Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Monday, January 21, 2013


By Cora Zaupple for CPW News Services

     Rev. Boris Muchinky Boltzmin, a second generation Ukrainian American Protestant minister, has the answer for the NRA or National Rifle Association and for those concerned that America’s public schools are devoid of religious values.
     “’No V’ means ‘No Violence’,” said Boltzmin.

     “Instead of placing armed off-duty policemen in the public schools, our retired on-duty ministers staff the No-V trailer in the school parking lot.  Students are welcome to come in and get out of the fray.  If they are having any thoughts of doing harm to others or themselves we want them here.  At the No-V trailer students are given multiple options for resolving conflicts such as handling bullying on campus, disagreements with teachers and peers or homicidal or suicidal ideations,” said Boltzmin who claims his program compliments the work of teachers, school counselors and security guards.
     No-V is a non-profit organization that operates on contributions from school districts, businesses, individuals and other non-profit organization.

     “We are especially pleased that Hollywood has gotten on board with our vision and mission,” whose volunteers report, according to Boltzmin, to the "Prince of Peace" or what Boltzman also refers to the "Chairman of the Bored".  "Boring is good in comparison to Colombine and Newtown....and come to think of it....to Egypt, Syria, the West Bank, Iraq and Afghanistan, World War I and II, Vietnam, Korea...9/11 or the Civil War." 

      Boltzmin's group avoids criticism by prohibiting evangelism in the traditional sense.  "We avoid all overt Christian proselytizing by simply talking about peaceful conflict resolution. You'll never hear us say anything more than 'we're here that you might enjoy your life....and it even more abundantly.'  Though I am leaning toward using the word 'fuller' in preference to '...and it more abundantly'," said Boltzmin.

     “Dreamworks is doing a series of 15-minute documentaries... short remakes of classic movies and television series that will be shown in our trailers each lunch hour of the school week.  Our No-V posters are plastered all over campus,” said Boltzmin. 
     Some of the titles of the documentaries include: The Rifle-less Man, The Man Who Didn’t Shoot Liberty Valance, Live Easy Don’t Die Hard, So Stuffed I Ain’t Playin’ Any Hunger Games, Heal Bill and No True or False Blood.

    In a recent Don Imus program on Fox, former NYPD detective Bo Dietl asserted that the NRA was correct in suggesting retired police officers be hired for school security duty. "Them kids could really benefit from an older person givin' 'em some really sage advice.  Somebody they could really look up to with some respect," said Dietl.

Don Imus fielding suggestion from Bo Dietl to
follow the NRA's recommendation to place
retired police officers as security guards at U.S. schools
following the Newtown, Connecticut massacre.
     On Monday, January 21st, MLK Day, Imus was approached for his take on Dietl's prior recommendation.  Fox representatives said that Imus was not available and a Fox insider said that after playing the entire MLK "I Have A Dream" speech which Imus claims to have done for the past 26 years something triggered a psychotic episode and he skewered his employees on camera in an emotional melt-down claiming that he could have "retired three years ago."  It was reported that Imus said in the parking lot after the show that "That god damned dream has turned into my nightmare in the hands of that blow-hard weasel and former crack-head Reverend Al."

    The same insider said  "it must have triggered memories of his sad 'nappy headed ho' confrontation with Sharpton."   The same insider said that he thought that Bo Dietl was looking for a job for friend and former NYPD Chief of Police and Interim Iraqi Interior Minister Bernard "Bernie" Kerik who will be released from prison for his tax evasion conviction in March, 2013.  As an assistant to Iraqi Provisional Governor, L. Paul Bremer, Kerik was in charge of Iraq's internal security and was appointed by George W. Bush.  The training of the Iraqi security forces would later fall to West Point's chief ethicist, Col. Theodore "Ted" Westhusing, who died after a bitter confrontation over civilian killings and the role of U.S. independent security contractors in Iraq.   The confrontation was between Westhusing and  General David Petraeus and Westhusing's death was purported to be a suicide.  Ironically, the name of Westhusing, a beloved West Point educator and historian with a passion for the concept of "Just Warfare", an incredibly perceptive wit and with great articulation and speaking ability, is not mentioned in Paula Broadwell's book The Education of General David Petraeus  though Westhusing's life was the subject of the first chapter of Christian T. Miller's best-selling book on the Iraq War, Blood Money.  "If I were a Madison Avenue spin-meister and wanted the world to forget about Bernie Kerik and Col. Westhusing I'd have some bimbo babe named Broadwell have an affair with Iraq's leading General while simulataneuosly writing a book about the General's education and never mention Westhusing," said Boltzmin.

