Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Saturday, February 16, 2013


By Peter Pezonus CPW News Service
     Chris Dorner was a troubled man.  There can be little doubt about that.   From beneath an overarching pyramidal edifice of institutionalized corruption people often spin out of control.  It is a rare individual who can oppose the dark side of humanity with grace, forgiveness and humor.  Violence breeds violence.  Sword makers rarely forge plow blades.    Slighted, rejected or enslaved cultures rarely approach the underlying problem which is as abundant in their own culture with the wisdom of the world’s greatest peace-loving religious leaders, Jesus Christ, Mahatmas Gandhi or MLK.  Too bad for Chris Kyle and Chris Dorner.  “Contrary to what your mama told you,” said Kyle’s business logo, “violence solves problems.”  Does it?
     The question was put to seasoned analyst of the American imperialistic assent and simultaneous descent into human depravity against which Dwight D. Eisenhower cautioned in his famous departing speech.  What went wrong in L.A.?  Fabian Colbachi has a take on it.
PP:  “What might have set off Chris Dorner?”

FC:  “Dorner did not get to where he was in the USN and LAPD without having substantial redeeming qualities.  Being passed over for a promotion has led to this type of reaction before.  We call it ‘going postal’, but did you know that the U.S. Postal Service had its beginning in what is known as the ‘China Trade’, or that AIG Insurance one of the recipients of Henry Paulson’s bailout money had its beginning in insuring the shipments of goods including the hidden cargoes of opium from poppy producing nations like Turkey, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and the Middle East to China where the dope was sold to the Chinese?   The major port or entry was San Francisco for transport back to the East Coast by rail where the leading China Traders were also known as the Boston Brahmans and sat on the front pews of America’s finest churches and educated their children in the finest Ivy League schools.  Their whaling and fishing and sea transport companies were controlled by names like Russell, Browns, Tafts, Cabots, Lodges.  This elite galaxy of friends within the tightest circles of U.S. influence sent their children, if at all possible, to Yale.   In time, the Confederate elites like their Northern cousins, had hopes of creating a rail line across the Great American Southwest from Savannah, Georgia to San Diego and Confederate President Jefferson Davis had actually laid out the route, but he made the mistake of being taken into the circle of Caleb Cushing, the New England China Trader who would negotiate the terms of the first U.S./Chinese trade agreements that promised not to do to the Chinese what the British had done:  make them in to junkies. 
     Cushing’s agreement looked nice on paper, but the Chinese saw no great moralistic changes.  The stronger U.S. Navy enforced the new agreement which AIG’s, Cornelius Vander Starr, founder of AIG, insured making money in the coming and going of seen and unseen cargoes.  You understand that when Lance Armstrong is racing in an environment that used America’s fastest cutters to cross the Pacific that drugs influenced their business culture then as now?   So  ‘going postal’ takes on a whole new meaning.  Some of the most dangerous and scandalous U.S. government workers would be U.S. Postal Inspectors, but they always work quietly behind the scenes and are highly insulated from average street vendors.
     The U.S. Navy's place in the the China Trade just replicated the British Navy's prior example.  This is why the first Navy Seal, often referred to as 'Lincoln's Commando', William Cushing, is celebrated at Annapolis.  Given Caleb Cushing's pro-slaving sympathies 'junkies' are the subjugated and enslaved Chinese junk sailors who chain themselves with the undeclared tax of chemical dependency.  Dorner had a front row seat, but the problem isn't limited to the blacks as any family in America can verify.

PP:  Chris Dorner was a long way from being a U.S. Postal Inspector.  How does this link to his anger at LAPD?

FC:  LA, like San Francisco and San Diego is a port of great significance for legal and illegal shipments.  It has been argued that if an A-bomb is smuggled into the U.S.  it would likely be through this port.  Remember that the 911 hijackers, mostly from friendly Saudi Arabia, found their leader, Mohammad Atta, training at Wally Hilliard’s Huffman Flying School in Venice, Florida and Hilliard was a business colleague of Myron Du Bain, a CIA operative,  twice president of the Stanford Research Institute and CEO of a company that by its very nature, like AIG knowing the ins and outs of the smuggling trade, knows the ins and outs of fires……both insuring against them and knowing how effective they are in hiding essential evidence.

PP:  And Chris Dorner's end included a blazing, evidence destroying fire?

