Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Research On Mother/Child Stress Haulted

Stressless zoo environment produces active and careless cubs while
stressful wild brings misinterpreted "arrested development" in quite cubs.

        Dr. Claudine C. Fries and Dr. Benjamin F. Nilknarf of the INDTS Institute for CPW News Services

     Dr. Gilbano Banosos of the Center for Creative Research and Analysis says that his research is not flawed and that he should in no way be compared with Germany’s Dr. Josef Mengele.
     “For decades we have wondered the extent to which stress on pregnant women contributes to slow or arrested development in children.  The studies were difficult to conduct.  They were fraught with conflicting evidence, lack of scientific data, physiological measurements that cannot be definitively measured within dependable timetables and without highly controlled stimuli for the study group,” said Banosos who claims he was ready to fix all of that.

     “So we were going to send 3,000 pregnant women on a retreat to learn about parenting during their first thirty days of pregnancy….all at the same time….to Club Med.  The ten jumbo jets get hijacked by terrorists and their retreat turns into a highly controlled and blind-study stress test.   As preparation for their new life in an oil sheik's  harem they are alone for the weekend and isolated, but in a beautiful locale like a pride of lionesses together on the lovely Serengeti, they are safe, but severely stressed.  The weekend turns to months.  Nine months.   Weekly analysis of hormones including those most affected by stress, like adrenalin, are carefully recorded for nine months after which the women are returned unharmed and with all of their delivery costs paid for.   We follow the children and at 48 months test for development markers.  The only exception is for those whose prenatal tests show complications and they are quietly let out on the street in their hometown without fanfare and with $10,000 in their pocket,” said Dr. Banosos.  “Would Dr. Mengele do that?”
     “I believed and still believe, that the test would show that high levels of stress are directly related to the fight or flight syndrome in the animal kingdom.  Young deer have a built in defense mechanism of arrested and retarded movement, but at a certain age this changes as their other natural defense mechanisms kick in....speed, strength and cunning.  The offspring's coat uses camouflage to enhance this defense mechanism.  They use arrested movement for a specific  purpose.  Survival.   The more stressful their immediate environment the less they move and the more retarded they appear.  'Sit dead-still,' Bambi’s mother surely whispered in deer-language into little Bambi's ear... 'and don’t worry if Aunt Wilma thinks you are a bump on a log,'”  said Dr. Banosos.

     "Zoo animals are born in captivity to relatively stress-free mothers.  Young zoo animals move franetically because their mothers aren’t running away from a cougar,  or from a hunter or from an 18 wheeler on the freeway.  They weren't sent the same hormonal messages that their counterpart is in the wild.  Captive-born offspring are more animated and seemingly more free, but are they?" asked Dr. Banosos.  "I mean how free can you be in a cage?  But you feel safe, relatively speaking.  So do cows as Temple Grandlin has shown by her research in reducing tension in a herd of beef outside the slaughter house.  This might be identified with slow or arrested development in human children when it is actually a perfectly scientific and logical response to the environment as signaled by the mother's hormones passed on to her unborn.  But how will we really know unless we are allowed to conduct the best of experiments?” asked Dr. Banosos.
     U.S. Assistant Attorney General, Bob Watts, said  only, “Dr. Banosos is nuts.”
     Dr. Banosos believes that the pharmaceutical companies and producers of ADHD drugs were responsible for the U.S. Justice Department’s interest in his research.  Unstressed mothers will be, I believe, to be shown to have hyperactive kids.  Stressed moms have quieter kids.  Drug makers want kids to be hyperactive and uncontrollable so that there will be more ADD and hyperactive children and hence more  Retalin (methylphenidate) sales,” said Dr. Banosos.  Banosos also suspected the makers of Adderall, Clonidine, Pemoline, Dextroamphetimine and Guanfacine, also used in the treatment of ADD and hyperactive disorders.
     "Imagine if the meat packers could have the added profit of sedate cows that stay fat and sassy with more beef on the hoof while charging those same cows to sedate their young rowdy calves on their way to the packing plant as veal cutlets," said Banosos.  "Basically I was proving in the human kingdom what Temple Grandlin was proving in the cattle business," said Dr. Banosos.

     When asked what he believed was the equivalent of a human meat packing plant, Dr. Banosos said "Iraq. Afghanistan.  Grenada?  Panama?   Somalia?  Before that Vietnam?  Korea?  Tomorrow Iran?" he wondered. 

"Panama?" I asked.  "Yea, three thousand were killed in the 80's to bring under control Manuel Noriega who, after all, had been for years on our CIA payroll.  Low profile is better if you're going to be on the CIA payroll.  Manuel's mother was by all reports a very gentle women who avoided stressers.  Which meant that little Manuel was bound to be ADD/Hyperactive.  A real over-active imbarassment to his handlers."

Dr. Banosos was also working on a study of the rise in combined opiates as battlefield pain killers and of post-tramautic syndrome drugs produced by some of the same companies that are heavily invested in businesses in Pakistan, India and Afghanistan where poppy crops are abundant, according to Mr. Watts.  "And of course where those drugs are used so are weapons of the more profitable limted destruction types instead of mass destroyers that tend to get the herds flustered and irritable," said Banosos.

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