Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Rabbi Mark Golub, Oliver "Buck" Revell and An Analysis by Lowell P. Wigglesworth

American Myth-Making On the Fly

by Peter Pezonus, CPW News Service

      He has been characterized as an American legend.  He flew as a 23-year-old Marine Corp. aviator over Cuba during the Cuban missile crisis.  Then after eight years in the Marine Corp he joined the FBI and rose to Deputy General of the Federal Bureau of Investigations, the highest ranking non-appointed officer in the Bureau under Director William Sessions and as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute) and an Advisor for JINSA, Jewish Institute of National Security Affairs, he is also head of Revell Group, a private security contractor.
     In an interview with Rabbi Mark S. Golub, brother of David S. Golub, the Yale educated attorney who received, at the time, the largest whistleblower settlement against United Technologies, the US defense contracting company that makes attack helicopters and that was overbilling the Pentagon, Revell said of Golub's query about the role of Iran in the Middle East and its willingness to export war, "They were willing to sacrifice in the war against Iran and Iraq....they sent half a million of their children to clear the mine fields.  If you are willing to sacrifice a whole generation of your children for an ideology and what will happen in the future, if you are looking for martyrdom, if you are ready to start Armageddon you ought to be listened to.  You should not be allowed to inflict that on the rest of the world."
    It was this exchange that brought Dr. Lowell P. Wigglesworth to question Revell's perspectives and Rabbi Golub's place as a maker of mixed-message mishegoss in his Jewish television programs aimed at informing the faithful.
    Wigglesworth, who has examined closely the history and myth of our own American experience and who believes that there were three motives for our own Civil War, two of which are widely known and one of which is the truly powerful engine controlling that part of our history, agreed to an interview on the subject of the celebrated G-Man's interview with Golub.

PP:  You didn't agree with Revell?

LW:  The Muslim religion is by definition a "civil war".  Shia and Sunni.  Voltaire said as he looked at the USA and Western religion....."if there were only two religions they would cut each other's throats.  As it is there are 50 religions and they get along nicely."  Well, that's an overstatement, but the Muslims have only two religions and they do cut each other's throats.  They are by definition in a religious civil war that is quite uncivil.  They are like two corners in a boxing match, a yin trying to run over a yang, and modern Judaism is like a fight promoter and the US gets played as a game changer.   The U.S. boxer, Mohammed Ali, jettisoned Christianity because of its hypocracy, but had he fully immersed himself in Islam fully he would sooner or later have been required to kill...kill....kill.  Not Vietnamese....and he was right for resisting that can of cooked worms that even the son of the U.S. Navy Admiral Morrison who had directed the Gulf of Tonkin Affair, Jim Morrison of the Doors, said was a big bamboozle, but religions....all religions....must be demythologized.  That was what Marine General and two-time Congressional Medal of Honor winner, Smedley Darlington Butler, learned about our own history and so wrote his under-celebrated book War Is A Racket.  Butler essentially demythologized our cultural and political history.

PP:  Revell was a Marine like Butler, but you don't think he is aware of Butler?  I have heard some say that the Cuban revolution with Castro was essential to the build up of the Cold War and to putting the U.S. military industrialist complex on steroids.  Anthony Sutton, for example, the renegade member of Stanford's Hoover Institute.....Hoover which interestingly enough owns the diaries of Joseph Goebbels.....said that the U.S. supplied over 90% of Soviet Technology.   Sutton wrote the book The Best Enemy Money Can Buy and Zbigniew Brzezinski agreed with Sutton.   Brzezinski also said that the war in Iraq was based on a Bush bamboozle based on "absolutely false evidence."
That evidence was presented to the world at the United Nations by the same man who presented Mr. Revell with his medals, General Colin Powell.

