Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Rethinking the American Experience

By Sally B. Sinupson and Peggy Y. Zoltaron CPW News Services

      Forget official police reports and government statistics on crime and violence.    The United States is a violent society and exports violence around the world.   So says Jackson Longstreet, President of the Society for Analysis of Subtle Signs of Cultural Decline in Bethesda, Maryland.           
     “Bethesda is remembered as the Biblical place where people went for healing,” said Longstreet.  “Today it is remembered for the Bethesda Naval Hospital where JFK’s Parkland Hospital medical examination was redirected with an assembly of shadowy personalities in the room.   It’s also the place where an array of unbelievable war wounds are addressed with the latest medical procedures and where an increasingly privatized and all-volunteer U.S. military is patched up,” said Longstreet.
     Longstreet’s organization uses an unorthodox method of calculating the growing violence in the United States.  “A culture’s plunge into the abyss of rapid fire violence is registered on the human body,” said Longstreet.   “We compute the number of individuals who have what is called ‘boxer’s’ or ‘cauliflower ears’,” he continued.
     Longstreet says that while the U.S. was spawned in a violent culture as brutal as that of revolutionary France, it has gone through periods of relative peace.   The ten years after major conflicts are generally more peaceful than during the French and Indians Wars, the Revolution, War of 1812, Mexican-American War, Civil War, Spanish-American War, First and Second World Wars, Korea, Vietnam and Gulf and Post-911 wars.

     “It use to be that you heard of cauliflower ears, but rarely saw them.  That all changed with the growth of the weapons industry, the rise of extreme cage fighting and mixed marshal slam-your-ugly-head against the chain-links-fighting, and tattooing.  It use to be that tattoos were only savored by a dark subculture of seamen and prison inmates, but that changed when Steve McQueen was tattooed with a butterfly for his role in the film Papillion.  Since then, images of bats, buzzards and skulls and bones have eclipsed the peaceful tattoos of kinder and gentler periods,” said Longstreet  who also sees the popular promotion of drugs and homeopathic methods of increasing male testosterone as serving the brutality of the age.
     Longstreet says that Ultimate Fighting Championships and cauliflower ears go hand in hand because of their connections to organized crime and American decadence.  “When Mr. Fertitta bought UFC and turned it in a favorite Sunday morning venue for testosterone tortured teens, Senator John McCain called it blood sport and cock-fighting.  Soon McCain, whose wife is one of the nation’s largest beer distributors backed off of his criticism.  McCain, whose father was a U.S. Navy Admiral just like the Doors’ lead singer, Jim Morrison, chose to serve his country in a different way than Morrison.  Morrison’s father was assigned the task of overseeing the Gulf of Tonkin Affair that kick-started the Vietnam War.  McCain was in the first sortie to knock out Hanoi’s power plant after Tonkin,” said Longstreet.

     “So why did McCain back off of his attack on cauliflower ears and split lips?” we asked Longstreet.  A number of reasons as you can well imagine.  Partially because people like to drink a lot of beer when they are watching people’s faces scraped across chain link and when ears are popped, paddled, kicked and snagged so hard that the cartilage pops and morphs them into their new misshapen form.   Popcorn sales are also up; you know those bags you throw into the micro-wave.    It may also be because Mr. Ferrita’s family history as soldiers in the Maceo crime family which took their orders from the Mob boss of New Orleans, Carlos Marcello who had succeeded the Carollo crime family, make Senator McCain nervous,” said Longstreet noting that Operation Zapata which supplied the Bay of Pigs invasion in 1963 and the Contra supply lines to Honduras and Nicaragua went from Texas and Louisiana ports controlled by Marcello's organization. "Zapata was not so ironically the name of CIA Director, George Herbert Walker Bush's company, Zapata Petroleum," said Longstreet. 
   Longstreet is also aware that U.S. brutality has long been the focus of the New England power elites called the Brahmans, the upper strata of America’s politically connected, highly secretive and evasive upper crust whose family flow charts never make it to the front of a Congressional panel like those during the Joe Valachi hearings.  "That would be too embarrassing to Yale University," said Longstreet who noted that when the president of Coca-Cola spoke at Yale following the brutal murders of striking employees in the Central American country of Colombia, photos of the event during which student activists smeared themselves with bottles of John Kerry's family's Heinze ketchup, were quickly deleted from the Yale website.
     “You have to remember that the entire U.S. economy was built on a dark underbelly of opium and narcotics importation and sales to its own people.  Why do you think we were in China after the British East India Company which developed the opium business before us?  Starting out as whalers driven by unbridled ambition like that exposed by Herman Melville’s Captain Ahab, this incredibly lucrative business spawned violence on every street corner in China until Mao’s Cultural Revolution when he killed his own for other reasons and of course junkies have a very difficult time moving away from junk of various kinds.  Have you been to Walmart lately, ridden a new Chinese scooter or had your wheel bearings fly off of your car?”
    Longstreet believes that Americans are largely ignorant of their past and kept in the dark about their own culture by a network of tightly controlled myth-makers, educators, museum curators and Madison Avenue media spin-meisters who serve a highly refined and tightly controlled story-line.
   “Look,” said Longstreet, “We took over the Brit’s lucrative drug routes.  We protected them with our stronger Navy.  We insured shipments by companies that were partially funded by the U.S. government….Pacific Mail and Steamship Company and Cornelius Vander Starr’s AIG Insurance,” said Longstreet.
     “This is why for Lance Armstrong peddling his skinny little steroid-laden buns off for the U.S. Postal Service team, the culture overlooked and even embraced the widespread practice of drug use.  The U.S. economy is built on a black market that is larger than what we consider the legitimate side of business.”
     Longstreet pointed to the C.V. Starr Center for the American Experience.  “Don’t ever expect to see a symposium there on the work of investigative journalist, Gary Webb, whose Dark Alliance and prior work at the San Jose Mercury News exposed the Iran-Contra drug supply line into Los Angeles that funded the hidden Contra army in Central America.  You won’t find there Margaret E. Crahan from Washington College speaking about the role of Thomas W. Walker in outing the Contra supply lines, nor of Alberto Vourvoulais-Bush doing likewise.  “When Crahan and Vourvoulais-Bush wrote The City and The World about New York being essentially the capital of some kind of coming New World Order, they might as well have painted a bull’s eye on the World Trade Center,” said Longstreet.

