Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Monday, August 6, 2012

Rockford College Hedges Its Bets

Chris Hedges To Go Back To School on Tenth Anniversary of Anti-War Speech

Rockford College Board Unanimously Agrees To Invite Chris Hedges To Return To 2013 Commencement To Complete 2003 Speech

by Winsip Custer for CPW News Services

2003 Rockford College Commencement
(click to view in entirety)

     Betting that ten years is way too long to avoid a formal apology, on the 10th anniversary of the event that cost author and reporter Chris Hedges his job at the NY Times, Rockford College’s Board of Regents has unanimously agreed to invite Mr. Hedges to return. He will complete the speech that was interrupted by disgruntled parents, students and some teachers and administrators.
       “I think it’s amazing that the college of Jane Addams, one of the greatest suffrage organizers and democracy advocates in U.S. history, has finally seen the light ten years after Mr. Hedges’ prophetic speech.  I don’t want to say that he was like Jeremiah, Ezekiel  or Isaiah from the Bible, but he was like Jeremiah, Ezekiel or Isaiah  from the Bible.  Maybe even like David taunting Goliath and everything he said was true then and is truer now.  "My son is graduating in 2013 and beyond college he has hopes of joining the New York Metropolitan Opera.  He has offered to sing God Bless America at intervals in Mr. Hedge’s speech so as to give the parents and students of the 2003 class the opportunity to stand during the song’s verses with their hands over their hearts to pledge allegiance to truth and justice in America and to apologize to Mr. Hedges for rudely and myopically interrupting his timeless speech," said John Addams Jefferson of Springfield.
     Members of the Rockford College ROTC will serve as Mr. Hedge's personal bodyguards for the event.  Executives at the NY Times chose not to comment on Mr. Hedge's return citing its policy of non-participation in any events that make the historic newspaper look more ridiculous that it already does.
     Craven Z. Dorsky of the Society for the Discovery of Hidden Alliances, says that Mr. Hedges appears to be in many ways like the Neibuhr brothers whose close proximity to "The Order"....the American hidden power elites... can be seen in their outspoken criticism of The Order without their being murdered.  Anthony Sutton in America Secret Establishment notes that The Order allows for criticism of its own, but never really relinquishes power and position.  Jane Addams, for example, was the founder of Hull House and was a leading proponent of Prohibition.  In New York, she was a close friend of Mary Harriman, daughter of E.H. Harriman, Mary founded the N.Y. City Junior League after hearing a speech by Addams.  Harriman's support of the New York Eugenics program at Cold Spring Harbor, influenced the aggressive racial purity programs that informed and encouraged Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany.  "Edwin Black's War Against The Weak spells out the Harriman/Cold Springs Harbor connections.  "But go a step farther," said Dorsky.   "In Harriman, Tennessee people were encouraged to move to the Appalachian coal mining region deep in bootlegging country where the still makers and bootleggers were capable of running Henry Ford's cars on totally renewable energy,  alcohol, but instead Harriman, Tennessee had deed restrictions against the sale of alcohol.  With connections to the oil interest that fuel was barbed off as a renewable source just as hydrogen would be later in the Twentieth Century as evidenced by the work of H.D. Thoreau in his article Wolf Dance In Gasland.  More recently, millions of gallons of toxic sludge from Harriman's coal mines have spilled into the Tennessee Valley Authority waterways bringing Erin Brockovich to comment about the Harriman's brutal assault on the environment.
     One younger Rockford Regent who wished not to be identified said "we tried to sever our connections to Jane Addams, but we'll never tell whether that was to distance ourselves from the growing awareness of The Orders connetions in American life, or because we're closet drinkers, or both.  What's clear is that no one believes that the Iraq War and Afghanistan Wars were anything but a raunchy cluster fxxx.   If Mr. Hedges who couldn't remember that Henry Ford was a member of the 1930's 'Business Plot', wants to finish that speech, then some of us want him to keep pushing on The Order.  Push, push push, until the truth really comes out and Mr. Hedges receives the change or martyrdom that the Neibuhr brothers avoided along with William Sloan Coffin, another 'Ordered up and approved critic'.   Calling for change is one thing.  Truly effecting it from the relative comfort of a high rise in New York City is another,"

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