Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

John Boehner, Ray Iott, Wiking SS and Yale Skull and Bones

Banal Bronze Man, Boehner, Challenged To Visit Reenactment of Joseph Mengele's Science Lab
Wiking SS Member and
Nazi Iron Cross recipient,

the 'Angel of Death' and
'Butcher of Auschwitz,'
Physician, Dr. Joseph

11.02.2010 by Winsip Custer  CWP News Service

When Kent State students were gunned down by Ohio National Guardsmen on May 4th, 1970 and Neil Young sang Four Dead In Ohio, the nation wondered why a seemingly peaceful state like Ohio had turned so brutal.   The answer to that question comes forty years later and is found in the banal actions of Ohio Congressman John Boehner in visiting the campaign office of Wiking SS Reenactor, Ray Iott, Ohio Republican congressional candidate.

Ohio has always had a militant past.  Women from the city of Cincinnatti  sent to Texas the "Twin Sisters", the two bronze cannons, that were used by Sam Houston at San Jacinto to defeat Santa Anna. As a frontier state, Union soldiers were recruited from Ohio for the Civil War and they made excellent soldiers.  Following the American Civil War the leading Union Generals would not be buried at Arlington National Cemetery because it had been the home of Confederate General Robert E. Lee.  Instead, they were buried next to founder of Yale Skull and Bones, Alphonso Taft, in the Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnatti...forty of them.  The Kent State rioters of 1970 were dangerously close to the focal point of the American Military Industrialist Complex.  Is Boehner's visit to a reenactor of the Wiking SS a statement not to mess with the American radical right?  How could it not be?
This has led the group Americans for Sanity and Civility of Brookline, Massachusettes to demand that Mr. Boehner offer some statement condemning the work of the Wiking SS's most famous member, the "Butcher of Auschwitz", aka "the Angel of Death", Dr. Joseph Mengele whose philosophy as a physician was "first do harm".  "There will be a reinactment of Joseph Mengele's science lab at Auschwitz in the city of Germantown, Pennsylvania in 2011 and we are demanding that Congressman Boehner repent of his banality and make an appearance at the Mengele reinactment as a sign and symbol of his solidarity with the thousands and thousands of Mengele's victims butchered at Auschwitz," said Beatrice Cohen of the reemactment group Angel of Death-Butcher of Auschwitz. 

"We are aware that the SS used as its symbol the same skull and crossbones as the Yale Skull and Bones secret society and we can't help but wonder if the burial of the forty generals next to Alphonso Taft who created Skull and Bones at Yale in 1833 wasn't an insane deviation from the principals of the nation's Founding Fathers.  Show us, Mr. Boehner, that the Wiking SS and Yale Skull and Bones aren't hooked at the hip," said Ms. Cohen.

For a view of May 4, 1970 see


  1. Replies
    1. Dear Mr. Neese,

      I mentioned that Professor Christopher Browning at UNC Chapel Hill, while not calling the Boehner/Iott connections to the Waffen SS "nonsense" does believe that their interests are informed not by a love of fascism, but an interest in keeping history alive. For exactly what purpose is not exactly clear, but Professor Browning holds the Frank Porter Graham Professor's chair at UNC. For a powerful assessment of the connections of Frank Porter Graham to both the Frankfurt School and Leipzig School of educational indoctrination and propagandizing read this from another notable UNC Professor Dennis Cuddy at http://www.newswithviews.com/Cuddy/dennis11.htm

      Hope this helps! "Nonsense" is a little too strong a reaction this admittedly troubling story.

  2. http://www.springgrove.org/uploads/docs/CivilWarGenerals.pdf

    Here's are the Generals at Spring Grove, final resting place of Alphonso Taft founder of Skull & Bones. Outside of Arlington National it is the largest assembly of American Generals anywhere. Joseph Mengele was not a member of the Waffen SS and Iott was not a Waffen S.S. reinactor? Nor supported by Boener? Key members of S&B were not members of the "Business Plot" that supported the German American Bund during the 1930's not contributors to the Cold Spring Harbor eugenics program that informed Hitler's "Final Solution"?

  3. Dear Michael Neese,

    Boehner did NOT campaign for Ray Iott? And this photo from The Atlantic is NOT Ray Iott dressed in Waffen SS regalia?


    Winsip Custer

  4. Dear Mr. Neese,

    Additionally, The Atlantic article on Ray Iott provides an apologist's view from Professor Christopher Browning at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. He dismisses the playful Waffen SS group as "history buffs". However, North Carolina's U.S. Senator, Richard Burr, is not only the ranking member of the Veterans Committee of the Senate, a non-veteran, but the author of SB 1873 which marries the work of B.A.R.D.A. to North Carolina's big tobacco which through Dr. Robin Robinson has announced that big tobacco is making the ZMAPP for use against Ebola. Clearly, Joseph Mengele's mad science was linked to the Waffen SS and he's always seen, when not in his white physician's coat, in his Waffen SS uniform.

    It was common knowledge that while our vets were fighting wars and smoking Albert Lasker's hyped Lucky Strikes with the killer toxins of the Brown & Williamson and R.J. Reynolds tobacco companies filling their winded lungs, that if the sulfur driven lead bullets didn't kill 'em the tobacco sure as shootin' would. And we can trust that our government ISN'T driven by a dark alliance of skullduggery? Please!

    I'd bank on Boehner and Iott being more than "history buffs" and the four dead in Ohio being too close to the core of the rotten apple/apples, but not at Bank of Commerce and Credit International or UBS!

    W. Custer