     "Thomas W. Walker has written several books on Nicaragua including one with Ariel Armony from Miami and brother of a French Canadian scholar. Ariel, a Fulbright Scholar originally from Argentina, is married to the former CFO of the University of Maine at Augusta.  On the board of the University of Maine is not only a Bill Clinton appointed member of the Fulbright Scholarship Board in Arkansas, but the executive assistant to General Colin Powell who serves on the Board of CACI which oversaw Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq.  They are joined by a native American Indian who serves on the board of the Smithsonian Institute in Washington," said Longstreet who noted "if you can't lick 'em, you join 'em!  And why not?  Just down the road is Kennebunkport!"
     "Alice Walker edited one of Thomas W. Walker's books, but Walker has also teamed up with John A. Booth, who was a professor of peace at North Texas State University whose wife, Patricia Bayer Richard, was Provost at Ohio University.  I could mention that as the Regent Professor at North Texas, Dr. Booth was succeeded by the Ashbel Smith Professor at the University of Texas with Smith's definitive Anglophile sentiments.  I could mention that Smith's residence was in the city that was the staging site for William Walker's 19th Century thrust into Honduras.   I could mention that Professor Booth has more than a passing loyalty to Johns Hopkins with it longstanding ties to the family of Alexander Brown whose empire had often used the Monroe Doctrine to veil vile ambitions as evidenced by General Smedley Darlington Butler's book, War Is A Racket.   I could mention that this is the same racket that made Ashbel Smith's closest colleagues in surgery wealthy along with another close friend who provided canned meat to the growing U.S. miltary.  You must remember, too,  that Ohio is the stronghold of the Taft family and the good women of Cincinnati gave to Texas the two brass canons used at the Battle of San Jacinto by Texas Ranger Ben McCullough," said Longstreet noting that "those twin sister were beautiful little bitches." 
     Longstreet believes that when Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young sang of "tin soldiers and Nixon coming" after the Ohio National Guard mowed down fours student protesters at Ohio's Kent State University during the Vietnam War, it was because they were too close to the U.S. power elites' memorial to the violent heart of the prescribed order and its burial ground of sacred skulls and bones surrounding Alphonso Taft....."which is also informed by the recent happenings at Oberlin College also in Ohio," said Longstreet.
       Ashbel Smith couched the American adventure not primarily in Washingtonian or Jeffersonian terms, but as a racial experiment.  Longstreet pointed out that Smith said ...'The Mexican War is part of the mission of the destiny allotted to the Anglo-Saxon race on this continent. It is our destiny, our mission to Americanize this continent.... The sword is the great civilizer.'"    Longstreet  further noted the ease with which Ashbel Smith, the celebrated physician, seemed to use the scalpel and sword interchangeably while failing to mention the increasing brutality of a civilized and mechanized world which, had the intended advancement of this Americanization followed through William Walker and other semi-sanctioned American misadventures, would have recreated Walker and Smith's hoped for Golden Circle of human misery.  "The brillant doctor danced the goose step," said Longstreet who registered that William Walker's flawed characted had been played in films by two fine actors whose personal sentiments were juxtaposed to the brutal character they played. Those actors were Marlon Brando and Ed Harris.
       "Following the Texas Revolution, Texas Ranger Ben McCullough, like John Coffee 'Jack' Hays,  would hightail it to California.  McCullough was elected sheriff of Sacramento on the same day that Samuel Hamilton Walker, for whom the Walker Colt pistol was named, saw his close friend, John Coffee 'Jack' Hays, elected sheriff of San Francisco," said Longstreet.   "That was in 1850 and McCullough, Hays and Walker had all known James Walker Fannin a cousin of Samuel F. B. Morse, back in Texas.  They were surely in Texas helping to secure the southern rail route to the Pacific and the China trade routes to the poppy fields beyond and already had deep connections to Europe with Hay's cousin John Hays Hammond working as Cecil Rhodes' right hand man at DeBeers Diamond Co..   Rhodes, for whom the Rhodes Scholarship is named would see to it that future U.S. leaders like William Jefferson Clinton, essential cogs in the dark side of the American enterprise as evidenced by Seal's CIA operation in Mena, Arkansas, had a fine education in the British understanding of the game through their student residency at Oxford. Arkansas was also steeped in the Scottish Rite influence through Albert Pike who lived in Arkansas and whose legacy is defended by University of Arkansas historians in a state whose other scholarship stream through J. William Fulbright complimented the interests of Cecil Rhodes.  
     James Walker Fannin had failed to make it to the Alamo to relieve Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie and the others most of whom had, like Caleb Cushing,  slaving designs on the new Texas Republic which coincided with the arrival of Scottish Rite Mason and Indian Agent for Jefferson Davis, Albert Pike.  Pike, the future chief attorney for the KKK, a Jacobite lawyer who would write for the Scottish Blackwell Magazine which significantly influenced U.S. law, was  the bifurcator of American Free Masonry, leading away from the direction of Washington, Franklin and the other York Rite Masons with their stronger emphasis on Christian values to the more gnostic and oligarchical Prussian emphasis.   Founded by the Prussian royal family after the American Revolution the Scottish Riters' Germanic roots were as hidden within the 'Scottish' nomenclature as the German Saxe-Gotha name of the British royal family would be later concealed by the Windsor name which led Winston Churchill to deeply distrust the British Royal, especially after the Duke of Windsor's paring with known Nazi American spy, Mrs. Wallace Simpson.   This gnostic tradition fed not only some dark cravings in the German Masons, but also the German Runic and Thule traditions that were resurrected by Nazis like Heinrich Himmler and Rudolf Hess in spite of the Lutheran Protestant Christian traditions in Germany," said Longstreet noting that the proliferation of SS symbols of skulls in popular jewelry, nipple rings, earrings and tongue posts parallels the increase in cauliflower ear muffs. 
