amendment than what has transpired in recent weeks," said Dr. Marvin Powers of the Center for the Promotion of Peaceful Terrorism."
       Powers, a non-wavering supporter of the Second Amendment sees recent events as a threat to worldwide stability and peace.  "We advocate peaceful terrorism," said Powers, a life-long student of Mahatmas Ghandi and Dr. Martin Luther King's non-violent resistance movement.  "Nothing terrorizes an empire like peaceful protest, but nothing haults a home invader like the slide of my 12 ga. pump shotgun," said Powers.
     With Dr. Ron Paul claiming that Navy Seal, Christopher Scott Kyle and friend, Chad Littlefield, were examples of "living by the sword and dying by the sword," Paul was panned.   Dr. Powers is more cynical and suspicious about the recent killings than Ron Paul.
     "You couldn't pick two names in Texas more likely to trigger a response from people.  Kyle Field is where the recent Heisman Trophy winner, Johnny Manziel, played football this year and Littlefield is name easily recognized at the University of Texas.   More troubling is the fact that so may Navy Seals have died since the killing of Osama Bin Laden and now we have a focus on the fact that Chris Kyle had smacked fellow SEAL, Jesse Ventura, former Governor of Minnesota, at McP's Irish Pub in Coronado, California.  Add that to the shooting of other SEALS in San Diego, David Reis by John Robert Reeves and we get a picture that shows all the returning and preparing military folks in the U.S. mostly on the brink of some form of lunatic behavior and so bye-bye Second Amendment.   If they can't handle it how can a 16 year old kid with an AR-15?    I cannot help but think of Chris Kyle's fellow Texan, Alex Jones, appearing on the Piers Morgan show and going ballistic on the thought that the Englishman, Morgan, was spearheading an assault on the Second Amendment for the British House of Windsor, or more correctly the Coburg-Saxe-Gotha German-Austrian-Prussian Royal family and holy crap!" said Powers.  Powers believes that Alex Jones, who claims his ancestor fought in the Texas Revolution, would make a great shill for what Powers calls the "Big Boys of the Far Right New World Order".....whom Powers claims uses a dialectic approach of left-right blabbering in the news media, especially talk shows, to move the game of life into their corner for their profit," said Powers who has wondered the same about another critic of the U.S. power elites, Michael Ruppert.  Ruppert, a former LAPD detective who confronted CIA Director, John Deutsch, on the CIA's sale of drugs to "Freeway" Ricky Ross which was exposed by Gary Webb's book Dark Alliance, recently completed a documentary called Collapse and then moved to Sonoma County, California near the Bohemian Grove to await the coming collapse of society as we know it.

     Meanwhile, Jesse Ventura denies that Chris Kyle had hit him at McP's Irish Pub in Coronado, the city where the Duke of Windsor met the Nazi spy for whom he abdicated the British throne  and where the SEAL headquarters are shaped like a Nazi swastika.  Ventura, a resident of Baja, Mexico, occasionally travels to San Diego which was home port to the father of USN Admiral in charge of the Gulf of Tonkin Affair and father of The Doors lead singer, Jim Morrison. Adm. George Stephens Morrison.
    "I would be concerned that much more is going on here than meets the eye," said Powers who noted that many of the SEALs return to the San Diego and Baja area for the sushi and to bask in memory of another great mercenary who had eyes on the annexation of Baja, William Walker," said Powers.
     Powers expressed concern that Jesses Ventura had been drawn into the Chris Kyle drama.  "We are facing the prospect that Ventura may run for the presidency in 2016 according to CNN's Piers Morgan.  Jesse Ventura joined the California motorcycle club, the Mongols, during his last year as a SEAL in Coronado.  The Mongols are brutal weapons and drug dealers and Jesse joined them by his own admission because they allowed Hispanics which the Hell's Angels did not.  Living four months out of the year in Mexico and still a card carrying Mongol and again, good God!" said Powers who noted that on the Piers Morgan Tonight show Ventura quoted Marine General Smedley Darlington Butler who said "war is a racket."  "General Butler was a Quaker warrior turned statesman.  I guess that Jesse could be a Mongol SEAL turned Minnesota Governor, but the thought of Jesse as President is a real scary stretch, though given the U.S. power elites' fake war on drugs, I fully understand how he could justify using one form of extortion against another.  The world that Chris Kyle knew in Iraq, of popping the heads off of militants at a few hundred yards, was easier to understand than this spaghetti bowl of dark personalities, cross-wired ambitions and other homeland realities," said Powers. 
     "Chris Kyle's company logo for Craft, a company name combined with a skull and rifle cross hairs shaped like a Christian cross and the slogan "Contrary to what your Mama told you, violence does solve problems" leaves one confident that Craft does not sell homogenized cheese.  As for solving problems it certainly solved Kyle's.  He wouldn't have to worry about next year's tax return," said Powers.

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