Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


National Defense Authorization Act Backed by Barbed Wire Manufacturers
Naomi Wolf, Daniel Ellsberg, Noam Chomsky, Chris Hedges
Tackle National Defense Authorization Act
The "Three Horsemen for Freedom", Ellsberg, Chomsky
and Hedges.... and a lady.  Naomi Wolf.

 By Peter Druber Smith for CPW News Service
     While Naomi Wolf, Daniel Ellsberg, Noam Chomsky and Chris Hedges have filed suit against President Obama in U.S. Federal District Court in New York, citing the NDAA law’s vagueness  as the basis for it unconstitutional assertions, the National Association of Barbed Wire Manufacturers believe that the law is a good one.
     “Yes, it is,” said Heinrich R. Germania, secretary of the NABWM whose membership includes John Winthop Schackles, owner of America’s leading penal system security designer’s corporation, BarbieKlausCo, LLC.  “When it comes to knowing how to stop terrorists in their tracks, we do, and the Obama NDAA bill was a legitimate means of stretching a long security fence around an endless problem.”
     Sources close to the Obama re-election committee have noted that while Mr. Schackles is a major contributor to the Obama re-election campaign, his $4.5 million donation has in no way influenced the President's backing of the NDAA bill.
   When asked if Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, is a relative of John Warne Gates, the 'father of barbed wire' who once circled the Texas Capital building with barbed wire to prove its effectiveness in controlling Longhorns, Mr. Schackles said...."That's none of your xxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx business!"

   Mr. Schackles also raved against Naomi Wolf and the "Three Horsemen", Ellsberg, Chomsky and Hedges....saying, "Why didn't Mr. Benson join in and they could have really blown some smoke up people's asses....Benson & Hedges!  What does Naomi Wolf want us to do?  Her Papa is an authority on Translyvanian vampires and she thinks that Madona is women's role model while Mr. Hedges rails against empty television while his wife is an actor on Sex and The City!  We need barbed wire and plenty of it to protect the good folks of the land while the crazies criss-cross the country!"

     CPW News Services' reporter, Richmond Lilly Burden, has widely reported that the facts about the history of barbed wire and its production, promotion and uses as a tool of totalitarianian agendas has been widely overlooked by the American media.  "Wall Street's Goldman Sachs' criminals are buying guns, gold and barbed wire," said Burden who said that he's taking up bungy-jumping, sky diving, skate boarding, open ocean shark diving, high speed motorcycle racing without a helmut and wade fishing barefooted in regions suspected of harboring flesh eating bacteria just "for the hell of it."  "Who wants to be around for this crapola?" he asked.

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