     "Add to this the fact that Albert Pike was also Roman Catholic....a double-wammy of heiarchial traditions when combined with a Prussian origin and the American political-religous tradition had been bushwacked by increasingly oligarchical leanings," said Longstreet noting that the occultic imaginings of Aleister Crowley, tied as they were by the Germanic cults,  influenced everyone from Anton LeVay and Michael Aquino's followers to space scientist Jack Parsons and his friend L. Ron Hubbard the founder of embattled Church of Scientology.  "The current leader of Aquino's cult is a public Texas college professor of this German runic tradition rooted in these German gnostic-occultic traditions," said Longstreet adding... "The United States was indeed influenced by an anti-monarchial and anti-pyramidal Puritan Protestantism that embraced a secret.....but it was an open secret!"
     "Communist movements being anti-religious avoid all religious symbols and those who survived the battle of Stalingrad looked on skull and bones as fascist symbols.  That America's most powerful elites have chosen this symbol as their unique trademark and given the 'Business Plot' of the 1930's and its alignment with the German-American Bund, there should be universal grave concern," said Longstreet.  "If this is the coming 'Global Gestalt' we're all in deep doo-doo," Longstreet emphasized as he returned  to his analysis of the U.S. drug culture.
      "William Russell's Pony Express would shift the focus of transcontinental transportation from the San Diego to Savannah route to the Midwest.  Savannah was where Pike established the first U.S. Scottish Rite temple.  The Midwest rail route to San Francisco, Omaha and St. Joseph that led to the rail heads of the Northeast left the Southern route from Savannah to San Diego, the Confederate's western terminus laid out by Jefferson Davis in the dust.  This route would not be completed until ten years after Reconstruction.   Jefferson Davis's route had been backed by Boston's chief opium dealer, Caleb Cushing, who negotiating the first U.S./Chinese trade agreements always hedged his bets.   Southern Californians had resisted the annexation effort by William Walker and he was likewise left in the dust because of his Aaron Burr-like blustering.   When Walker went to Honduras with dreams of an Atlantic-Pacific canal, the Vanderbilts and Roosevelts would also resist William Walker's ventures there.  The South lost not only the Civil War, but its power elites lost the southern transcontinental rail route that could have punched through several years before Leland Stanford's Big Four route from St. Joseph and Omaha to San Francisco where Samuel F.B. Morse's telegraph line had preceded the golden spike by eight years and put William Russell's high profile and media savvy Pony Express project out of business.  William Russell traces his roots to the Russell Trust that underwrote Skull  and Bones which was created 35 years earlier by Alphonso Taft and the Pony Express was a public relations miracle in focusing the possibility of the central route in the early war years.  Buried in Cincinnati alongside Alphonso Taft are 40 Union Generals who would not be buried at Robert E. Lee's estate of Arlington, but who surely understood what was at stake in the westward push for the flat Southwest rail route controlled by Jefferson Davis' faction." Longstreet asserts that while the Roosevelt's opposition to William Walker's slaving agenda appears benevolent, the fact they, too, made their fortunes in the opium smuggling, shows the hypocrisy of the Cain-and-Abel-squabbles within the American Brahman ranks. 
     "Don't feel too sorry for the Walkers, however," said Longstreet.  "West of Savannah in Georgia is Walker County, the home of the Augusta National Country Club, so not only were they tied to the New England Brahman elites in the North...the Russells and Browns, but also to the Georgia Colony with it settlement by English debtors and English overlords.  This area was ripe for the myopic ambitions of the colonizers and their American serfs.  It was also the region that most embraced Hessian mercenaries that escaped the Thirty Years Wars of Europe to ply their trade for Cornwallis against the American colonists.   After the Revolution they migrated, propelled by significant incentives from angry anti-British and anti-German colonists, to the frontier after the Revolution.  There they would be embracing of their dispossessed brethren after World War II as Germany's best minds...and in some cases most sinister minds.... were imported to the U.S. by CIA Director, Allen Dulles. The right and left wings of an ordered dialectic explains this Brahman inner tension.  It is a battleground that commoners cannot safely enter as equals.  Laws to prohibit will exclude farmers from growing poppies on the slopes of those American regions hospitable to poppies or marijuana.   The Brahmans control the legal pharmaceuticals which are essential in dental offices, hospitals and battle field MASH units as well as the ports of entry of the illegal ones.  This necessitates a 'war on drugs' that is as perpetual as a 'war on terrorism'," said Longstreet who even questions Colorado and California's lead in the legalization of marijuana.  "The power elites control these regions that are most like the terrain of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey and Indonesia's drug rich highlands and they aren't likely to relinquish their power over them without a fight," said Longstreet.
Author Thomas W. Walker (center left), expert on Nicaraguan and Honduran history holding M240 machine gun (r).

