Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Chris Dorner Blows It

Christopher Dorner’s Manifesto Points To Police Corruption

By Peter Pezonus for CPW News Service

     One does not need to see the movie LA Confidential  to know that the LAPD has been steeped in corruption for a very long time.  When the Rodney King beating morphed into citywide riots the LAPD, FBI and California National Guard mobilized under the direction of the FBI Agent brought  to Waco, Texas to clean up the Branch Davidian affair after being botched by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.    The government intervention at the McClennan County compound of the gun dealing religious sect in the Texas county that domiciled both the George W. Bush ranch and the key Iran-Contra weapons trader's private airline, resulted in massive death and destruction.    
     When OJ Simpson was tried for the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Daniel Goldman, the world outside of LA looked on in horror as what appeared to be a travesty of justice took place releasing an obvious killer.  LA blacks who cheered the acquittal were seen as immoral and beastly rather than angry citizens long beaten down by an inhumane system.  When Gary Webb published Dark Alliance tracing the  Iran-Contra story to the wholesale distribution of crack cocaine in LA via “Freeway” Ricky Ross, the Walmart of LA’s crack cocaine supply and then traced Ross’ suppliers to the CIA, President Bill Clinton sent CIA Director John Deutsch to South Central L.A. to allay people fears in an appearance reminiscent of Richard Nixon saying “Well, I’m not a crook,” or Bill Clinton saying “I did not have sex with  that woman.”  Webb’s story was supported by the Hitz Report which was derailed from timely release by CIA Director Porter Goss, but  the result of the trial of Oliver North, John Poindexter, Casper Weinberger and Eliott Abrams all of whom asserted that the Iran-Contra drugs-for-weapons-for-hostages scheme was an act of American patriotism,  also confirmed Webb’s case.  Webb's mind-boggling and citizen-demoralizing case: the U.S. government would import and distribute street drugs to its own people beginning with the poor as an undeclared tax used to fund covert wars of aggression to profit the power elites while thinning the gene pool.  It was a short distance from this revelation to the reality that a code of silence forbidden among Italian mafiosos was being practiced in the halls of American government and eroding the underpinnings of the U.S. republic.  If the power elites could pass laws to restrict, but then allow a secret circumvention of the rules in the name of national security what else were citizens not being told?
      The L.A. area would even import additional questionable upper level law enforcement personalities.  Not long after the FBI's botched Ruby Ridge killings which many consider to be the murders of  Randy Weaver's wife and son, the FBI agent in charge there, William Gore, went on to become the County Sheriff in San Diego, just south of L.A., where he was ready to turn high frequency crowd control devices used against Somali pirates on citizens attending county commissioner's  hearings.  
     "It may not be drone flyovers, but it's certainly moving in that direction," said one L.A. citizen noting the timing on the killing of Navy SEAL sniper, Chris Kyle, the leaked memo on drone use against U.S. citizens and  Dorner's revenge strike against the LAPD.  "There are those who are horrified at homeland drone strikes, but who would applaud one's use in taking out the African American Dorner if that prevents more innocent people from being killed in California," said public relations and marketing strategist Gail Rockefeller Carnegie Lasker.
     If Dorner was angry about black on black crime in LA his memo wasn't specifically saying.  "Freeway" Ricky Ross, on the other hand, is black like Dorner.   As the leading distributor of drugs to his own people, chemical chains that kept them as clearly in bondage as a Mississippi plantation owner in the 1840's,  Dorner's to have been, without the violence against the innocent, would have also needed to focus on Ricky Ross to so that there's plenty of corruption everywhere.  "Cain was Abel's brother and you see why in serving this sick system in recent years many U.S. blacks have become Muslims.....who, as the 911 hijackers proved, aren't any more moral or righteous, just different and non-aligned with the same old stupidity.  Peace and sensibility is boring, but essential for life."
     Now America is being brought to a constitutional crisis by what could easily be staged events aimed at neutering the American populace by fascist power elites long in control of the U.S. factors or production….specifically weapons production...but supported by a massive network of indifferent and compliant pawns.
     During the John Deutsch hearings motivated by Webb’s charges a former LAPD detective, Michael Ruppert, stood up and proclaimed to Deutsch and the crowd “the CIA has been dealing drugs in Los Angeles for a very long time.”
     "Ruppert went on to write about it in a magazine titled From the Wilderness.  Then he produced a documentary titled Collapse preparing Americans for the inevitable collapse of the U.S and world economy before withdrawing to Sonoma County where the elite power brokers annually 'cremate care' in a ritual reminiscent of the  Nazi Thule Society’s annual Warlock and Wizard festival," said Dr. Marvin Powers. 
    Dr. Marvin Powers, director of the Center for the Promotion of Peaceful Terrorism chided Christopher Dorner’s actions.  “He should have joined us followers of Mahatmas Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King.  Now all that’s going to happen is more violence and that changes nothing and always, always keeps the ass holes in the driver’s seat.”

    Powers, who believes that Michael Ruppert has always been a name-taker like a Nazi SS agent, said "I have known those who came to Ruppert's From The Wilderness Magazine and  told him that they could in Gary Webb, Danny Casalaro or Mark Lombardi fashion copiously draw out the web of deception in pristine clarity.  Without exception they were told to send Ruppert everything they had on the story and he'd hold it for safe keeping.  Then Rupper would attempt to make arrangements for them to be visited by someone claiming to be a kindered soul seeking asslyum and needing a place to hideout from the pressure.....a PTSD-suffering special operations veteran.  My friend wisely said 'thanks, but no thanks and armed up,'" said Powers.

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