Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Will Tim Ferriss' Egg Peeling Method Shell Out Big Bucks to NY Eatery?

New York Restaurant Spread Hepatitis Using Timothy Ferriss' Egg Peeling Method
Health Department Closes Lower East Side Eatery
     “I thought the eggs looked so pretty on our salad buffet,” said the owner of The All-American Eatery, Indi Yamahtari.  “I didn’t think that there could be any harm to blowing the eggs out of their shells and I certainly didn’t think that Farwhazzad had hepatitis."
     Mrs. Yamahtari had used a training video on YouTube by best-selling author of The 4-Hour Body, Tim Ferris, on how to blow a perfect egg out its shell every time.  “Mr. Ferriss says that he did research and that 'with a hat tip to Dr. Michael Eades' he came up with this egg blowing method. I trusted that it was okay.  Dr. Eades and his wife from Hot Springs, Arkansas haven't promoted a visit to the old Hot Springs for a dip in their healing waters.  I took that as a good sign since Hot Springs never lived up to the hype of their miraculous powers, but the Eades are cited by Ferriss in his book for recommending four 'bleedings' per year.  Curative bleedings through donations instead of using leeches, " said Mrs. Yamahtari.   "What neither Ferriss nor Eades say is that you damn well better not use this egg blowing method in a restaurant where other people are eating your eggs or you could spread disease," said Mrs.Yamahtari.     Yamahtari discovered that Ferriss' egg blowing tip was on the Internet as far back as September 11, 2007 demonstrated by another egg blower, preceeding Ferriss' video by 11 months.  "Ferriss hyped his egg blowing idea by saying it was researched by a doctor adding to his culpability," said Mrs. Yamahtari who spoke with the U.S. National Egg Blowing Champion, Vernon Hayes Clampitt.  Clampitt from Rooster Tail, West Virginia said  "Shucks, we'z bin blowin' them thar eggs like that there for 'bout two hunnered yeers," said Clampitt. "Yep, till we realized that the diptheria was spreadin' thru Aunt Myrtles' egg salad and mayonnaise.  It tasted good goin' down, but yur dang tongue swoled up like a big fat water moccasin," he said.
     Yamahtari’s attorney, Liev Leberman, said that the loss of revenue for the “weeks of my client’s closed restaurant as well as the pain and suffering of  my client’s mental and emotional anguish is about $7.5 million dollars.  "We are planning a suit against Mr. Ferriss and Dr. Eades," said Leberman.
    Meanwhile, other attorneys for the families of those contracting the hepatitis from Farwhazzad could not be contacted.  Farwhazzad was unavailable for comment while undergoing treatment.
   “Mr. Ferriss was given a  Crown Award from the Aspen Institute.  Mr. Crown was the founder of General Dynamics Corporation.  Shouldn’t I expect that they know what the hell they are talking about?  And I’m quitting the Tea Party since David Koch is on the board of the Aspen Institute!” said Mrs. Yamahtari.

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