FC:  Does that sound familiar?  The Branch Davidian affair in Waco, Texas occurred on Bill Clinton’s watch, but fire was a major factor in that debacle.  Now, Dorner was not unlike Osama Bin Laden holed up in a compound in a Sikh region of Pakistan known for its tight security.   Dorner, like Bin Laden, was killed across the street from a center for regional security forces.  I heard the radio conversations of the LAPD taking about their setting a fire in one corner of the house where Dorner was supposedly hiding to flush him out.  Since then there has been denial upon denial that this happened.  Let me repeat that:  There were news videos aired nationally that had the police calling for the setting of a fire to one corner of the building in which Dorner was contained, restrained or hiding.  The video was not seen again, to my knowledge.  That video needs to be blasted across the media. The same thing happened at Waco with the Branch Davidians.  All wisdom dictated that the authorities would have waited out the supposed culprits. Were the Branch Davidians aware of the LAPD’s problems in keeping the lid on the ‘Freeway’ Ricky Ross drug conduit….and opium and cocaine that are both often peddled from the backs of the same cars. The San Jose Mercury News’  Pulitzer Prize winning author, Gary Webb, reported on the CIA supply lines leading directly to Ricky Ross in L.A..

PP:  So the burning of Dorner’s hideout was similar to the Branch Davidian’s demise?

FC:  McClennan County, Texas is the home county for a number of fascinating connections.  The Texas Ranger Hall of Fame is there.  Texas Ranger, Jack Hamer, is remembered for taking down Bonnie and Clyde, but there are other significant connections to San Francisco.  You must remember that the China Traders had eyed the flat Great Southwest for the first Transcontinental rail route to the Pacific.  That was why Caleb Cushing was meeting with Jefferson Davis in the first place.  A flat southern route would essentially follow the Santa Fe Trail.  Cut from the same Northern European Anglo Saxon cloth as Cushings, Russells and the others, Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee and a host of fellow Southerners didn’t like the terms and remember that Lee and a host of other Southern soldiers had been in the Southwest during the Mexican-American War.  Their share in and control of the Southern route was too much for Cushing and his New England friends.  Taking the high ground of abolitionism, the bloodiest war in U.S. history was essentially a drug deal gone bad.   Cushing was not an abolitionist.  His buddies at the Springfield Armory included among their friends weapons inventors like Samuel Colt who had made for perhaps the most famous of the Texas Rangers, Samuel Hamilton Walker….the Walker Colt pistol and John Brown's secret backer, George Luther Stearns who mined lead for bullets.  Little is ever made of the connection of the Walker-Bush family to Samuel Hamilton Walker, nor to James Walker Fannin and his first cousin, Samuel Finley Breese Morse inventor of the Morse Code, whose transcontinental telegraph line would be completed along the St. Joseph, Missouri to San Francisco route in 1861 essentially putting out of commission William Russell’s Pony Express and turning eyes to a middle rail route.  Russell, like Cushing, was from Boston and the Russell family trust initially funded Yale Skull & Bones.  The Pony Express was, in my opinion, nothing more than a public relations campaign for the Missouri and Omaha to San Francisco rail route.   Russell's little venture essentially drew eyes away from the Southwest route, though easier to build, was harder to control thanks to the pesky Southerners….not the Indians.

PP:  So GWB’s Texas White House was in McClennan county?  Is he a descendant of Samuel Hamilton Walker?

FC:  Great question!  And is Samuel Hamilton Walker related to Alexander Hamilton who died in a duel with filibusterer Aaron Burr a man of dubious ethics and unlimited ambitions?  GWB’s Great-Grandfather, Samuel Prescott, was in charge of small arms procurement for the U.S. military during World War I.  An even better question is ‘what is the relationship between brutal filibusterer, William Walker, to George Walker Bush?  Supported by the known ancestor of GWB’s mother, Barbara Pierce Bush, President Franklin Pierce, William Walker would die in Honduras trying to annex Honduras for his personal prize and knowing that it would cut short the off-loading of goods in California, circumventing the need to share the booty with other Brahman’s in New England.   The interest in this region, South and Central America, goes well beyond the Monroe Doctrine to eliminate first European, especially Spanish, and then Soviet ambitions in the region.  American ambitions there are hardly all altruistic as evidenced by Iran-Contra and all roads to the Contras led to the Reagan-Bush White House where many believe that Bush through former President of Merrill Lynch, Don Regan, pulled the strings of Reagan, Ollie North, John Poindexter, Casper Weinberger and George Schultz whose ties to San Francisco’s Myron Du Bain and Donald Rumsfeld in that city are undeniable.  Garrison Grathman has exposed those ties. 