LW:  Here's the problem.  We were willing to send 600,000 of our children to fight and die in a Civil War that was not based solely on abolition of slavery or states' rights, but on the control of the China Trade routes to the Middle East and Orient.  The poor fought the Civil War based on one set of motives, slavery vs. states' rights, but power elites fought it over a race to the Golden Crescent's poppy fields that had fueled the British Empire's rise. Those routes were controlled by British Sephardic Jew David Sassoon, feeding the Brits with the power to annex Hong Kong and the opium routes from the Golden Crescent to India and Indo-China and up the Yangtze River which the U.S. commandeered through Caleb Cushing and the work of General Andrew Hull Foote who returned to the U.S. to open the South's rivers to Union gunboats like he had opened the Yangtze  for U.S. opium smugglers.  Meanwhile, Ken Burn's The Civil War quotes extensively Shelby Foote who in his C-SPAN interview with Brian Lamb said "I consulted no original manuscripts in my histories.  It's all been gone over before."  Whatever else we've learned from investigative journalists like Gary Webb or from soldiers like Bo Gritz, the truth is out there and people aren't accepting the lies anymore.

PP:  Yes, well you have extensively explored this side of our history.  Was there anything that Revell said that was correct? 

LW:  That's the hard part.  As a member of JINSA he is close to former FBI agent Steve Pomerantz who is married to former DEA Director, Karen Tandy Pomerantz, the sister of Colleen Tandy McHugh, head of the multi-billion-dollar University of Texas pension fund, UTIMCO, the subject of the Texas Observers' 2011 article UT's Dirty Investments.   That fund was privatized under George W. Bush who was wanting to commandeer the U.S. government with the insertion into the national government a "sunset commission" that would have essentially eliminated the legislative branch of government like he wanted to do in Texas.  UTIMCO's money could then be invested in all manner of weaponry, thus further seeding the need to spread wars for profit.  This is the racket that Butler protested and which is going on at record pace.....especially with the use of drone technology that was developed by an Israeli, funded and marketed by Neal and Linden Blue who were partners of the sociopathic killer, Anastosio Samoza in Nicaragua, leading to our backing of the Contras in Central America and the most embarrassing goddamn series of event in recent U.S. history.  Meanwhile the Blue brothers are making a killing in depleted uranium shells used in our wars while the British royals' investments in Blue's uranium took them from half a billion to about $14 billion. War is a real money-maker, but it's not good for living things like planet earth and the species that live here.  That would have made Winston Churchill's handling of Prince Edward Saxe-Gotha-Coburg-Windsor and his Nazi wife a bit trickier today.

PP:  I was fascinated to hear Mr. Revell speaking at the Park City chapter of the Tea Party in Dallas where he said that the Jihadists aren't even human.  He said that "I didn't make them that, they did."
Given that we now have nearly 3000 architects and engineers who refute the official version of the 911 report and are demanding a new investigation into 911 couldn't the truth about 911 shed a whole new light on the wars in the Middle East?

LW:  Look.  Revell is aware that the Muslim Brotherhood spawned Al Qaeda in Egypt.  He said so in his talk.  The Muslim Brotherhood was not good for Jimmy Carter, Menachem Begin and Anwar Sadat's peace initiative.  They blew away Anwar and would have shot the other two if they had been there.   Peace is not profitable for the racket of war.  This is what Smedley Butler was saying....that the arsenal of freedom had morphed into the arsenic of freedom.  We became gun runners and dope dealers and the two go hand in hand.   Artillery shells, as our Civil War canoneer, Eli Lilly, could attest needed to be followed with a good shot of morphine.  Morphine is an opioid....a poppy product.  Fortunes are still made the old fashioned way.....brutally.   Is Revell aware?   Certainly.   He was head of the FBI's counter-terrorism program.  That program, or a part of it, a little-known part, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network,  received a stand down order in 1992 when it got too close to its stated mission:  uncover Saudi influence peddling in the USA.    Well, that would have blown the lid on the Bush family's Saudi oil money sucking in Houston, Texas and their close relationship through James R. Bath and Khalid Bin Mahfouz, the BCCI bank board members.....remember BCCI?   The Bank of Crooks and Criminals that funded Iran-Contra?  Well, FINCEN should have uncovered the Saudis influencing the potential of terrorism in the USA back in 1992 and what would that have done for 911?  If the Saudi's really were behind it, which the architects and engineers for 911 truth are now disputing on the basis of the science, then we could have, should have, known much earlier which had some honest FBI agent really pissed-off.   The science does not support the official 911 scenario.   So now every time Obama or Clinton or whoever.....God knows Bush and Cheney won't tell you the truth and Colin Powell lips are covered with yellow cake crumbs.....every time they repeat the 911 scenario they spew the swarm of lies that surround that debacle.  They are myth-spinning bimboligists.

