Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Mel Goodman, Ray McGovern And the CIA's Two-Headed Hydra

When Deception Is Deceived
by Richmond Lilly Burdon for CPW News Service

     Mel  Goodman and Raymond McGovern, two CIA agents from the Cold War who analyzed the old Soviet Union have provided a birds-eye-view of the corruption process that began with William Casey and Robert Gates at the CIA.  Goodman in his book Bush League and McGovern in his televised interview for Speaking Freely seemingly laid it bare.
     “We attempted to contact both Mr. Goodman and Mr. McGovern.  I wanted to know if not unlike Dwight D. Eisenhower who made a nice living within the U.S. Military Industrialist Complex for a long, long time before blowing  the whistle on the corrupting profits of the mega-military-meat grinder... to see if they could fill us in on some missing details,” said John Baker at the Center For Ethical Intelligence in Washington D.C..  "I decided to fore go asking them why they didn't storm out of the place together when they saw some horrible earlier examples of the agency's creeping corruption," said Baker.  "McGovern has said that George W. Bush failed to get a viable coalition effort congealed before the Iraq War as his father had done in the first Gulf War.  But McGovern also provided President Reagan and Vice President Bush the daily security briefings during Iran-Contra.  That would have been a good time to stand up to be counted, especially if he knew that a CIA plane flown by Eugene Hasenfus would be shot down in Nicaragua or that Barry Seal would be murdered in Louisiana before he could give testimony or that Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas would be responsible for Seal's protection and then when Seal died Hutchinson was promoted anyway, even after the Mena connection was universal kitchen talk," said Baker.
     Baker’s organization has approached this dynamic duo, McGovern and Goodman,  in Baker’s words…. “before they are wheeled away to the Alzheimer’s unit.”  Baker’s piercing questions may send them there as their defense. 
     For example, “Mr. Goodman and Mr. McGovern, what makes you believe that the declining situation within the U.S. ‘s highest intelligence agency has changed all that much and that the slippage has to do with the entrance of Casey and Gates?  Don’t both of these men go back to Bush family connections that go all the way back to Yale Skull & Bones’ progenitor, Alphonso Taft,  who created the order in 1833.   Look at Taft's dead entourage’ of the Order’s leading U.S. Army Generals, about 40 of them,  who were buried in the same Cincinnati cemetery as Taft.  Doesn’t their placement there and General Ulysses S. Grant’s administration of widespread  corruption  indicate an allegiance to something other than the army even then?  Or more importantly….an allegiance to something other than the U.S. Constitution which soldiers pledge to honor and defend? “
     Baker asked “Is Robert Gates a relative of John Warne Gates the father of 'devil wire'?”  That’s barbed wire that was initially two twisted strands of the same extruded wire used in Samuel F. B. Morse’s telegraph lines with a sharpened barb in between.    Morse was the cousin of James Walker Fannin a Texas hero like Samuel Hamilton Walker for whom the Walker Colt pistol is named and who was introduced to Samuel Colt by Eli Whitney.  Fannin died before he made it to the Alamo , but had he lived he could have used Gate’s barbed wire to control his cows.   He could also have used a few dozen Walker Colt pistols, too, but that's another story.  While Morse  was running his telegraph wire down the Union Pacific right-of-ways the “devil wire” helped to funnel those cows to E.H. Harriman’s rail heads for transport of the beef….and everything else…to the markets in the North.  More significantly, to the U.S. military that loves beef, leather goods and as KBR is still aware in Iraq and Afghanistan…..ice cream.   “They were feeding the military industrialist beast all along  the way.....were they not Mr. Goodman and McGovern?  This military complex that is taking over the politicizing of U.S. intelligence has always....at least since its invention... love barbed wire.  Didn't Hitler love barbed wire, too?  Should that bother us?” asked Baker.

