Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Friday, November 19, 2010

Betty Krawczyk Is Canadian National Hero for Facing Down Kiewit

B.C. Trees Getting Raped In Canada 
Indian Kids Understand

by Winsip Custer  CPW News Service

Canadian environmentalist, Betty Krawczyk, doesn't like her children to  be molested by the Canadian Government and the American construction company from Omaha, Nebraska that once owned the Omaha newspaper, the Omaha World-Herald.  

The World-Herald provided the cover for the pedophile ring that went straight to the top of the Reagan-Bush White House by its ruthless discrediting of witnesses.   Led by Republican golden-boy, Larry E. King, who went to jail on the unrelated charges of bilking Omaha's Franklin Savings and Loan of $40 million dollars, Kiewit is the US and Canada's biggest contractor/builder headquartered there.

Betty Krawczyk's kids aren't the children used by Larry King's pedophile ring that serviced the purient sexual fantasies of Washington D.C. politico-sicko's, they are trees, but she defends them like they are her children and in doing so has become a Canadian national hero.  A high ranking member of the Canadian government working in the office of John Morris Duncan, Secretary of Office of Indian Affairs and Northern Development has stated "The placement of her court case behind the trials of two notorious pedophiles should have Canadians up in arms.  What greater fear and intimidation tactic could be manufactured in the bowels of a Madison Avenue public relations firm?"

Sleepy Omaha's image faded significantly when the Franklin Savings and Loan, the celebrated Boy's Town Children's Home and the high-ranking Republican operative, Larry E. King,  were found not only to be laundering money through Franklin, but also providing the "playground" from which the kidknapping of children for his jet-setting pedophile ring that serviced powerful pedophile politicians in Washington and elsewhere was uncovered.  Children from Boys Town were prostituted, endangered and denied due process in bringing crimes against them to justice.  The injustice remains a blight on Nebraska.

 According to reports from King's photographer, Rusty Nelson, and victim, Paul Bonacci, King led the boys to the White House where Craig Spence gave them after-hour tours during the Reagan presidency.   Nebraska Senator, John De Camp, wrote the book The Franklin Coverup  which lays out the story in detail.

I asked Gomer L Elip, an Omaha-watcher for the past six decades and a former railroad engineer and construction foreman to help me to understand why sleepy little Omaha would be the hub of such debauchery.

He said "Well, it's quite simple.  When the Goliaths of American Industry rolled across the plains, having taken five years to try to secure a southern railroad route across the Southwest with the Civil War, but being thwarted by the South's resistance to being raped and pillaged, they turned their sights to the less populated Mid-West from the hub-city of Omaha.   Omaha became the Eastern terminius of the Union Pacific Railroad's Transcontinental line.  Beyond was the Pacific Ocean....with its silk and Opium...and other stuff.  Railroads. Construction.  Railroads. Construction.  Travel.  Drugs.  Travel. Drugs.  Money.  Corruption.  I'm not saying that Peter Kiewit was an active pedophile or a child-slaver, even though the Dutch don't have a very good record of oposing slavery.  But I am saying that wherever power brokers congregate, there's by nature a tendency toward sordid, sloven, satanic debauchery of the type that surfaced in The Franklin Coverup story."

"If you haven't read John DeCamp's book," said Elip, "The Franklin Coverup,  you must read it. Then consider that the Union Pacific Railroad was owned by E.H. Harrriman and he would unite with the Brown Brothers to create Brown Brothers Harriman who employed Prescott Bush, daddy of GHWB and GWB, both of whom have their place in the Franklin Coverup story along with CIA Director William Colby.  Prescott was named by General Smedley Butler as a Nazi coup organizer with Ford, Firestone, Lindberg and others. Add to that the fact that the key witness in the Franklin coverup case was a poor kid who was the recipient of CIA mind control tactics and then combine that with the Vancouver B.C. pedophile connections and there's a finger about the size of a watermelon pointing to corruption in Ottawa and Washington D.C. that deserves the equivalent of a wild fire to help create a type of deforestation that gets rid of the weeds and rotten decaying undercover and bushes."

Meanwhile, Betty Krawczyk's "kids" will get her support, but it seems there is so much wrong to be righted by others like her.

"The way I figure it," said Mr. Elip, "the CIA mind control guys who hurt kids like Bonacci do so because they are Nazis and evil.  Might as well be Josef Mengele.  What am I saying?  They probably protected the worm from his trackers.  Better that a millstone be hung around their necks and that they be dropped to the bottom of the sea.  When you ask yourself 'who in the years up to WWII were supplying oil to the Nazis, you come up with Winkler-Koch...yea the same guys backing the Tea Party, William Rhodes Davis and William Stamps Farish founder of Humble Oil which was absorbed by Exxon and he was the American money man for IG Farben the company that made the gas for the Jews, Zyklon-B... and who imported the Nazis' mindcontrol scientists to the US after the war to turn their tactics against the weakest among our citizens?'  The CIA...thank you Mr. Alan Dulles. Now we have a new war just around the corner....the one that we didn't finish in 1945.  Running around with Larry King from Omaha was Col. Michael Aquino, an Army pedophile, sadist and Satanist who operated out of the Presidio in San Francisco just south of the Bohemian Grove, which also figures into The Franklin coverup.  The Presidio was where many of the CIA's MK-Ultra mind control expriments were conducted.  Enough is enough.  Never love 'what is' if 'what is' sucks!" said Mr. Elip.

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