Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Thursday, February 14, 2013



 by Peter Pezonus CPW News Service

     Get too close to a fire and you get burned...whether you are Chris Dorner,  the World Trade Center workers whose families discovered that Mohammad Atta, the leading 911 terrorist, trained at a Venice, Florida flight school owned by Wally Hilliard, a colleague of heavy hitter CIA operative from California, Myron Du Bain, or children at the Branch Davidian compound in Texas.  

     Du Bain was head of the Stanford Research Institute.   The Branch-Davidians were followers of their  crazy leader, David Koresh, a  gun dealer in McClennan County, Texas where the leading Iran-Contra weapons dealer, Farhad Azima, domiciled his private airline, Buffalo Airways.  "Stanford Research Institute pioneered the Internet before it was the Internet.  Long before you or I could conduct a business meeting around the world in real time, the Iran-Contra drug dealers could monitor drug and money flow on their ships in the early 1980's," said Fabian Colbachi.  "Du Bain, ironically or by design, the CEO of Fireman's Fund Insurance is literally the man whose mind science work at SRI funded the men who stare at goats."
     According to Colbachi, an expert on political corruption in the increasing American police state, “If Chris Dorner was relieved of his job because he did not wish to cover up the degradation he saw daily, he may have gone off the deep end.   And maybe not!   Assuming Dorner’s ‘Manifesto’ was genuine we have reason to believe he literally melted down, but how much of the rest of the story is true?  Was he being 'deep-sixed', Hansel and Grettled or bus-tossed like a grouchy grandma?  This is a police force proven to be corrupt in former legal battles.  There was the Rodney King riots and  then CIA Director's, John Deutsch's,  historic visit to South Central L.A. being a case in point.  Really troubling is the release of the recordings of the police setting fire to the home across from the police station where Dorner is supposed to have made his last stand like Osama bin Laden in the Sikh stronghold of Pakistan next to their big security compound.  Add  to this  the police calling off much of the police force and the on-going search well before Dorner’s hiding place was identified and there appears to be some prior knowledge that this desperate and dangerous personality was already contained,” said Colbachi.

     “William J. Bratton has spoken to the corruption in the LAPD, having grown up in Boston, having served the NYPD before Bernie Kerik, both of whom were associated with police corruption there.  Who do you believe?” asked Colbachi who sees Gary Webbs’ book Dark Alliance  exposing the heart of darkness at the center of a national disgrace behind a police force that will do anything to hide the truth of America’s drug problems.  “Iran-Contra was essentially a drug deal conducted by the government….an undeclared tax on America’s poor that provided and still provides substantial collateral damage among all citizens,” said Colbachi who noted that Oliver North's secretary and shredder of Iran-Contra documents, Fawn Hall, acquired a serious drug addition following the Iran-Contra fiasco.
     "Hall's signicant other, Danny Sugarman, was the agent for the music group The Doors' lead singer Jim Morrison.  Morrison's father was the USN Admiral in San Diego in charge of LBJ's Gulf of Tonkin Affair that kick-started the Vietnam War which was itself a move to control the historic drug routes of the 'China Traders'," said Colbachi who believes that not unlike Chicago's Weather Underground operative, William Ayers, and son of Pacific Gas and Electric's legal counsel, John Walker Lindh, also went 'off the deep end' with Oedipal urges that are interpreted by the uninformed public as warrantless terrorism.  "When Texas' independent presidential candidate, Ross Perot, a celebrated USN officer, threatened to expose the government ties to drugs through the work of Col. Bo Gritz an ardent Perot supporter, Perot's family was threatened and he dropped out any future races," said Colbachi who noted that the leading FBI agent in charge of the Randy Weaver case, William Gore, was now the Sheriff in San Diego and a close colleague of the agent in charge of National Guard, LAPD and FBI during the Rodney King riots, also the leading defender of Oliver North during Iran-Contra.
     "In the future, such Oedipal responses will likely be dealt with by a drone fly over," said Colbachi who was wondering if Dorner would provide the second such use of  a drone  over American soil on an American citizen.  "The changing nature of warfare is to me sickening," said Colbachi.  "These are times for Americans to be wiser and kinder than the reptilian serpents that lead us, but without losing their own integrity and courage."

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