Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Drone Teams Help Put Fears To Rest

Bruce Quick To Defend Randy Brossart From Pesky Drone

By Winsip Custer CPW News Serices

     With the 2012 arrest of Rodney Brossart with the help of a U.S. military drone, the U.S. Government is taking new measures to assure the American citizenry that all is safe with respect to the creation, expanded production and oversight of the military’s new drone fleet.
     Rodney Brossart’s attorney Bruce Quick has called the police action used to arrest his client “guerrilla-like police tactics.”
     Speaking to U.S. News, Mr. Quick maintained that Lakota, N.D., resident Rodney Brossart had been apprehended with the use of a predator drone.  “The whole thing is full of constitutional questions,” Quick told U.S. News.  Brossart was arrested in a dispute with his neighbor over six cows.
     Douglas Manbeck, who is representing the state of North Dakota, told UPI that the SWAT team had approached The Department of Homeland Security for their help in capturing Brossart with the aid of the drone only after warrants were issued.
     "I know it's a touchy subject for anyone to feel that drones are in the air watching them, but I don't think there was any misuse in this case," Manbeck told UPI.
     To help allay peoples’ fears about the use or misuse of drones the government has provided the state of North Dakota with a team of active Predator Drone operators so that they can better clarify their work as drone technicians.

Predator Drone Teams (PDT) will work together to provide assurances that U.S. citizens have nothing to fear from new uses of government sanctioned "eyes in the sky".  "We are here only to protect and serve," said Will Hord the group's spokesperson and a top graduate of the RVAP Security Agency at Colorado Springs, Colorado when not serving in
Afghanistan with the USAF.  RVAP is the Remote Viewing and Aerial Processing Center near NORAD.
     Simon Megs said "We can't understand what the big stink is all about.  Once in Iraq a farmer named Omar Hosanni, one of our security workers, lost 9 goats that wandered into Muhammad Mofas' pasture.   Muhammad refused to return the goats and after the drone flyover our guys ate cabrito for a week."   Megs and several other  drone team members are being considered for the military's new Congressional Medal of Joystick Manipulators Award, a type of Congressional Medal of Honor (Drone Edition).

     The event involving Muhamad Mofa was similar to Archibald Wong's decision in March 2009 to launch an attack on a black market dog kennel outside of Kabul when a dozen pit bull dogs were stolen from a local poppy field security guard and Karil Karzari refused to return them.  Or so Simon Megs maintained.  "Being a first generation Chinese American, I forgot that our guys don't eat dog meat," said Archibald Wong.  Will Hord said he had no knowledge of these reported drone strikes.  "I can neither confirm nor deny that these strikes occurred," said Hord.

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