    "Is Alice Walker aware that the William Walker clan leans toward resurrecting a Golden Circle of slavery or that the Civil War was secretly fought for the control of the first rail route to the Pacific and drugs beyond?  Does she suffer from Stockholm Syndrome or question the serendipitous arrival of literary celebrity?  When Thomas W. Walker was in Nicaragua, did he identify with the Nicaraguans or Somoza in exile in Honduras?" asked Longstreet who questions the sincerity of the North Texas State University peace emphasis with the Edward B. Cushing Library not far away at Texas A&M University, home of the Bush Presidential Library where most of the records of the Iran-Contra affair are tightly secured.  Longstreet points to a recent appearance at the NTSU program by Bush/Reagan CIA agent, Ray McGovern.

     Longstreet also pointed out that the Foreword to Washington University alumi, Margaret Crahan and her co-author Vourvoulais-Bush’s 1997 book tauting the role of New York in the funding and management of the world’s growing Internet and dot com revolution was written by Bob Hormats the Goldman Sachs VP for its International division. 
     Sworn in as Under Secretary of State in 2009, Hormats was a senior economics and business advisor on the National Security Council as well as to advisor Henry Kissinger, Brent Scowcroft and Zbigniew Brzezinski.  "While many have called for the imprisonment of Kissinger for being a political purveyor of mass murder, Brzezinski whose history included encouraging the Mujaheddin in Afghanistan and the creation of their Islamic allies, Al Qaeda, is harder to pin down.  A frequent guest on his daughter's MSNBC program Morning Joe, no one asks Brzezinski and particularly not his beloved daughter, why the CIA created Al Qaeda and why Al Qaeda was unknown to rank and file CIA agents like Robert Baer and Matthew Gannon," said Longstreet. 

