Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Sunday, August 12, 2012


What Do John Walker Lindh, Jim Morrison and William Ayers Have In Common?

by Winsip Custer for CPW News Services

Erin Brockovich speaking to the multi-million gallon
Harriman, Tennessee sludge pond leak that
spilled into the TVA river system.

     Erin Brockovich put her finger on America’s Oedipal urges.  Leaving the theater following the movie bearing her name and starring Julia Roberts, most felt that Erin Brockovich had uncovered a plot to keep the poor people of Hinckley, California from getting restitution for the polluted water beneath the Pacific Gas and Electric facility that had ruined their heath.  Behind the sludge, heavy metal and toxic waste of PG &E at Hinckley, Love Canal or the Harriman, Tennessee coal sludge is anger.  Deep seated anger that rises from right within one's own household.
    Harriman, Tennessee's connection to America's leading proponent of womens' suffrage, Jane Addams, founder of Chicago's Hull House, has shined a new light on the study of Oedipal longings.   Addams and her friend, Mary Harriman, daughter of Union Pacific Railroad magnate, E. H. Harriman, have according to some experts in Oedipal urges, complicated normal understandings of Oedipal issues.   "Yes, indeed, by masking the 'good mother' with a 'she-devil mommy' or 'anti-mother-earth-mum' according to Winney G. Willidordman of London-based Center For Cognitive Analysis of Oedipal Longings, the issue is as murky as Halliburton fracking fluid.    We have been following the upcoming return of a leading Occupy Wall Street advocate to Jane Addams' alma mater Rockford College in Illinois," said Willidordman noting the inter-connected relationship between Addams, Mary Harriman and the sanctimonious and puritanical white washing of toxic dumping and sludge releases into America's pristine environment.
     On September  9, 2010 in San Bruno, California a 30” natural gas pipeline owned by Pacific Gas & Electric exploded.  The 1000’ wall of flames killed eight people.  A future investigation of the fire was led by a lawyer for 16 years at Pacific Gas & Electric, Frank Lindh.  Lindh had left PG&E to work for the CPUC, the California Public Utilities Commission, leading Jerry Hill, a Peninsula Assemblyman, to question Lindh’s involvement in the San Bruno investigation.
     “John Philip Walker Lindh, Frank’s son, the American Taliban, is just one of several high profile children to turn against the values that their fathers found endearing.    PG&E’s CEO, Tom King, went from PG&E  to head National Grid, Inc., another energy company that was joined by Boston FBI agent Warren Bamford, whose connection to terrorism included the investigation of the PTECH scandal whereby high-tech security software controlled by Middle-Eastern terrorists was providing the potential for a Trojan Horse within the U.S.’s  FAA programs and other sensitive security systems.  Bamford had been front and center at Ruby Ridge and at the Waco, Texas Branch Davidian affair.  Another Rudy Ridge and Waco FBI alumni is currently the Sheriff in San Diego, Sheriff William D. Gore, home of the U.S. Marine Corp. and the Navy Seals.  It is not known just how Warren Bamford and James Bamford, author of The Spy Factory on the NSA's invasion of privacy under the Patriot Act are related, but the resemblance is significant according to forensic artists Festus Pusley and Rusty Skaggs of ForensicMapping LLC.

William James and Warren T. Bamford.  Note the characteristic peaking right "Bamford
eyebrow" of each.
    Suffice it to say that this is also where another high profile son chased Oedipal urges.  Jim Morrrison, lead singer of The Doors, was the son of Admiral George S. Morrison, who oversaw LBJ’s Gulf of Tonkin Affair that kick started the Viet Nam War pouring tons of Agent Orange onto pristine forests and fire bombing rice-eating Communists.  The Morrisons also lived in San Diego where Admiral Morrison was stationed for much of Jim's life.  "People are strange", concluded Jim Morrison before "blowing himself up" by overdosing on drugs which were, according to high ranking U.S. officials as much a part of the U.S. mission in Indo-China as oil in the Mekong Delta.

John Walker Lindh, Jim Morrison, William Ayers.
Victims of Oedipal urges?
    A third case of Oedipal urges is Barack Obama’s friend from Chicago, William Ayers.  Ayers’ father was Thomas G. Ayers for whom Northwestern University’s Thomas G. Ayers College of Commerce and Industry was named.  Tom Ayers was a key member of the board of directors of numerous U.S. Military Industrialist Complex companies.   Joining the Weather Underground, William Charles “Bill” Ayers, became like John Philip Walker Lindh a homegrown terrorist, but we might ask for what purpose?
“I think the verdict is long in on that one,” said Ursula Von Diggins noting that Mary Harriman, Jane Addams and their close associates cannot be separated from what Marine General Smedley Darlington Butler called the "National City Bank Boys".   National City Bank's founder and progenitor of Brown Brothers Harriman was Alexander Brown of Baltimore, Maryland.   Diggins of the Society for the Root Causes of Oedipal Urges,   said "The companies that their fathers’ worked for or created were great polluters of the earth...Mother Earth.  Imagine if each morning you sat at the breakfast table pouring milk over your cornflakes only to look up to see the flake sitting at the head of the table and thinking ‘Oh crap. What a farse!’  You’d go and blow something up, too," said Von Diggins.

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