PP:  So Revell knows?

LW:  Revell's boss at the FBI was William Sessions.  He ascended to that position over the corpse of Judge John Howland Wood who was murdered in San Antonio by the father of Woody Harrelson, Charles Harrelson.  Now, Wood was no saint and he was a racist for sure and nicknamed "Maximum John".  All you had to do was read Gary Cartwright's book on the Chagra brothers who hired the hit.  Wood was a died-in-the-wool Southerner who had placed racist deed restrictions on the Key Allegro resort in Rockport, Texas which angered the sister-in-law of Reagan's EPA Director, Anne Gorsuch.   Gorsuch's brother-in-law, named Caballero, could not buy in Key Allegro, but that alone tells you that as an anglophile and xenophobe, Wood would have been a threat to the Chagras not simply for their drug running, but for their gun running and with the CIA airport like the one in Mena, Arkansas not far from El Paso at Lijitas, and with its connections to the Contras in Central America and Wood would have been seen as a wild card for the CIA and FBI that was not interested in exposing the wrong criminals....ours!

PP:  That's in Cartwright's book Galveston?

LW:  No, no, Dirty Dealing.  There you have these guys, Lebanese not Mexicans, living in El Paso and Juarez running drugs and weapons across the border under an assumed name as phony as the Saxe-Gotha-Coburgs....the Windsors.....whose Prince Edward, the Duke of Windsor, by the way, married the Nazi spy, American Wallis Simpson, who was the godmother of the wife of Prescott Bush, Jr., Elizabeth Kauffman Bush, who wrote the book about the first US Navy Seal, Draper Kauffman, whose SEAL headquarters in Smedley Butler's old stomping ground of San Diego is now built into the clear, undeniable image of a Nazi swastika!   Unbelievable.   That's as much a red flag as Minoru Yamasaki's designing the World Trade Center and its tower's courtyard into a model of Mecca in Manhattan while he was the favorite architect for the Bin Laden's. Where was that in the media reports?  And don't forget that Salem Bin Laden, Osama's older brother died in an inexplicable plane crash at the Cibolo ultra-light airport that is still owned by the wife and therefore her husband, the former head of Offutt Air Force Base and the head of the National Reconnaissance Office that called for the 911 drills that masked the problems that Scott Shuger laid out in his piercing critique of NORAD for Bill Gate's on-line magazine, Slate.com, titled IGNORAD.     That was only four months before Shuger died in a witness-less scuba diving accident in California.