     Longstreet believes that the Nazi mind scientists and the Jewish mind scientists whose work found, ironically, a certain freedom from moral scrutiny in the Reich during the 1930's, were exported to the U.S.  after World War II  where a type of "Global Gestalt" was appropriated by the U.S. power elites through projects like the CIA's MK Ultra program.  "Elevated in stature through unqualified recognition by the American Psychiatric Association we find mind scientists like Loretta Bender whose Bender-Gestalt Test was eventually appropriated by ProEd Publishing Inc. in Austin, Texas still being used as a psychological metric device in spite of her infamous assault on children.   Gestalt founder, Max Wertheimer, would find his closest family members migrating to the region of Texas where the Nazi and Jewish mind scientists would best hide within a culture as mixed with German communities as Jewish ones.  Loretta Bender's grotesque use of mind science on children that is reminescent of the work of the Nazi's Dr. Josef Mengele, is an affront to human decency as was the entire MK Ultra program and 'Operation Paperclip' that made it possible," said Longstreet who believes that the principles of Gestalt are applied to manipulation of the masses and are appropriated by government security agencies as well as Madison Avenue's leading mass media manipulators.  The same was true of Freud's mind science breakthroughs that were appropriated by Edward Bernays or Albert Lasker in selling bacon or cigarettes in the U.S. just as the Tavistock group did in Britain whose London conclave was not so ironically bombed by Muslim terrorist since 911.