Barbed wire and the loss of American freedom (click photo)
     Baker wanted to know from these two U.S. intelligence insiders whether the railroad cutting across the U.S. was really to win the West or the Far East….the Orient and the China Trade?  You know.  Opium.  Poppies.   Which is why we are still interested in the Golden Triangle, Afghanistan, Turkey, Pakistan, and India where poppies flourish above the oil deposits.  Where barbed wire rolls off the spools in troubled nations like that crap-hole Iraq....stripped of whatever cultural heritage it had…. and now filled with dangerous Al Qaeda jihadists, who weren’t there before we invaded it and who, according to your former colleague, Robert Baer, were doing the CIA dirty work before 911.  Does Donald Rumsfeld love barbed wire as much as he likes Aspartame and the ankle chains in the basement walls at his home, Misery Plantation?”  asked Baker of McGovern and Goodman.  No response.
     “Well what about Allen Dulles’ backing of Operation Paperclip?  Or MK-Ultra, the mind control program that now has been widely exposed as a program used against the American people?”  Still no answer.   These programs were introduced long before Wiliam Casey and Bob Gates. 
     Baker went further by quoting Winsip Custer.  “Custer has said….’If I were going to make the United State into a fascist state, I would take a leading army general, one who has overseen the profit streams created by the seemingly random clustering copulations of Iraq and Afghanistan and I’d make him the head of the CIA.  That would give continuity between that wizard of truth-twisting for political purposes, William Casey and his protégé’ Robert Gates at the DoD and the CIA,’ would you agree Mr. McGovern?” asked Baker.
     “If they wanted a fascist coup in the U.S.,” asked Baker, “wouldn’t it make sense that the new CIA Director is closely linked to the Army’s most powerful wealth producing body…the Army Corps of Engineers….historically the top eight engineering grads from each of West Point’s graduating classes.  I’d see to it that the new CIA Director married up so that he is always beholding to the big Daddies of the inner circle.  The power elites who jerk his short chain through his own living room, his kitchen and his bedroom, too.  Nothing less than a West Point Commandant’s daughter.  And wouldn’t it make sense that the new CIA Director had some other  initiation rite that makes him uniquely qualified to run the program that historically deals in deception?  How about a new Director who has had some added point of preparation applied from the most advanced and effective elements of the agency’s dark arts?  Like a through-the-lungs bullet that traumatizes the man and churns his candidacy into a sure fire weapon against exposure of the status quo?  Have a high ranking cog in the order patch him up so he’s forever beholding like a whipped pup or a renditioned rebel.  Just like the experiences of General David Patraeus whose surgeon was George W. Bush’s buddy, Tennessee Senator William Frist,” said Baker.  Still no response.
     Mr. McGovern, you remember kindly the place that Director Colby played in the attempted cleaning of the agency’s corruption.  Is there any possibility that Director Colby’s Catholic religion and JFK’s had a part in intimidating a WASP core within the agency….or that the Order’s dark-artist-Puritans discovered that they were becoming a two-headed hydra?  Is that the real truth and truthy-twist to Frank Church’s laying bare the family jewels?

     Your concerns seem to be the same as Chris Hedges who has said.... "The question of how you get good people to rule.  That is the wrong question.  Most people, Popper (Karl Popper, The Open Society and Its Enemies) writes, who are attracted to power are at best mediocre, Obama, and at worst venal, Bush.  The question is how do you make those who are in power frightened of you. And that comes through movements.  The destruction of those movements….labor movements  and all kinds of social movements….including communist labor movements which were the first sort of integrated labor movements led by great public individuals like Paul Robeson joined them  because it was the only place a black man with any dignity could often go.  These have all been decimated and that is catastrophic to our democracy.  We have to all put our faith back into the movements and that, of course, is what the Occupy Wall Street Movement is."
     Of course, Baker noted, the corruption of labor unions by extortionists willing to infiltrate them for a price is as notorious as the present order's methods of staying in power.  How would we know, for example, if Mr. McGovern who stands alone in front of Hillary Clinton's podium only to be dragged away wouldn't collect the names of his admirers for the sake of the system he claims to abhor, but who may in fact, be passing on the names of the opposition for special treatment? "You don't!" said Baker.
     Baker attempted to ask Ray McGovern if that was his intent in protesting quietly in front of Hillary Clinton as she made a speech.  "One man does not a movement make.  Does it Mr. McGovern?"  asked Baker. No answer.

    "Is Chris Hedges correct, Mr. Goodman and Mr. McGovern, when he says.....
     'Our elites—the ones in Congress, the ones on Wall Street and the ones being produced at prestigious universities and business schools—do not have the capacity to fix our financial mess. Indeed, they will make it worse. They have no concept, thanks to the educations they have received, of the common good. They are stunted, timid and uncreative bureaucrats who are trained to carry out systems management. They see only piecemeal solutions which will satisfy the corporate structure. They are about numbers, profits and personal advancement. They are as able to deny gravely ill people medical coverage to increase company profits as they are able to use taxpayer dollars to peddle costly weapons systems to blood-soaked dictatorships. The human consequences never figure into their balance sheets. The democratic system, they think, is a secondary product of the free market. And they slavishly serve the market.'"
    "Finally," asked Mr. Baker... "Would you good gentlemen comment on the words of Hunter S. Thompson who echoes Mr. Hedges' sentiments with a grittier description of the same assessment.  Have we, Mr. Goodman and McGovern, become a bunch of fascists?"  
     Baker lifted a four by five foot sign of Thompson's words while saying....  "Noam Chomsky is right.  I mean left....but correct.  He said that GHWB and Reagan would torture people in secret prisons.  Today, with drones, our first black president will kill you from the air.  Chomsky forgot, of course, about Iran-Contra and apparently so, too, did Goodman and McGovern while it was convenient to do so."  

     If Baker is right Mr. Goodman?  Mr. McGovern?  Next time carry to Hillary's speech a big sign like Mr. Baker's of Hunter S. Thompson's words!  Scratch out Bush's name and write in "Obama".

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