Click photos for link to confirmation of these

     So, anyway, William Sessions was Revell's boss at FBI appointed by Reagan and GHWB who has been well documented to be the mind behind Operation Zapata....the Bay of Pigs.   Sessions is fired by Bill Clinton and replaced by Janet Reno.   Revell moves to Dallas to head up the FBI offices there and after 911 becomes involved in a face-recognition software company that produces programs that claims to identify terrorists.  Out of Canada it is called Imagis.  But you have to go back before September 11, 2001.   Go back to 1988, the year that Salem bin Laden died in Cibolo, the poor man was an experienced jet pilot who was also an experienced ultra-light pilot flying directly into a high power line and then rushed to Brooks Army Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.  It's been widely reported that Salem shuttled negotiators to Paris in the BAC-111 for the Reagan/Bush "October Surprise" in 1980.   Oops. That made him a real liability!  The National Reconnaissance Office's commander's mother-in-law who owned the small airport had worked for decades at Beechcraft with Neal Blue, whose General Atomics makes our Predator and Reaper drones and who was Samoza's partner in the banana and other businesses in Nicaragua before his goon killed ABC's newsman, Bill Stewart.  Lowell Bergman, remember Lowell Bergman the man in the movie The Insider?   Bergman who made his money investigating for CBS's 60 Minutes, the same program that botched the Ellington Field memos of GWB who was stationed there with his roommate James R. Bath?  Thank you Mary Mapes and Dan Rather for your excellent handling of a simple slam dunk!  Bergman announces that Salem died in a crash of his BAC-111 jet, not an ultra-light.   Bingo! What a crock of warmed over slime.   Does Bergman retract his little error?  No.   Hey, but 1988 is important for another special reason.   Heading into the 1992 election cycle with time to tidy up the messiness, a CIA agent from the Middle East is going to start putting two and two together.  He is wondering just why if the Muslim Brotherhood had spawned Al Qaeda in Egypt, killed Sadat, and moved on to help the CIA in Afghanistan, why the hell the rank and file CIA agents fresh out of the apple barrel didn't have a clue about this smegma lathered clustered copulation of bamboozling bimbos thrashing together on a soggy mattress of war profiteering?
     That agent's name was Matt Gannon and he was headed to Langley to press the issue.  His father-in-law was Thomas Tweeton, the Middle-East CIA Bureau Chief.   Matt boarded a plane for Washington and was scheduled to fly with Oliver Revell's son, FBI agent, also, Oliver Revell.   "Buck, Jr." changed his flight plans.    Gannon didn't.  What happened to Gannon?  Oh, he was on Pan Am 103!  You remember the name Gannon?  Probably not.   David Petraeus did.  He spoke at Gannon's funeral!   Did Gannon's name get mentioned in the Smithsonian Institution's "definitive documentary on the Lockerbie bombing?" titled The Lockerbie Bombing?  Not one word.  Here is the same kind of myth-spinning that is used in empires to hide imperial ambitions.   Do you remember that James Dale Guckert, that weird Nazi-clad gay call-boy journalist for Talon News was exposed in the media as having infiltrated the Bush White House under the assumed name of Jeff Gannon....Gannon....get it?  A simple reminder to the insiders to shut the hell up!
     Does Revell know?  Well, if he doesn't?  Good god y'all!  Who was in charge of the FBI's investigation of the Pan Am 103 bombing?  "Buck" Revell.  What did the FBI do with FINCEN?  The FBI's Brian Bruh stood it down. What did they do with the Bin Laden's after 911? Let'em go! Did the FBI look into the razing of the Bin Laden airport in Houston, the Houston Gulf Manor once the premier airport for NASA astronauts' private planes?  Did they look into the role of the firewaller in the Iran-Contra investigation who insured that Reagan and Bush didn't get impeached?  Michael Bromwich.  Bromwich, who arrived in Houston, Texas to investigate the Medical Examiners' office when it turned to mush?  That examiner was not unlike the Mena, Arkansas examiner, the slimeball who didn't investigate the deaths of Kevin Ives and Don Henry, but in Houston it was Michael Bromwich the investigator the Iran-Contra prosecutor who didn't prosecute and M.E. Joyce Carter who had been the M.E. in Washington D.C..  Revell also oversaw the Branch Davidian affair in Waco where they were, not unlike the Chagra brothers, gun runners in a town that had been the home base for the CIA's Buffalo Airways owned by Farhad Azima, a key player in the Iran-Contra supply line.

PP:  Mr. Revell said at that Tea Party meeting in Dallas in 2015 that "we make the Muslim Brotherhood our partners.  The Muslim brotherhood has been the central architect for the jihadist activities that we face in the United States and globally.  Of course, we saw what happened when they did get into office in Egypt and 36,000,000 Egyptians threw them out....they listed the Muslim brotherhood as a terrorist group as does Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and some of the other Gulf State."  But the Muslim Brotherhood evolved under Mubarak and recruited Al Qaeda to fight the Russians in Afghanistan with the help of the CIA and Charlie Wilson and Joanne King Herring.

LW:  Yes, and to understand this you have to never forget the SEAL headquarters offices and its swastika design.  Never forget that Butler was there in San Diego where Wallis Simpson met the Duke of Windsor at the Coronado Hotel and that Winston Churchill had to exile those two rabid dogs to the Bahamas to keep an eye on them, just as he had exiled Joseph P. Kennedy with FDR's help.  The hardcore Muslims were aligned with whom during WWII?

PP:  Hitler?

LW:  Bingo.  Hitler.  And who supplied Hitler's oil?  BP who controlled most of the Middle East's oil fields....thank you Lawrence of Arabia?