   "The students might like a couple of retirees like Bernie Kerik and Bo Dietl for no other reason than they'd be likely to get fresh donuts every morning, but they'd get none of the 'No-V' stuff.  Their philosophy is summed up in three words....'Bring it on'," said the Fox's insider who concluded...."on the other hand, they could help funnel kids into the ROTC or onto the school's skeet shooting team.  Do public schools have skeet shooting teams?  Do they carry their shotguns around like kids do their with instruments in the band?"

President George Walker Bush
announcing Bernie Kerik
as his choice for Secretary of
Homeland Security
   Bernie Kerik was George W. Bush's first choice for Secretary of Homeland Security before Kerik's indictment and imprisonment that included testimony from Judith Regan, a former editor for Ruppert Murdoch's NewsCorp which owns Fox News and is Don Imus' employer.   Regan, Kerik's mistress, sued NewsCorp for $100 million for counseling her to tell prosecutors nothing about their relationship.  Regan left NewsCorp to start her own publishing company that produced  O.J. Simpson's book "If I Did It",  "How to Make Love Like a Porn Star" by Jenna Jameson and "Juiced" by Jose Canseco.

   "My No-V volunteers don't know too much about NewsCorp, O.J. Simpson, Ms. Jameson or Jose Canseco, but they love kids and think they deserve to go to a school at a place that is safe and secure," said Rev. Boltzmin.   Boltzmin also considered recruiting Reverend Al Sharpton and Don Imus for their help, but realized that "...for all of my abilities to train No-V'ers, I don't think that I could teach Reverend Al or Don Imus peacefulness and humility....nor do we take volunteers with early-stage dementia."

     Rev. Boltzmin believes that his grass roots approach is superior to any top-down efforts to abate tragedies like Colombine, Aurora and Newtown.  "We welcome prayers for our program's success and we are praying for our leaders as well.  Specifically for President Obama especially because his wife worked for the Sidley Austin Law firm of Illinois, ironically, the Republican law firm of Mrs. Mary Todd Lincoln who favored a big strong Federal Government which merged with Brown and Wood Law Firm of New York that's part of Alexander Brown of Baltimore's center of influence...you know....Brown Brother's Harriman for which GWB's Pappy's poppa worked....Kellogg Brown and Root....the U.S. military's big supplier. We pray for Attorney General Eric Holder who had that little problem with guns on the border.  For the new Alcohol, Tobacco and Fire Arms Director, B. Todd Jones,  who we hope will remember the lessons of Waco and Ruby Ridge and for former military chaplain now of the U.S. Senate, Rev. Barry Black and for Chaplain of the U.S. Congress, Father Patrick Conroy, who even though he's a Jesuit, the Christian group that had the greatest responsibility for the Spanish Inquisition, needs our prayers, too.  Especially we pray that none of them are suffering from Helsinki or Stockholm syndrome making them psychologically unaware of others that may be pulling their chains....ah, strings....ah, you know what I mean," said Boltzmin who also expressed concern that General Colin Powell who as Secretary of State was forced to eat yellow cake in front of the U.N., had recently tauted his support of truly moderate Republicans like George Schultz, Casper Weinberger and George Herbert Walker Bush who provided Casper Weinberger a Presidential pardon for his part in the Iran-Contra drugs-for-weapons scandal and fiasco that nearly caused the impeachment of President Ronald Reagan and Bernie Kerik to have an equally notable cell mate.

President Obama, Atty. General Eric Holder, ATF Director Todd Jones, Senate Chaplain Barry Black
and Chaplain of the U.S. Congress, Fr. Patrick Conroy, SJ.


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