Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bjorn Lomborg, Terry Boswick, Ondi Timoner and Sarah Gibson Film says Cool It

But Prophet Gives Time Table For Fixing World

by Winsip Custer CPW News Service

He claims that his family of prophets predicted that a telescope would be invented that would show the earth revolving around the sun four centuries before it happened. That an oily substance taken out of the ground would help warm the earth...a thousand years before the discovery of the internal combustion engine. That tiny particles would split and create a solar-like reaction on earth seven hundred years before Einstein was born...and....this is the one he likes best...that someone would create the strike anywhere kitchen match and not patent the idea deeming it too important for humanity....six hundred and fifty years before it happened.  "That really got to me," he said, "given humanity's general capacity for greed and to want to make a buck off of everything.  But sometimes they really surprise you."

His name is Merlin J. Rasputin and I met him last week at his cabin outside of Frankfurt, Germany on November 10th.

Then on November 11, 2010 Amy Biancolli, a reporter for the newspaper of the oil rich city of Houston, Texas, The Houston Chronicle, reported on the new film Cool It, produced by Terry Botwick, Ondi Timoner and Sarah Gibson. It is written by Botwick, Gibson and Danish scientist, Bjorn Lomborg. Of Lomborg, Biancolli writes...

"Lomborg is the author of Cool it: The Skeptical Environmentalist's Guide To Global Warming, a book that sparked outrage from many in the field and prompted an investigation, since dismissed, by a Danish committee overseeing scientific honesty. This new film version, directed by Ondi Timoner (a Sundance winner for We Live in Public), offers a heated response to that probe - and an argument against the "catastrophism" that now pervades international thinking on the environment."

Should we believe Bjorn Lomborg or Stephen Hawking, the expert on black holes who said he's afraid at the current rate the earth "might end up like Venus, at 250 degrees centigrade and raining sulfuric acid"? 

I asked Merlin J. Rasputin to assess the book which he speed-read in seven minutes.  He said, "Apart from a nuclear holocaust, a wandering meteorite or the extinguishing of the sun, I believe that Mr. Lomborg's claims are correct. However I am getting a directive. Excuse me."  His eyes rolled to the top of his head and his tongue protruded from his mouth and wagged left to right.

"It's a slow process, yes, but not that slow. Here is the time table. By September 14th, 2015 the current consumption of oil must be reduced by 80% replaced by the cleaner burning natural gas. Meanwhile, if scrubbers are added during this time to coal burning power plants and smelters world-wide by February 22, 2021 reducing emissions by 73.5% and these are replaced by natural gas while the overall consumption of natural gas is reduced by 75.21% by June 14th, 2033 at mid-night, the world will be safe. Wait. There's more. A non-pourous net should be constructed across the Gulf of Mexico from Cozumel to Key West with a similar one securing the Persian Gulf, the Baltic Sea and Gibraltar and you should turn these four bodies of water into algae farms for the future production of bio-fuel."

"Is that it?" I asked.

"No. There's more," he said. "This is not good news for the funeral industry,  It seems that people will no longer have the luxury of being buried in cemeteries. Each continent will need to recycle the carbon in human bodies not used in organ and tissue transplantation. Funerals will need to be memorial services only, not grave-side....unless you want to travel to the massive bio-fuel wells to witness the final drop. The four algae farms and the human body recycling wells will provide ample energy when combined with all other sources....wind, solar, hydro, fuel cell, until well into the 22nd Century, but only if there's zero population growth by Janurary 18th, 2100 at 3:34 p.m.. To guarantee that number every President of the U.S. will need to be a war-time president and there must be either a long protracted war that moves from population center to population center or a whole bunch of  little ones," said Mr. Rasputin. "That part's kind of blurry, but it's not that much different than now, huh?" he said.

"But there are religious people who believe that their bodies must be buried whole," I said.  "What?" said Merlin.  "God isn't big enough to put together a measly human body when he was capable of creating all that is ex nihilo...out of nothing...good grief," said the mysterious soothsayer.  "Sure hope I don't die in a house fire or fall into a tree shredder," he said.

I explained that he had mentioned times.  "Was that Greenwich Mean Time or some other?" I asked. "Frankfurt time," he said.  "We're in Frankfurt.  It's Frankfurt time. God, I hope it's Frankfurt time.  Damn.  I'm not really sure, but I'm thinkin' that the world needs to do all this a few hours ahead of schedule anyway."

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