Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Sunday, July 29, 2012



When A Devilish Deal Goes Bad

by Fabian Colbachi for CPW News Service

     It was inevitable that someone would draw connections between the first Gonzolian and a "gone zone"....a "gone over the edge zone".  After all, he was embedded with the Hell’s Angels in Oakland not far from the Bohemian Grove and made it a point to live as outrageous a life style as possible, traveling in the highest of celebrity and political circles and collecting a small arsenal of high powered guns….22 according to his first wife...which he always kept loaded... like his blood flow with alcohol and psychotropic drugs.  A dangerous combination. 
     "Like his friend, Johnny Depp's tattoo artist who was arrested for having an arsenal of loaded weapons, Hunter romanced the stoned and the stoned cold reptilians," said one New York 5th Avenue tattoo artist. "Forget that Johnny Dipp," he said as I corrected, "You mean Depp."  "He's Depp to you, but he's a Dipp to me," he continued.  "Forget that Dipp's closest friend is Marilyn Manson or that Dipp was up to his pierced nipples in helping the West Memphis 3 who were convicted of a Wiccan ritual of murdering three little boys," he continued.

     Then there was the $1,000,000 settlement in the civil suit of Paul Bonacci in Omaha, Nebraska’s Franklin Savings scandal and the collaborating witness of Rusty Nelson, the gonzo-photographer for Omaha’s high ranking Black Republican fund raiser and head of Omaha’s Franklin Savings, Larry King.  Eventually a documentary of the Franklin scandal based on John DeCamp's book, The Franklin Cover-Up, which included King’s connection to a pedophile ring linked to Boy’s Town, the famous orphan’s home in Omaha run by the Roman Catholic Church, would surface.  It showed the lines linking the pedofile-pleagued jet-setting sky ways of a perverted core of corrupt power elites.  Someone  had mysteriously purchased the original proofs of the English documentary, Conspiracy of Silence, to silence it.   It is now viewable in its entirety on the Internet.  King was providing boys to wealthy high-profile pedophiles and the documentary may have been a  tool believed powerful enough to do what every English nobleman beholding to his own screwed up elites secretly desires...to bring the former colony and it leaders to their knees.
     Gonzo journalist, Hunter S. Thompson, who reported during the Edmund Muskie presidential campaign that Muskie was rumored to be a drug addict, found rumors flying around about his own prurient interests.   It focused on what Bonacci, Nelson and Bonacci’s lawyer from Omaha, John DeCamp, a former aide to CIA Director William Colby, described as Thompson’s production of a snuff film made at the Bohemian Grove north of San Francisco.
     The film was reportedly shot in 1984 during which a boy was brutally murdered.  Four years later in November 1988 Thompson appeared on the David Letterman Show in a bizarre reference to killing people, his innocence, his rejection of psychotherapy, guilt, justice, Jesuits and an acquired hatred of George H.W. Bush whose frequent visits to the Bohemian Grove are well documented and whose nickname in the Yale Skull and Bones fraternity is Molloch, which he rarely uses in his Sunday school class at his Anglican Church.

