Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and Abraham Lincoln

VP Choice Sends Subliminal Message

Romney's Bain Fills With Disdain
Ryan's Mug Makes Us Smug
by Winsip Custer CPW News Service

     Mitt Romney’s choice of a VP, Paul Ryan, was apparently made less for Ryan’s political philosopy and connections than for the subliminal message the Republicans are attempting to send by the young Republican’s presence on the podium next to Mitt Romney.

Retouched photos showing bearded Ryan is Lincoln look-a-like
     Culled from the waste basket at the Brunswick Group where Michele Davis has been employed to help Romney fight off criticism of his Bain Capital connections, are pictures that seem to give clear evidence of the political strategy behind Ryan’s selection.
     Michele A. Davis worked not only with Newt Gingrich in his 1994 “Contract With America”, but also with Fannie Mae where she was a vice president for regulatory policy.  She held this position at the same time the mortgage financing behemoth was engaged in extensive financial fraud.
     In 2005, during the Iraq War, she was hired by George Walker Bush’s White House to serve as deputy national security adviser for strategic communication and global outreach. She also worked on winning Muslim “hearts and minds” along with Dan Senor, then an assistant to L. Paul Bremer, Ambassador and head of Iraq's Coalition Provisional Government which disbanned the Iraqi army and oversaw the Abu Ghraib scandal and the looting of Iraqi antiquities and cultural heritage.
     One unnamed source at Advertising Age said, “She likes really tough jobs and knows that money flows upward and outward toward the leaks in the PR pipelines where it is used to plug damage.  If Hitler had lived and was seeking a makeover, she’d take the job. She's a smart cookie who knows that no one with a lick of sense seeks public office anyway and both Democratic and Republican candidates are shills of the big corporations, just as Lincoln was for the war profiteers and railroad tycoons. Those tycoon would be... by the end of the 19th Century.....J.P. Morgan, E.H. Harriman and John D. Rockefeller....the most powerful consortium of power elites in history creating the first billion dollar businesses and sending us down the road toward fossil fuel dependence.  Today, Harriman's Union Pacific makes the fracking fluid which it hauls to Halliburton's many fracking sites while it charges transportation costs all along the way and passes that on to the consumer at the pump.  You get to pay for your undrinkable frack fluid water. Teddy Roosevelt took them on and they never forgot it.  Following the Great Depression FDR created the TVA and recently at Harriman, Tennessee coal sludge spilled into the TVA river system.   In the 1930's they tried a military coup led by Smedley Darlington Butler called the 'Business Plot'.  Madison Avenue did a stellar job of selling Honest Abe to the nation and so Davis will be building on that prior success.  Subliminally.  Because she knows that once anyone looks closely at Bain they'll be filled with disdain. If she could take on the BP oil spill with its PR mess, which Brunswick has indeed done with Davis at the helm, she can help these two politicians scrubb off grease and appear to be spic and span.”

Michele A. Davis

     Davis' bigger challenge is in redeeming Paul Ryan's image as a poli-wonk....what Justin R. Lipsynker of the Institute for the Study of Anachronistic Philosphies uses to describe young, impressionable political candidates who have swallowed hook, line and sinker the passing and passed-up parade of popular, but outmoded ideologies...those congregated especially at the outer fringes of the left-right political spectrum. 
     "Ryan's support of Ayn Rand is a case in point," said Lipsynker who noted a recent article by H.D. Thoreau on Rand's mypopic arguments.
     Lipsynker offered his own analysis of Davis' PR skills.   "People will walk into a gas chamber if they think it is a nice hot shower....or even a cold one depending on how long its been since their last shower.  The same principle applied to the housing bubble.  People chasing an illusive dream will sell themselves into slavery for the newest bathroom fixtures or to replace with granite countertops the perfectly functional tiles ones. Hoodwinking, selling the sizzle instead of the steak, it's all part of the game.  Davis is a damn good hoodwinker!  And when the steak on the menu is the people's own pound of flesh, you sell the sizzle that much harder.  It's an old reliable formula that Davis tweeks quite nicely."

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