Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Friday, July 1, 2016

Why Would Dick Armitage Back Hillary Clinton Over Trump?

Richard Armitage
(Public Domain, Dec. 2002)
Dick Armitage and the Bush/Clinton Cabal

by Winsip Custer, CPW News Service

          Independent investigative reporter Peter Pezonus believes that he has the handle on why Richard "Dick" Armitage would say that if Donald Trump is the Republican nominee for President he will vote for Hillary.
          "When Trump ran the name of Rudy Giuliani up the flagpole as his potential head of Homeland Security, shivers surely shot up Armitage's broad posterior.   Armitage's history relative to the Bush family is much too lengthy to go into here, but suffice it to say that when H. Ross Perot was running for U.S. President, he was supported by MIA/POW activist and highly decorated Vietnam War Veteran, Bo Gritz.  Gritz has his own unique problematic history, but at the time he had gone to Indo-China's Golden Triangle looking for missing soldiers, the opium producing region of what is today Myanmar and which, not unlike the poppy growing region of Central America that produces black tar heroin, emerged as a response to the historic dominance of the Golden Crescent's poppy products from the Ottoman/Turk and Jewish Sephardic Sasson/British poppy profiteering region.   There Gritz met with Kuhn Sa, the drug king pin, who gave Gritz the name of the main conduit for opium into the U.S..  Gritz brought back a video statement and deposition of the drug lord.   Gritz appeared on the Morton Downey Show in July 1988, the same year that Salem Bin Laden died in an inexplicable ultra-light plane crash in Cibolo, Texas owned by the in-laws of  the Commander of Offutt Air Force Base who became the Director of the National Reconnaissance Office that called for NORAD drills on 911.   1988 was also the year that CIA Agent Matt Gannon died on Pan Am 103 when he was attempting to return to the U.S. to press CIA leadership on just why rank and film CIA agents knew nothing about Al Qaeda.  The man that Bo Gritz named on the Downey show was Richard Armitage.   The gig was up as Gritz (rhymes with heights) explained why the endless war on drugs, like the new endless war on terror, drones on.   Bill Clinton's cover had been needed to run the Iran-Contra airport at Mena as Arkansas' Governor, with its own drug connections to Colombian cocaine rather than to Golden Crescent or Golden Triangle opium poppies, but the principles and profits are the same regardless of the products," said Pezonus.  "That period of dark alliances can be seen, in addition to Gary Webb's work at the San Jose Mercury New and Peter Brewton's work at the Houston Post in the case known as "The Boys on the Track", Don Ives and Kevin Henry," said Pezonus noting that Sarah McClendon the "Tyler, Texas Rose Thorn" knew in all of its ugly dimensions the history of Barry Seal's Mena Airport operation and Seal's employment of the pilot of the downed C-130 transport over Nicaragua (October, 1986) flown by Eugene Hasenfus that blew the Iran-Contra story wide open.
         "Donald Trump is likely up to his orange sideburns in New York mob connections, as was Rudy Giuliani, for all the claims of his being a law and order advocate and mayor.   The fact is that as the Prosecuting Attorney on the Knapp Commission, also called the Serpico Commission, Giuliani did not clean up the NYPD enough for Frank Serpico to feel confident enough to stay in the U.S.A..  Brian Bruh, who had been the FBI's liaison on the Serpico Commission became the liaison for the FINCEN or Financial Crimes Enforcement Network that was to have investigated Saudi influence peddling in the U.S. before it stood down in 1992.    If we wondered about Giuliani's ethics we found some of our questions answered when he left Bracewell & Giuliania law firm in Houston to join the Washington D.C. firm of the jailed K Street lobbyist, Jack Abramoff, or when his NY City Police Commissioner, Bernie Kerik, was indicted and jailed for corruption for taking mob bribes.  The New England Brahman power elites, of which the Bush family is a part, are not great hob-knobbers with the New York Italian underworld, except from a respectable, or at least difficult to decipher, distance.   Neither are they too chummy with the Boston Irish of which Joseph P. Kennedy was a key figure, but as with the Italians, transactions are only from a well-managed distance.  You wouldn't expect Armitage to be close to Trump's friends either, so he gravitates toward Hillary and Bill who from the days of the Mena, Arkansas airport of CIA drug smuggler, Barry Seal, have been a known commodity," said Pezonus noting the tenacious questioning by investigative reporter Sarah McClendon who received from Bill Clinton an  answer like that given concerning the Lewinsky scandal.

Sarah McClendon who asked Bill Clinton
about his knowledge of the Mena, Arkansas
Iran-Contra airport.(taken August 9,
2006. Public Domain). Click photo for
McClendon's questioning of Clinton about
the Mena CIA airport.

    "Sarah McClendon graduated from the University of Missouri Journalism School.  That's the same school that has produced Melissa Click, the teacher who tried to shut down open access to the campus by the media and it is also home to Steve Weinberg who together with Jeff Leen of the Washington Post tried to shut down Gary Webb, author of the book Dark Alliance.  The fiery Sarah McClendon, like Webb, was not afraid to ask the tough questions that kept the Fourth Estate alive and well in the past. Today the Fifth Estate has eclipsed the Fourth," said Pezonus adding "America's Pravda cannot be trusted for the news and it will make the case that neither can the emerging Fifth Estate.  To that I say....'right, so America, do your own reading and research!  What are you babies needing pablum?'"

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