Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


An elite task force from the DEA raided the offices of Midget Avionic Solutions Inc. in Mena, Arkansas on Monday night taking into possessions fifty seven radio controlled, GPS directed. model airplanes.  The small planes capable of flying over fifteen hundred miles without refueling need no pilots.

Radio controlled model plane
like the ones seized in Mena, Ark.
 Bolivar Castillo, the agency's spokesperson said, "we foiled a plot to smuggle drugs into the US using midget planes, each capable of carrying a few pounds of cocaine in their fuselages and transporting the stuff over the Gulf of Mexico in about 26-30 hours depending on the wind speed and direction.  They would fly to their preprogrammed coordinates and be picked up by teams of ground controllers led by Billy Sullivan who owns MAS Inc..   This is a mass nightmare for law enforcement," said Castillo.

 "The midgets would fly to a landing site in a cow pasture or secluded beach along the Gulf Coast, land and be in the trunk of a car in minutes.  We found orders for hundreds of these midget planes in Mr. Sullivan's desk that had not been received and put into service, but there were some boxed in crates at their Mena office destined for San Paulo, Colombia," said Castillo.  "We have reason to believe that they were working on a stealth version of the planes that look more like a hummingbird rather than like a seagull on a radar screen.  They are virtually undetectable already and they are using GPS's that receive signals from foreign satelites.

Billy Sullivan is the son of Barry Sullivan who was recently jailed for attempting to use similar planes loaded with explosives to send a message to Washington that he was not happy with the threatened repeal of the Obama healthcare plan.  Billy's father spoke to us from the prison in Wilmington, Deleware where he awaits trial with a half-dozen co-conspirators.

"It was okay for Oliver North, Barry Seal, Eugene Hasenfus, John Poindexter and others to underwrite the Contras with shipments of cocaine from Colombia to buy bayonets and rifles to kill people, but it's not okay for my boy to fund the I Got No Damn Healthcare, Damn It Party with money from the same source?  Where is the justice in that?  I ask you.  Where?"

I asked Mr. Sullivan to describe where he got the idea to use midget radio controlled planes in his attempt to strike Washington.  "From the newspapers.  Don't you remember when that guy flew a plane into the White House and another landed on the Kremlin lawn?  So much for NORAD and the mighty Soviet Air Force! They're gonna scramble a wing of fighters for what looks like a Wood Duck on the radar screen?"

Billy Sullivan was in custody and not available for comment, but his wife, Shirley, told us that she is putting her trust in God and that she is not afraid for Billy, nor for her father-in-law.  "Besides, I got a call from two major television networks who want to talk with Billy about doing a show called  either 'Healtcare War Stories' or 'Healthcare Battles: Cause I Got No Damn Healthcare! Damn it!"

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