Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Wednesday, August 15, 2012



English Parliament Petitioned to Reinstate Old Treason Law

by Winsip Custer CPW News Services

       According to Hoover B. Horstwomanski, Director of the Washington D.C. Center for the Positive Effects of Tyrannical Rule…."All U.S. President since 1782 are wussies."   Making this claim at the center's annual assembly on August 18th, Horstwomanski said.....
     “The 1st U.S. President and his friends in the First Continental Congress paid a significantly higher price to hold the office than ALL subsequent U.S. Presidents, by virtue of the tyranny of the English monarchy. The only Presidents alive during the drawn & quartering law were the first 8... Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Adams, Jackson, Van Buren, and Harrison, with Van Buren just born in 1782 and Harrison only a few years before that.   While criticism has flown over whether Nixon’s wife wore a cloth or fur coat; whether Mitt Romney strapped Seamus, the family Irish Setter, to the luggage rack of his car as his great-great grandfather may have done with one of his wives atop the carriage; whether Obama was born in the USA or elsewhere; whether LBJ had JFK murdered; whether JFK would be, like his father, a Nazi sympathizer…..or a Communist shill or too close to Sinatra’s Mob buddies; whether Bill Clinton was pumping Jessica Flowers and some other bimbos; whether Nancy Reagan was too chummy with psychic soothsayers or Billy Carter’s brother drank too much beer with his peanuts, the first 8 U. S. Presidents were much closer to the ultimate price that the first president would have paid for his leadership.”
     In 1782 England repealed the drawn & quartering laws for treason.   Horstwomanski believes that it’s time for the U.S. to get off  of its high horse and the feelings of entitlement in every area….from bleeding the U.S. job market through companies like Bain Capital, hiding excessive engourgements in overseas bank accounts, bailing out Wall Street nit wits or leading people to believe that big government is the solution to everything, going into rediculous debt for a house with another bathroom you'll never use or bilking Medicare and Medicaid for billions through companies like Health South, Columbia-HCA, or United Health; Invading countries based on lies, lies and more lies.
     “I have petitioned the English government to reinstate the drawn and quartering laws, just as a reminder of the high price of  true leadership and freedom.  It's the up-side of a real downer and an unequaled symbolic gesture aimed at reinstating the greatness of the American ideals," said Horstwomanski.  "We pulled England's chestnuts out of the fire during World War II, now it's time  for them to reinstate their brutal law to help us get back to where we started!  Maybe the Parliament will have a hard time doing it, but I promise that Buckingham Palace will not.  If England won't help the U.S. to implement a new period of refined leadership, we will ask the Chinese to do so, and if that fails we'll seek a reinstatement of the old  English law from a coalition of concerned nations to help bring a new season of purposeful leadership to light."

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