     That is where Gary Webb’s investigation kicks in.  He had made the circuitous connections between LA and the Contras.   When Bill Clinton sent CIA Director, John Deutsch, to LA to quell the possibility of inner city riots following Webb's reports and Rodney King's beating, it was on top of the fact that one of the leading Contra operatives, Barry Seal, who had employed Eugene Hasenfus, who was downed in his CIA cargo plane in Nicaragua thus outing the Contra drugs-for-weapons-for hostages scheme.  Seal’s main operation was located in Mena, Arkansas.  Flights into Mena needed coordination with that state’s leading officials and Little Rock was home to the chief Contra bank, Bank of Commerce and Credit International or BCCI….often called the ‘Bank of Crooks and Criminals International’.  Bill Clinton was Governor of Arkansas then.  That operation would have needed the cooperation of the Arkansas State Police and the Governor's office. 
     You have to remember that riding in Texas in the 1840’s with James Walker Fannin, Samuel Hamilton Walker and John Coffee ‘Jack’ Hays was John Joel Glanton whose brutality is immortalized in Cormac McCarthy’s book Blood Meridian.  On the same day in 1850 that fellow Texas Ranger Ben McCullough was elected sheriff of Sacramento near Sutter's Mill, Hays was also elected sheriff of San Francisco.  Hay's cousin, John Hays Hammond, was Cecil Rhodes', progenitor of the Rhodes Scholarship and head of the African DeBeers' Diamond Company's, right hand man.

PP:  I have read that the Branch Davidians leader, David Koresh, was a gun dealer.

FC:  Yes, and that’s a dangerous thing to be in the hometown of the Texas Ranger’s Hall of Fame, but it leads one to wonder exactly  why and how such a Mecca of law and order would allow Koresh to establish a strong-hold there in the first place.  This all becomes clearer when you  understand that the leading Iran-Contra weapons deliverer to Iran, Farhad Azima, a major supporter of Clinton and whose attorney was Tennessee Senator, Fred Thompson, housed his delivery planes there in Waco in a company called Buffalo Airways.  Add to this the fact that the ATF, who was noted by celebrated soldier, Col. Bo Gritz, to have gone steroidal during prohibition and super-steroidal after the 1968 gun laws which were essentially the gun laws of Nazi Germany and translated for U.S. consumption by the father of Connecticut Senator Christopher Dodd from the home of the Yale/New England Brahman power elites’ China Traders, and the picture becomes even clearer.  These are world-wide-traders and drug policy manipulators which is why they can often claim citizenship as Texans or Floridians….from Connecticut or Kenebunkport with their names given to nuclear subs and television shows about Texas Rangers or naming sports teams with the same name. 
      After the Branch Davidian fire tons of evidence was declared off-limits to the free press by the FBI who had covered for the ATF as it had in the Randy Weaver case.   The leading Texas Ranger, James B. Francis, Jr. pushed to lift the veil of secrecy on the evidence, but as with the Randy Weaver case where the FBI agents in charge and the sniper, Lon Horiuchi, both the killer of Rebecka Weaver, Randy’s wife who was unarmed  as she held her baby in her arms after the FBI had killed Weaver’s young son and his dog, Horiuchi was there at Waco, too.  Would you, as the Texas Ranger in McClennan County  who was about to draw back the veil on evidence that would show that Koresh had knowledge of Iran-Contra supply lines do it unless you knew darn well nothing would show up there?  Gary Webb did so meticulously and without serious question from any except his employers at the Knight Ridder related newspaper who withdrew their support  for Webb's reporting under pressure. Webb had the confirmation from Ricky Ross, LA's leading drug supplier to the inner city and look what happened to him.   Then there's the Hitz  Report confirmimg Webb's findings as well, though CIA Director Porter Goss had tried to prevent its release. The civil rights attorney who prosecuted the case against Lon Horiuchi, Stephen Yagman, has explained the corruption in LA that Dorner and others faced.  What Yagman has described is the type of Tammany Hall political corruption that Judge David Iglesias experienced during the 2006 Congressional election in New Mexico when he refused to play political ball with his judgeship when threatened by New Mexico's Republican Senator Pete Domenici.
     Col. Bo Gritz has chronicled Lon Horiuchi's move from Hawaii to West Point to Fort Campbell, Kentucky, home of the Screaming Eagles.  One must remember that this also was the U.S. Army base where President Obama flew to show his deep appreciation for the killing of Osama bin Laden, rather than to the U.S.N. SEAL base in San Diego where SEAL Team 6 was trained.  The copter pilots were from Fort Campbell.  Was that because the SEAL headquarters there had received widespread criticism because of its Nazi swastika shape or because the copter pilots and the Fort Campbell higher ups were in the driver's seat?  Horiuchi was the FBI's  agent William Gore's sniper at Ruby Ridge and Gore was sent  to San Diego as the appointed sheriff there after Ruby Ridge.   San Diego is, as the battle between Chris Kyle and Jesse Ventura clearly shows, a battleground between differing SEAL ideologies.  SEALs are not without strong convictions.  One must remember, too,  that Fort Campbell is also the base where General David Petraeus received that near fatal through the lung bullet that was patched up by Tennessee surgeon and close friend of George Herbert Walker and George Walker Bush, Senator Dr. William "Bill" Frist.  Events surrounding Petraeus' injury are incredibly sketchy and attempts to find the gunman whose rifle discharged from a tripping or stumbling while safety was off leave much room for speculation and no names in the records.
PP:  So Dorner was again pulling back the veil on the LAPD with ties, as Gary Webb exposed, to the U.S. drug trade and the fake, phony war on drugs.
FC:  Bingo!  Highest likelihood and the system is so corrupt that no one wants to change one set of corrupt leaders for the possibility of a more brutal one....or more openly brutal one.   Dorner sided with brutality.  Wrong! A thousand times wrong and counter-productive.   This is what makes Dorner's tactics like even those used against the violence used against murdered SEAL sniper from Texas, Chris Kyle, or kid killers in Newtown or terrorist suicide bombers so feudal.  Violence leads to violence and all of this foolishness could be stopped by cool heads.  You cannot long extort an honest citizen who links arms with other honest citizens, but I also agree with Gritz whose anger at black leader, Jesse Jackson, is clear.   "So this is what a 14th Amendment citizen is like....one who wants to suckle off of this government's anemic tit?" said Gritz.  Don't give up your weapons without a fight.  You'll need them, but do everything you can not to use them first.  Gandhi and MLK's ways are better when practiced by everyone and for the world to be secure it will take that level of freedom, independence and  resolve.  People deserve better.  Give it to yourself and there is nothing anyone can really do to prevent you from having it.  Kill you?  Dying's easy.  Honest living is hard, but worth it.