     Longstreet who believes that a "Global Gestalt" is currently at play in American culture and accelerated in the Post-911 world, took interest in the effrontery of Hollywood actor, Johnny Depp's support of the West Memphis 3.  The West Memphis 3 were  convicted of the murder of three 8 year old boys in a brutal ritual.   This whole drama has all the earmarks of a hyper-symbolic "Global Gestalt" just as the massive media's promulgation of vampire, blood lust and sardonic images has both normalized and desensitized people to the type of wholesale inhumanity that will be needed to subjugate the masses in a de-democratized fascist future," said Longstreet.
     "I was in the process of putting together an interview with the well known Austin club owner where Johnny Depp often performs, Steve Wertheimer, whose father was a prominent member of the U.S. pharmaceutical regulation agencies, but ran out of time," said Longstreet whose interests moved to a more focused direction...."the reason that Col. Michael Aquino's Temple of Set leadership which succeeded Anton LeVay's Church of Satan in San Franciso near Aquino's base, The Presidio, moved to Austin, Texas where its new leader teaches in the local community college.  Is this a move to the heartland in preparation for some greater assault on the culture?"
     Longstreet has been fascinated by the appropriation  of Christian Von Ehrenfel's work within that of Max Wertheimer's Gestalt paradigm.  "Consider that in England Rachael Ehrenfeld was sued by the Saudi Royal family's banker and partner in Houston, Texas, for slander resulting from her book, Funding Evil.    The roomate of George Walker Bush during his Texas Air National Guard days, James R. Bath, whose name was featured in the Michael Moore film Fahrenheit 911 was Mahfouz's business partner while Bath also selected a "lucky bean" and was granted the fuel concessions at the CIA-linked Ellington Field just north the Bin Laden owned airport that would be razed after the Bin Laden family departure from U.S. soil after 911.    Ehrenfeld argued that  the Saudi Royal's banker, Khalid Bin Mahfouz, who had helped the Bin Laden's purchase the Houston Gulf Manor Airport from which many departed the country following 911, had also provided funding for Al Qaeda.  That being the case, the FBI's failure to prohibit the Bin Laden family's departure is even more disconcerting though understandable.  Any "Global Gestalt" would threaten the Arab world with its decidedly Jewish elements.  In reality, the globalists of the "Global Gestalt" use the worlds religions as a large ship might use its bow thrusters for docking at desired port of call.  Just as American and European power elites have no problem enslaving their own as Gary Webb's work has clarified, in spite of the undeniable Jewish Holocaust in Germany, there were those Germans Jews who, for a price, enslaved their own.  It has been widely pointed out, argued Longstreet, that Baron Rothschild, was able to extricate most of his family from the Nazi occupied territories, though his estranged wife was not among them.
     Longstreet further noted that while Judaism has within it the Moses tradition of anti-slavery it also has within it the Joseph tradition of serving the Pharaoh.  "This makes for the normal tendencies associated with a bifurcated spirituality inherent in all religions.  Take Cuba.  If the Italian mob had teamed up with Baptista to hog the seashore with nightclubs, bars and casinos in the closest thing to a tropical paradise to the American shore under the guise of Western Capitalism, the Jewish mob of Myer Lansky was there, too.  On the U.S. mainland the new elements of "Global Gestalt" that moved toward a fascist pinnacle was even more profoundly visual.  Metro-Goldwyn-Mayor's lion head roared on every silver screen triggering visions of the Roman Coliseum while the  lowly Teamster's Union Fund was used by its Jewish leadership to build the symbol of the Italian and increasingly American image of Empire.....Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas," said Longstreet who believes that prominent Austin club owner, Wertheimer, could shed valuable light on this "Global Gestalt."
     "What is wrong with this picture?  The world-wide web which owes its creation to the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) backed as it was by its President, Myron du Bain, also the CEO of Fireman's Fund Insurance, who was himself a close colleague of Wally Hilliard, owner of the Huffman Flying School that trained Mohammad Atta, promised great democracy and transparency in government.  In 1997 we find Crahan, Vourvoulais-Bush and Hormats arguing that New York was ground zero for the coming new world government.  I'm not saying that 911 was an inside job, but you have to remember that Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who would go on to join the Texas law firm of Bracewell and Patterson which became Bracewell and Giuliani where the sister of the former Director of the Drug Enforcement Administration, Karen Tandy, was an attorney,  had moved the NYPD epicenter to the World Trade Center Towers.  Who provided security at the WTC? Securacom, on whose board of directors was the brother of George Walker Bush, Marvin P. Bush.   Karen Tandy succeed Asa Hutchinson, the Arkansas Attorney General who was responsible for protecting Barry Seal who was the key government witness in the Iran-Contra case and who was machine gunned on the streets of Baton Rouge, Louisiana just before giving his testimony," said Longstreet. 
     Longstreet believes that for the drug connection to 911 to be hidden would require a 911 Commission member to be fully vested in the connections between U.S. drug lords and their Al Qaeda  intertwinings. "Indeed," said Longstreet, "Richard Ben-Veniste who appears to be the most passionate at getting to the truth of 911 was, not so ironically, Barry Seal's lawyer when Seal ate bullets in Baton Rouge.  That little sucker was the perfect cork on a bottle of vintage vino.  An attorney with Mayer, Brown, Rowe and Platt along with Stephen Gates the former Executive Vice-President for Conoco-Phillips, Ben-Venisti was, therefore, at the table with Richard Armitage the Bush family aide-de-camp and marshall at arms.   Also at Conoco-Phillips was the brother of Tom DeLay....and, of course, Armitage's real place in this horror story has been verified by Col. Bo Gritz."
    "With all the shenanigans going on around the Bin Laden's Houston airport following the September 11, 2001 WTC attack, the Harris County Medical Examiner's office needed some serious controlling.  They had the perfect person to do it, the former ME of Washington D.C., Dr. Joyce Carter.  With the ME's office in a position to offer in essence a 'get out of jail free card' as good as 007's license to kill, when Carter left the ME's office under a cloud who was brought in to oversee the investigation?  Michael Bromwich the government attorney in the Iran-Contra case who assured that while Weinberger, Abrams, Poindexter and North got their's, the repercussions would stop short of Ronald Reagan.....and, of course, George Herbert Walker Bush.....whose Latin American ambitions had gone back to Operation Zapata if not to William Walker in Honduras."
    As Mohammad Atta trained at Huffman Flying School in Venice on Florida's West Coast, Bert Rodriguez, a U.S. Army Special Forces martial arts instructor who has been characterized as one of Myron du Bain's "men who stare at goats" was training the pilot of United Flight 93 that crashed at Shanksville, Pennsylvania.  Ziad Jarrah was learning from Bert Rodriguez close-quarter combat.   Jon Ronson, the author of the book on du Bain's work at SRI, The Men Who Stare at Goats reported... "In April 2001, Bert Rodriguez took on a new student. His name was Ziad Jarrah. Ziad just turned up at the US 1 Fitness Center one day and said he had heard that Bert was good. Why Ziad chose Bert, of all the martial arts instructors scattered around the Florida shoreline, is a matter of speculation. Maybe Bert's uniquely occultic reputation preceded him, or perhaps it was Bert's military connections. Plus, Bert had once taught the head of security for a Saudi prince. Maybe that was it."  Jarrah's flight training, like Mohammad Atta's, was obtained in Venice, Florida, but not at Huffman.

CIA Director, George Tenet (l), Colin Powell (c) and John
Negroponte (r) asking the world to "eat cake"....
the yellow cake uranium story that justified the invasion of Iraq.

