Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Monday, November 22, 2010

Donald Rumsfeld's Misery and Neighbor's Desired Exile in Paraguay

Nixon's "Ruthless Little Bastard" Still Dreams of Abu Ghraib

by Winsip Custer CPW News Service

Donald Rumsfeld, the man Richard Nixon called a "ruthless little bastard" and who reportedly made $60 million bringing the sweetener, Equal, to market around the product approval protocols established by the FDA has moved.  Today he is sweetening up his life by the acquisition of Mount Misery where Civil War era abolitionist, Frederick Douglas, was sent for an extra-ordinary rendition as a run-away slave in Maryland.  Mount Misery's owner and 'slave breaker', Edward Covey, is described in Frederick Douglas' 1855 book, My Bondage and My Freedom.  Former VP, Dick Cheney, also owns a home nearby in St. Michaels, Maryland where he practices skeet shooting when he's not practicing water boarding techniques.

A neighbor of the Mount Misery compound said that he can hear muted screams from the facility which sound like somebody gurgling water.  "I wanted to call the  police and let them know that I was concerned, but was afraid that I might be water boarded myself.  When I heard that the place sold to Mr. Rumsfeld I told my friends, 'good grief, you can't make this stuff up.'"

Meanwhile, Ex-President George Bush has purchased 100,000 acres in the same area of Paraguay where Nazi rat line runner and sadistic medical "researcher" from Auschwitz, Josef Mengele, escaped discovery for decades following his heinous crimes at Auschwitz.  "I was hoping that Mr. Rumsfeld would move down there with his old buddy and take Mr.' Deferment' Cheney with him instead of lighting here at Mount Misery," said his neighbor a former Delta Force member, "but at least here we can keep a close eye on them."

Amy Goodwin has recorded her account of Rumsfeld at Mount Misery.  Also see....


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