     An acid test for determining whether or not the Iran-Contra network, the CIA drug connection, the Gary Webb revelations supported by "Freeway" Ricky Ross and the LAPD as a keeper of the network's secrets...still very much operative in the corruption that Dorner may have experienced daily.... one must look to the LAPD's governing board.  Steve Yagman has leveled scathing criticism of the LAPD's Police Commission Board, but I would suggest looking at the board with one question in mind and I cannot stress this too strongly:  Is there continuity on the board between the Federal cover up of the Iran-Contra network, right-wing near neo-Nazi personalities and organization in California, Texas and Florida where the Iran-Contra networked seemed to have its deepest roots and the Northeastern establishment that historically pursued the China Trade and the changing drug related profits centers like cocaine from Central and South America?
     Without an in depth analysis of all board members on the  LAPD's governing board Rafael Bernardino, Jr. immediately stands out.  He was on Richard "Dick" Thornburgh's staff, but also with ties to Texas and New York's Whitney family with their ties to the country's leading power elites. He's also got ties to the founding members of the John Birch Society, the Kansas Koch brothers.  Thornburgh, the U.S. Attorney General who did more than any other U.S. Justice Department official to prevent details of Iran-Contra from being exposed, a Yale graduate, close friend of Caspar Weinberger and a hold over from the Reagan to the George Herbert Walker Bush administration, provides that continuity.

PP:  You believe that the LAPD's handlers are right winged, but LA has long been called a bastion of left-winged liberalism and Jewish control of the American media and motion picture industry.  How do you explain this dichotomy?

FC:  Money.  Blacks in slavery had slave overseers and Nazi concentration camps were often brutalized by Jewish trustees.    Just what was "Freeway" Ricky Ross? What are the gangsters who assisted the CIA in supplying Ross? The CIA? Some call it the Helsinki or Stockholm Syndrome.  Beyond this, to some degree the American China Traders with traditional sentiments in Puritan Protestantism, often referred to as their WASP roots, are a target for other ethnic and religious groups who would love to knock them off of their historic power base, but not all WASPs share their agenda.  Ross Perot didn't.  Bo Gritz didn't.  John Kerry didn't though he's clearly one of them...Yale Skull and Bones.  It's a type of gang warfare on a grand scale.  Hillary and Bill Clinton?  Seriously compromised at Mena and with BCCI in Arkansas.  John McCain?  USN and hopelessly up to his ass in the USN's connection to the historic USN ties to the China Traders.  Add to the mix the Italians, Irish, Russians, Greeks, Gypsies, Black and Hispanic and European Royal gangs and it's a type of prison planet. It doesn't have to be.  How we keep free market incentives in the mix with social concerns for preventing chemical enslavement and setting aside racial and ethnic differences will determine our future.   You don't think we're in Afghanistan for just a war on terrorism, do you? A better future will require individual responsibility and observance of a universal Golden Rule. 



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