  "I give it 50/50.  After 911 the very foxes in charge of protecting the hen house like Bernie Kerik, went to Iraq to train their security forces.  Isn't that comforting?  When highly respected U.S. Army Col., Greek scholar and ethics professor at West Point, Col. Theodore 'Ted' Westhusing, confronted General David Petraeus over the mess he discovered in Iraq Westhusing was dead four hours later.  Either the crows-like Saudi terrorists who intensely dislike American imperialism and drone fly overs flew up the U.S. drug supply route to deposit their message in New York and the Pentagon, or in fact, it was an inside job to speed the movers toward fascist control.   Osama Bin Laden may well have been the equivalent of America's Weather Underground member William Ayers, whose father was knee deep in the American Military Industrial Complex during the Vietnam War.  The U.S. MIC  has become the spear point of this "Global Gestalt".   Osama, it could be argued, did not turn on his own like Ayers, but in a sense he did.  The Saudi royals are, as Mahfouz and Bath prove, rolling around in the same king-size bed of apparent cultural dissimilarity.  How does that make you feel?  Neither option is good and just remember that next time you are standing in Time Square on New Years Eve looking for a restroom or in a voting booth pulling the lever for the Bush or Clinton parties!" said Longstreet. 

"So after 911 the brother of John Negroponti, the former U.S. Ambassador to Honduras and Iraq, and the man sitting to the right of the CIA Director when General Colin Powell made his now infamous UN proclamation of yellow cake uranium that justified the attack on Iraq, announced that he is benevolently providing computers to the children of the world.  Coupled with new policies for drone use and these little instruments promise a Minority Report-type of police-state crime prevention program," said Longstreet adding "cultural connectivity has a high price!"

The C.V. Starr Center for the American Experience at
George Washington's alma mater.
   Taking a closer look at the C.V. Starr Center for the American Experience, Longstreet unpacked the carefully plotted system of disinformation that he says protects American citizens against hearing the truth like the puffy and swollen ear holes of Chuck Liddell or Randy Couture.
     “2000 or Y2K, was the year that the machines were suppose to turn on us and devour us alive.  That didn’t happen.  We are left with the only possible conclusion that the brainiacs behind that bowl of bimbology contrived the idea to blind us as to what was coming and to make us happy that something with hair and skin on it would give us such a lovely raping in the immediate post-2000 world.  I am referring to the 2000 presidential election that ushered into office the controllers of Ronald Reagan, the European royal wannabes of GHWB and GWB.    America’s media  and high school civics classes would not touch their shifting ethos which that election symbolized in the American experience,"  Longstreet asserted.
     "Criticism of evil was considered politically incorrect as even today it is politically incorrect for criticizing Obama for continuing Bush policies or talking about Michele Obama's employment at the Springfield, Illinois law firm of Sidley Austin, the historic Republican law firm of Mrs. Mary Todd Lincoln that merged in 2000 with NY's Brown and Wood Law Firm which was housed in the WTC on 911 and deeply connected to what General Smedley Darlington Butler called 'The National City Bank Boys' of Alexander Brown, Brown and Root, Kellogg Brown and Root or KBR.   The C.V. Starr Center at Washington College will never address these issues.  Neither, for example, will it challenge the changing American experience of the Admiral Chester Nimitz Center from a museum honoring the life of a U.S. Navy hero, to becoming another venue for rewriting Bush contribution’s to life liberty that the pursuit of happiness.  You will never see at either warehouse of twisted history the connections between the Walker-Bush family to wacko Central American filibusterer, William Walker, whose attempt to claim Honduras for the Walker clan, backed as he was by President Franklin Pierce of the Barbara Pierce Bush clan, nor of William Walker’s plan to turn the entire Caribbean basin into a ‘Golden Circle’ of slavery,” said Longstreet.  

