Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Friday, November 9, 2012

Matt Bissonnette, SEAL TEAM 6 and Medal of Honor Warfighter


by Winston G. Westmoreland for CPW News Services
WASHINGTON — Seven members of the secretive Navy SEAL Team 6, including one involved in the Osama bin Laden mission, have been punished for disclosing classified information, senior Navy officials said Thursday.
     Four other SEALs are under investigation for similar suspected violations, one official said.
     They divulged classified information to the maker of a video game called "Medal of Honor: Warfighter." Each of the seven received a punitive letter of reprimand and a partial forfeiture of pay for two months. Those actions generally hinder a military member's career.
     The deputy commander of Naval Special Warfare Command, Rear Adm. Garry Bonelli, issued a statement acknowledging that nonjudicial punishments had been handed out for misconduct, but he did not offer details.
     The two main complaints against the SEALs were that they did not seek the permission of their command to take part in the video project and that they showed the video designers some of their specially designed combat equipment unique to their unit, said a senior military official. The official was not authorized to speak publicly which has raised the question about why the official was not punished along with the squeaky SEALS.
     SEALs, including some of those involved in the bin Laden raid of May 2011, have been uncharacteristically prominent in the news this year.
     Matt Bissonnette, who participated in the raid in Abbottsabad, Pakistan, but later retired from the SEALS, wrote a firsthand account under the pseudonym Mark Owen, but he landed in hot water with the Pentagon even before it was published.  According to CBS news that originally reported the incident, SEALS sign a non-disclosure agreement which Bissonnette violated as the censored work ultimately found a path to the video makers.
     Retired Col. Branislaw Solinzki, an expert on terrorism, counter-terrorism, counter-counter-terrorism and the previously classified black-ops tactics for guaranteeing total silence with regards to special operations code named Operational Oppression of Personnel Slippages or OOPS, said “I believe that with all of the SEAL Team 6 members dying in subsequent operations in Afghanistan and elsewhere, that the possibility that one member got away, wrote about it, was caught only to have the information appear in a video game is highly improbable.  I’d want to look closely at who owns the video game company who will now find it flying off the shelves as this looks like a classic example of counter-counter-counter intel operations aimed at assuring the public, especially Vets, that the original SEAL TEAM 6 members are alive and well.   That's as unlikely as the longevity of a Mayan tunnel digger working for the ZETAS in Juarez ,” said Solinzki.

   Solinzki, now retired, began his career in black ops in Cambodia witnessing first-hand examples like those chronicled by Green Beret Col.  Daniel Marvin in his book Expendable Elite.

    According to Solinzki the whole incident is suspect.... "Remember that this raid was in Pakistan in a city named for a Brit in a region controlled by the Sikhs, the historic warrior class of that region.  Sikhs were recruited by Adolf Hitler for the Nazi control of the region and were included as Aryans in Hitler's pseudo-science of Eugenics.  I believe that Osama was basically killed in Afghanistan, died of kidney disease or was otherwise 'kept on ice' until his death was needed for political reasons at home.  Otherwise, why not turn over his body to the family, wait for the funeral and do a big drone fly over?  Meanwhile I'd follow the payoff money trail....like heavy investments of Pakistani money from opium crops showing up in U.S.  in things like high tech video gaming and communications or health care which is always a lucrative front for drug money and war profits.  Colin Powell articulated this principle: If we break it we have to fix it", said Solinzki quoting Powell.  Nothing breaks things like wars and they are especially fine schools  for EMS, surgery and orthopedic training. And the party goes on forever....kind of like Albert Lasker putting Lucky Strikes in GI's rations while his wife was president of The American Cancer Society or with polluters like Fred Koch building Hitler's refineries in Germany while polluting American streams and rivers as he supported cancer research centers and birth defect eradication programs.  They don't tell you this stuff when you are young and in training, like they didn't tell you that the first Navy Seal was a member of the America's premier New England Brahman China trading class of opium smugglers that make the Mexican ZETAS look like choirboys."

Solinzki, the son and grandson of non-celibate Syrian Rite Christian priests who applauded the use of condoms by soldiers during WWI and WWII respectively for both their hygiene and population control is philosophical in his approach to the SEAL story.  "'Santayana said that those who forget history are doomed to repeat it,' but I say that even those who study history are doomed to refine and improve the ways that inhumanity has been mechanized throughout history.  I sadly believe that we will continue to evolve as earthlings into our highest and best use....which is to become a flaming fireball that stokes the evolution of some other fledgling planet's repetition of the whole process."

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