     Included in the Franklin Cover-Up and the Nebraska pedophile ring was the abduction of Johnny Goosh who many believed was the Bush White House’s reporter known as Jeff Gannon.  Gannon was exposed as a gay escort photographed in Nazi attire, thus raising questions about White House Security.  Gannon appeared on national television with his spokesman, New York private detective and security expert, Bo Dietl, and admitted friend of NY's Teflon Don, John Gotti.  Dietl was also a character witness for Rudy Giuliani's discredited NY City Police Commissioner, Bernard Kerik, who from May to September, 2003 was L. Paul Bremer's security chief in Iraq, helping to set in place the program inherited by US Army Col. Theodore Westhusing who reportedly committed suicide after a bitter confrontation with General David Petraeus over the corruption he had encountered there.   
     In July 2008, John De Camp won a libel suit against the Omaha Chief of Police, Robert Wadman, who was implicated in the Franklin Cover-up.  Wadman left Omaha to help the U.S. government train police on the streets of Iraq.   
     While Gannon claimed not to be Johnny Goosh, the mystery surrounding his name and place in the White House continued.  Many believed that Gannon’s high profile exposure and name were meant to send a message to Washington insiders to not uncover the nationwide and international pedophile ring that would continue to unravel with the 2012 Sandusky scandal which clearly connects to the Nebraska pedophile scandal.  Outed as it was in the week of the Penn State vs. Nebraska football game Sandusky's little problem hardwired together the high voltage story sending an unmistakable message to all of those along the freaky food chain including Burger King and Pizza mogul, Herman Cain, whose connections to Pennsylvania and Omaha have also been made clear.  The scandal at Happy Valley, Pennsylvania was preceded  by  the indictment of over 30 Philadelphia priests protected by Monsignor William Lynn.  Herman Cain, an associate pastor in Atlanta, Georgia's Antioch Baptist Church had been given honorary degree by Omaha's Creighton University a Roman Catholic college run by the Jesuits and by the University of Nebraska along with a Horatio Alger Award named for the American author of books for young boys...the Ragged Dick series.
     Many have speculated that the Jeff Gannon incident served to intimidate CIA insiders with a reminder of the death of Matt Gannon, son-in-law of CIA Deputy Director of Operations, Thomas Tweeton. Matt Gannon was returning to Washington in 1988 to press CIA officials about why the rank and file CIA agents had nothing in their records on the Muslim Brotherhood from which Al Qaeda was spawned.  Gannon never had the chance to press his question.  His plane, Pan Am 103, went down over Lockerbie, Scotland.  Everyone died.
     During this same time CIA agent,  Mark Phillips, rescued Cathy O’Brien, a victim of the CIA’s MK-Ultra mind control project which was also a pedophile black operations unit.   Called Project Monarch, the operation followed within 40 years of the CIA’s Operation Paper Clip conducted by Director, Alan Dulles,  which brought Nazi Germany’s leading scientists to the U.S. supported, in large measure, by members of the “Business Plot”.  That plot was led by leading American industrialists including Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone and William Burroughs whose grandson was Hunter S. Thompson’s writing mentor according to his 1997 article on Burroughs for Rolling Stone and his later book Hey Rube. The business plot even included American aviation hero Charles Lindbergh and Prescott Bush.  
     William S. Burroughs had snuffed his wife during a shooting prank in 1951 in Mexico, but his father and friend's business plot had sought to oust President Franklin Roosevelt with a coup led by two-time Congressional Medal of Honor winner, General Smedley Darlington Butler.  Butler would go on to write the book War Is A Racket, fingering the U.S. military industrial complex’s climate of evil.  John O. Rogge would likewise write his report on the German American Bund’s connection to Nazi leaders while Edwin Black’s War Against The Weak chronicled the place of Mrs. Mary Harriman, wife of Averill Harriman and son of Union Pacific’s founder , E.H. Harriman, who funded the American eugenics program at Cold Spring Harbor, New York that informed the Nazi push for racial purity.  The Harrimans had employed Prescott Bush, father of George Herbert Walker Bush, while Samuel Prescott Bush, Prescott’s father, had been in charge of America’ small arms weapons during World War I.  It appears from every angle that Hunter S. Thompson was a hurricane hunter in the eye of the American Nazi storm trooping around like a wayward boyscout who has fallen...no jumped....into a rabbit hole of dark forbidden decadence.  Was his summation in Kingdom of Fear a confession before the hammer snap?  There's no mountain of evidence, but it's clearly larger than a mole or gofer mound or a gravel pile.
     George Herbert Walker Bush followed Dulles as CIA Director and the Franklin Cover-up does not leave President Bush out of the pedophile loop and nor does Mark Phillips the CIA agent who rescued Cathy O'brien. 
     “It’s very possible that when Jeff Gannon’s story broke, Hunter S. Thompson thought that the veil was about to come off of the incident at Bohemian Grove and so he killed himself,” that according to John Baker of the Center for Ethical Intelligence in Washington D.C.. "It's an old ploy.  People's excesses are exploited and used as blackmailing leverage.  Pedophilia and the fear of its exposure is one of the most powerful tools of reptilian extortionists," said Baker who added....  "The Gonzo reporter wrote himself into the story and into a corner and he couldn't gracefully get out of it.  Hunter Thompson's book Kingdom of Fear describes America's descent into the abyss, but it misses a profound point.  The United States is not a kingdom, but a democratic republic, that has a long history of doing serious battle with monarchical pricks and demonic Luceiferians assholes."

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