    Longstreet believes that William Walker's nemesis in Honduras, Andres' Castro, is a direct ancestor of Fidel Castro, who hoped that there was a difference between the American mobsters running the Baptista government in Cuba and America's elected leadership with its apparent commitment to truth and justice.  Stockholm Syndrome sufferer Henry Kissinger and his part in the rise of fascist leader Augusto Pinochet in Chile confirmed Fidel Castro's deepest fears.   Fidel Castro discovered to his surprise that there was no difference thus leaving him only two options:  Slavery of the William Walker ilk or the assistance of the Communists," said Longstreet noting that Americans as a whole were content to swallow the company line and continue to live in denial.  "The corrupting influence of power being what it is it's doubtful that Castro would have stepped aside during free elections, but with the threat of the return of William Walker's agenda and the Jewish and Italian Mobs that carried out the usurped U.S. agenda, how would we ever know?" asked Longstreet who noted that Francis Ford Coppola's handling of this period of Cuban history in The Godfather was as correct as his handling of the French/Amerian occupation of Indo-China in Apocalypse Now, but without spelling out the seating arrangements of the Brahman's atop the pyramid.  "Criminals use, as we see in Russia or China today...not to mention the U.S. or Mexico or even Canada where gangs are rampant, whatever political system works best for them and to hell with any overarching idea of citizenship based on a Golden Rule," said Longstreet as he recalled Frank Sinatra's comment and Kissinger's response: "I'm not a mobster," said Sinatra.  "That's too bad, Frank.  I need some help with my enemies," said Kissinger.
  “That Washington College would open the C.V. Starr Center for the American Experience in 2000 is unbelievably arrogant!” said Longstreet.  “It is no secret that when Barry Seal who employed Eugene Hasenfus, the CIA/Iran-Contra supply pilot who was shot down over Nicaragua to expose the Iran-Contra affair that looked, felt and smelled exactly like a William Walker hunting expedition, that the Mena Arkansas airport run by Seal as well as the chartering of the Iran-Contra money laundering Arkansas-based Bank of Commerce and Credit International or BCCI, needed Mr. Clinton’s  complicity and participation under a bogus cloak of national security.  Clinton got protection from the top down from the Bush/Reagan administration....and that's really what it was....and from the bottom up from Arkansas' Attorney General and graduate of Bob Jones University, Asa Hutchinson.  Hutshinson was, for his failure to protect Barry Seal, was promoted to Director of the DEA.  There is nothing secure about funding private wars by pumping drugs into the veins of your own citizens, just as there is no justification for the privatizing of the U.S. military by Generals like David Petraeus who supported the outsourcing of the U.S. military operations to the more easily managed for-profit companies like K-2, USIS or Blackwater.  Our cauliflower ears are stopped up.   With its $1.25 billion in assets the Starr Foundation easily funded the center.  Meanwhile, included in the American experience was the growing outcry that Dubai had no business running some of America’s busiest ports.   Starr’s AIG Insurance company stepped in to take over the security of the ports when the Dubai deal was derailed by public sentiment.   America's civics teachers and sentinel politicians never asked “what the hell does an insurance company know about running ports?  Since then one Latin American U.S. Congressman has been implicated in a similar insider deal with a Dominican doctor to run their ports…..techniques and ambitions learned from Brahman China Traders as well as judges and leading Justice Departments officials like Attorney General  Alberto Gonzales, Texas Attorney General Dan Morales or similar state-side port-controlling sweetheart deals.     
     The inaugural director of the C.V. Starr Center was Bill Clinton’s special assistant for national security affairs, Edward Widner.  Widner’s understanding of the American culture and experience was rooted in his Boston upbringing and rich amalgam of pietistic Puritan Protestant  Brahman-elite and Irish-Catholic utilitarianism.   Widner, the son of the Dean of Admissions for Brown University with its connections to the equally Machiavellian Alexander Brown of Baltimore and his galaxy of import-exporters, was long a member of the music group The Upper Crust whose philosophy was “If not great and excellent, then debauched.”

    Few have profited from American conflicts like meat supplier for the Union Army, Philadelphia City Treasurer and founding organizer of U.S. Steel, American Tobacco Company and Standard Oil, Peter Arrell Brown Widener of the Widener/Widner clan.
     Since 2006 the C.V. Starr Center has been directed by Adam Goodheart, author of the bestselling 1861: The Civil War Awakening.

     “After it was discovered that the leader of the 911 hijackers, Mohammad Atta, had learned to fly at the Wally Hilliard owned Huffman Flying School in Venice, Florida, in the heart of the historic drug smuggling corridor on the U.S.’s East coast, former Time reporter Daniel Hopsicker wrote Welcome To Terrorland.   A close friend of Barry Seal’s widow, Hopsicker  got it right, but you will never hear him make a speech at the C.V. Starr Center for the American Experience.  Nor will you hear at the Center a presentation on the connection between abolitionist John Brown to Alexander Brown of Baltimore or to George Luther Stearn’s the Boston lead miner and friend of powerful Boston Brahman China Trader, Caleb Cushing, nor of Stearn’s hope of using the Civil War to corner the lead and bullet market.  With the China Traders pushing West on the Transcontinental rail route to the opium crops of Turkey, India, Afghanistan and Pakistan long before oil was discovered there, we are essentially still in that region for that same renewable and highly addictive prize.  Adam Goodheart’s next book will not be titled The Civil War:  A Drug Deal Gone Bad and Fought Under the High Moral Banner of Abolition of Slavery, but given the personalities involved and the short-lived period of Reconstruction, not to mention the discoveries by Gary Webb and others,  that is exactly what it was,” said Longstreet, "and George Washington's alma mater's can proudly proclaim the new American mantra:  "If Not Great and Excellent, Then Debauched!"

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