Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Monday, November 1, 2010


Back of the Bus Not Good Metaphor for Republicans

11.01.2010 by Winsip Custer CWP News Service

Criticizing Barak Obama for telling the Republicans that they were not going to run the economy after driving the nation into an economic ditch and that they should sit in the back of the bus was not an accurate metaphor according to economist Allan J. Nobel, head of the International Federation of Independent Economists, or  IFIE. 

"It's true that President Bush accurately calculated the cost of war in Iraq and Afghanistan, but under-reported the cost by billions and billions in order to sell the war.  It is also true that Bill Clinton's Democratic administration handed the nation a budget surplus and that Bush squandered it while removing many essential safeguards to economic protection under the guise of deregulation and a continuation of Regan's 'I'm turning loose the bulls of Wall Street,' said Mr. Nobel.

"Republicans have never ridden a bus.  They won't go near a bus.  Most have never seen a bus. The only people who rode a bus in the South were black and white Democrats.  Not Republicans!   It was under the Republican leader, Abe Lincoln, that the South was subdued and vanquished.   Southerners, with very few exceptions, were Jacksonian Democrats.  Republicans wouldn't know a bus if they saw one and if one pulled up to let kids out, popped out the driver's stop sign, the Republicans would have total disregard for the bus, would speed around it and run over anybody trying to cross the road like they were marching with William Tecumseh Sherman to the sea," said Nobel.

"You have to ask yourself who exported American jobs to the Third World so that more and more Americans will be having to ride buses in the future.  That's not by in large Democrats.  In fact the way the economy is going the new metaphor will need to be "get on the back of the bicycle, cause the American economy is out of gas," said Dr. Nobel.  "Republicans have trickled down jobs to Japan, Taiwan, India and China, not to your neighbor and mine.  And the information economy on which hopes have long been pinned, it's like a MLM,  Multi-Level Marketing, scheme....with one computer operator siting at the helm raking in the dough while others starve.  Give Republicans a big tax break and they'll buy a new yacht so they can visit their investments in Mexico or Hong Kong.   Just ask Tom DeLay and Jack Abramoff about their work in placing sweat shops in Indonesia or Ford Motors about sending jobs to Mexico where the average worker's  pay is $8.000 per year.  It's  not Democrats who are doing that, it's the Republicans who do it and it's not just Obama who's blown the whistle on these traitors.  Ross Perot, you remember, called their strategy the 'giant sucking noise of American jobs departing the country," said Nobel.

"Do you have a better metaphor for Obama?" I asked Dr. Nobel.

"Yes, I do.   Here's a better one and it's not a metaphor which is always subject to interpretation, 'We're gonna take the keys to your yacht and use you as a boat anchor,'" said Dr. Nobel.  "But doesn't that sound a bit extreme?" I asked.  "Well what do you expect from a Marxist economist," said Dr. Nobel.  "The communists want to evenly distribute the wealth and the Republican right wing are Nazis in disguise.  They won't be satisfied until they own the slave plantations that they displaced from the Southern Democrats during the American Civil War," said Dr. Nobel who admitted that his last name had much to do with his acceptance as a reliable Western ecomomist.  "People hear that name and assume I'm the heir of a few hundred explosive factories and that I'm a pure capitalist in the Milton Friedman mold."

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