Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Friday, November 5, 2010

Authorities Foil Plot to Launch GPS Directed Bombs

Central Arkansas, Tennessee and Ohio Center for Terrorist Plot

by Winsip Custer CPW News Service
Authorities uncovered a plot on Thursday, November 4th, laid out by an unlikely terrorist coaltion, members of the I've Got No Damn Healthcare, Damn It party.   The group led by out of work steel mill worker, Barry Sullivan, age 64, from Mena, Arkansas, had devised a plan for flying remote control, GPS directed model airplanes carrying dynamite, into the US Capital Building on the day of any potential vote to repeal the Obama Healthcare Plan.
Model aircraft like the TAM-5 that flew
over 1800 miles from New
Foundland to Ireland across the
Atlantic Ocean in 38 hours.
Sullivan and his group including two unemployed model airplane builders, three underinsured GPS repairmen and a laidoff Felspar mine demolition expert from Asheville, North Carolina had followed the work of  Maynard Hill and his team from Maryland who successfully flew a radio controlled airplane from Newfoundland, Canada to Ireland. The flight of Hills's small plane began at 8pm on a Saturday, and  landed in Ireland 38 hours later covering a distance of 1888 miles setting the new world records for distance and duration by a radio controlled aircraft.  The distance from the Mena, Arkansas airport and from two others in Ohio and Tennessee was well under the 1,888 mile path of the Hill's 11 pound aircraft powerered by an OS 60 four stroke engine and controlled by an off the shelf Futaba radio gear and custom built and programmed GPS system.  "Their transatlantic flight used 38 ounces of camping stove fuel," said Sullivan, "our flights would take two-thirds less and so we substituted fuel for two sticks of dynamite that would be detonated by a simple triggering devise on the nose of the aircrafts," said Sullivan.  "Made by your unemployed Felspar mine demolition expert?"  I asked.  "Yea, that's right,  Jasper 'Boomer' Barksdale.  He was laid off just like the rest of us,"  said Sullivan.  "What message did you hope to send to Congress?" I asked Sullivan.   "I GOT NO DAMN HEALTHCARE, DAMN IT!" he shouted as ATF agents led him away in handcuffs along with "Boomer" Barksdale and the others.

For a view of the historic transatlantic flight of the Maynard Hill RC airplane "The Spirit of Butt's Hill" aka TAM-5, see http://tam.plannet21.com/

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