Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bob McDonell and Haley Barbour Celebrate Confederacy in April

Wise Sons of Stone Mountain Celebrate
 'Dixie Dufus Month' in May

by Winsip Custer CWP News Service

During the month of April 2011, Virgina Governor, Bob McDonnell, and Mississippi Governor, Haley Barbour, will celebrate Confederate Month.  Set during the federal tax collection month of April when more people are aware of what their tax dollars do and do not provide, Barbour and McDonell are hopeful that their Southern heritage of less Federal intrusion will not be forgotten.

April 2010, the CNN reporter, Candy Crowley, asked Governor Barbour whether or not Governor McDonell's support of Confederate Month in Virginia is insensitive given the fact that the Confederacy stood for slavery.  "It goes without saying that slavery is bad," said Barbour.

Barbour and McDonell are not the only ones celebrating.  Andrew Johnson Jackson, the fifth generation son of a Georgia farmer from Milledgville and president of the Confederate reenactment group Wise Sons of Stone Mountain is calling for his followers to celebrate May as Dixie Dufus Month.  We'll be singing...

I wish I was in the land forgotten
building looms and weavin' cotton
Look away, look away, look away Dixieland.
Dufus, Dufus we do fuss over you.
Dufus, Dufus we do fuss over you.
Dufus, Dufus we long to set things straight,
Cause Dufus, Dufus, their minds were second rate.

"You see, unlike those damned Yankees who said 'lets go South, take our poor Irish, unshaven, wiskey chuggin' immigrants from Boston and the mixed raced mongrels from lower Manhattan, turn them into an army and march into Atlanta, Savannah and New Orleans, liberate their slaves and collect the spoils...including a flat land route directly across the Southwest to the Pacific where we can ship by rail the fabulous silk from the Orient that makes such marvelous fabric blends when woven with the Southerner's cotton.'  Our Dufus ancestors were like a dog with a shrinking bone and too stupid to see the handwriting on a wall the size of the Green Monster," said Jackson.

"That's why we call it 'Dixie Dufus Month'.  If we had been wise, or hell, really stupid...but, believed the story of Moses and Pharoah or Spartacus and Rome, then we would have liberated our own slaves and given them land, an education, training and asked them to be our partners in the wide-open future. We would have taken the moral high ground that John Brown, if that's what you want to call it with all his relatives up to their holier than thou asses in sulphur and lead mines...the high ground he took by lopping off a few Southerner's heads at Potowatamie Creek, and instead, marched North for the liberation of all those unwashed Irish, Italians and others who worked for peanuts in the sweat shops of the garment district...the ones that they couldn't get to go West to kill Indians...and whose jobs were immediately in jeopardy by the liberation of the Southern slaves and who would accept even less money...until even those jobs could be exported to Bangkok, Bangalore and Beijing.  Then we would have used the imported opium that was being brought in along the same route as the silk and instead of making steet drugs illegal, we'd have taught our Indians and Frenchmen and Scots Highlanders in the Cascades of Oregon, the Rockies, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Montana and such, as well as the back woods boys of the Appalacians how to grow their own poppies so that we aren't fighting wars in Afganistan, or the Golden Triangle of Southeast Asia to control the stuff while making the same war profiteers who made the Union's Springfield rifles, even richer.  Then we would have taxed everybody a little for it just as George Washington did with the moonshiners' wiskey.  Then we wouldn't have had our CIA underwriting secret wars by selling crack cocaine to inner city blacks because they would have already been freed, really freed, and incorporated into the full life of the community and not needing to be chemically subdued by the guys that liberated them in 1865," said Jackson.

For Haley Barbour's support of Confederate Month and of Virginia Governor, Bob McDonnell see...

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