PP:   No, that wouldn't have happened, with Churchill sitting on the Windsors.  I read somewhere that Hitler's oil agent in the U.S. was William Rhodes Davis the grandfather of California Governor Gray Davis.   Is that correct?

LW:  Read Dale Harrington's 1999 book William Rhodes Davis: Nazi Agent of Influence.  Yes, and without Gray Davis in office before his recall there would not have been the rape of California's energy grid by Enron....the company founded by the husband of Joanne King Herring, Robert Herring of Houston Natural Gas.....and never forget that the daughter-in-law of the number two intelligence officer at Guantanamo during the Bay of Pigs was Enron's California public relations officer preparing California to be raped in the period of deregulation under GWB, thanks to Bill Clinton's failure to veto the repeal of Glass-Steagall.   Clinton's compliance created the 2000-2008 period of dark alliances that still casts an evil shadow over this nation.  The husband of Enron's public relations official is the grandson of Joseph P. Kennedy's business partner in Texas in the oil company called MoKeen, Inc..  Was Kennedy's Nazi sympathies fueled by his Texas oil connections to Davis and Hitler?  It's an important point of inquiry.  If Joseph Kennedy's sons were, not unlike say Patty Hearst, William Ayers, Jim Morrison and countless others who questioned the hard right wing of U.S. political ideologies, though not as radically as these, they were still potentially signing their own death warrant.  These nut cakes don't use moderation and logic and their reasoning is about as dependable as Rudolf Hess bailing out onto Lord Hamilton's estate to forge an Aryan/Anglo alliance. Logic?  Did Himmler use logic?

PP:  The 2015 Tea Party even in Garland, Texas at which Revell spoke was partly sponsored by the Koch family.  Should we be concerned?

LW:  Well, Fred Koch built Hitler's refineries and started the John Birch Society.  What do you think?  People better wake up and start talking and acting before they become like Peter Niemoeller, Dietrick Bonhoeffer and Hans and Sophie Scholl.  You don't need a giant intelligence apparatus to do this work.  No Bletchley Park and Enigma code breakers.  You need one person in the right place to do the right thing to change the world as we know it.  That is the beauty of Jesus, Mohammed, Ghandi though you cannot look at the bimbos that followed them and see anything near what they had envisioned for humanity: Peace! Look, the real problem is the oil cartel which is like the Roman Catholic Church that jailed Copernicus and Galileo when they told their asshole power elites that they were not the center of the universe.  Today, our best scientists are being held under house arrest by the oil elites....Rockefellers, Kochs and the rest and they will not sleep until they control the next major fuel source.  Rice University's Kenneth Pitzer made sure that Robert Oppenheimer's vision of the future did not include cheap ubiquitous nuclear energy and Robert Herring's building at Rice University sits next to the building that houses Frank Vandiver's letters of Jefferson Davis....the very letters that prove that the U.S. Civil War was fought over the race to the Middle East's opium poppies and not slavery or states' rights.  Vandiver went on to become the head of Texas A&M's Mosher Institute for Defense Studies with Ed Mosher of Mosher Steel providing 13,000 tons or about 26,000,000 pounds of steel for the first nine floors of the World Trade Center including the important central columns that has the Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth up in arms when they knew that the steel framing, four times stronger than it needed to be could have withstood 100-plus mph winds and multiple simultaneous airplane collisions.  Before he died Vandiver wrote the book How America Goes To War.  I am hoping that Buck Revell's next book will be titled A G-Man Looks Back In Total Honesty. 

PP:  Well, you sound disillusioned with Rabbi Golub.  I guess you are quite glad that Jesus has Rev. Joel Osteen in Houston ministering to those greedy petro-chemical moguls holding the oil spigot in the city that threw Oppy under the bus and told California to believe in Enron's "theoretical future value"?

LW:  Oh?   Look, you can never trust a Pentecostal minister that moves into River Oaks anymore than you trust Bill Clinton flying into Trump's neighborhood in West Palm Beach with Jeff Epstein!  Meanwhile, I am trying NOT to forget what James Taylor said is the secret of life:  enjoying the passing of time.  That's hard to do when some fuck-wad war profiteer is telling you to go kill someone.


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