Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Monday, July 11, 2016

Micah Johnson, Police Chief David Brown, Dallas White Cop Killings: Prologue To Police State

CNN Marches Out Bernie Kerik For Instructions To Blacks on How Not To Get Shot

by Peter Pezonus, CPW News Service

   It was like a well choreographed broadway play.   Two black men are shot in Louisiana and Minnesota, states not unfamiliar with the America militia movements and cops that frequently join or endorse them.  Videos of their killings go viral on the Internet.   A Dallas, Texas Southern Baptist minister from Louisville Baptist Seminary, Emory University and Brite Divinity School organizes a Black Lives Matter peace march in Dallas.   

 Rev. Dr. Jeff Hood from Emory University, Louisville Baptist
Seminary and Brite Divinity School who organized  the Black Lives
Matter event in Dallas and who led the unplanned post-rally march.
Hood is being told not to answer questions relative to his statement
to the press.

     The march leaves an initial static location and moves down the street.  Police try to anticipate the spontaneous march in a city where the nation's most well-known parade route, the JFK route through Dealy Plaza, turned deadly from top-down rifle fire.   A more graphic connection between the 1960's civil rights movement and today's lack of civil rights for Blacks could not have been made.   A shooter begins plinking policemen and policewomen while claiming on a 911 call that he is  going after white police, but then shoots many Latin American, too, and an African-American woman trying to protect her children.  The shooter is obviously color-blind or needed to wait for sunlight. He's pinned down in a parking garage.   A drone-like roller-bot is used to carry a military-grade package of C4 explosives to a wall behind him.  According to shock-jock radio host who has posited the possibility that the police were purposely led into an ambush, Michael Savage, adds....."the shooter was atomized." 
     Was he atomized?   Did that prohibit an autopsy or was DNA matched from the shooter and known DNA evidence from the shooter's hair follicles collected from his known residence?  Matched by his known mother's DNA?
     Friends of the shooter say that he did not appear to be capable of such brutality.  Police claim he talked of IED's and about 3 lbs. of black powder were found at his home.   The Dallas Chief of Police, David Brown, appears in an exclusive CNN interview with Jake Tapper to explain what happened.  Tapper asks Brown about the death of his brother, partner and son who all died in actions of police violence.  Brown, a Dallas native, says that the Dallas event is not about him, but about his police force and its heroic response to the killer's bizarre act.  Brown had grown up in Dallas entering the police force, by his own admission to Tapper, as a response to the crack cocaine epidemic that ravaged Dallas like so many other U.S. cities.

     Tapper's employer, CNN, whose founder, Ted Turner, produced the Civil War movie Gods & Generals featured in it the mutton-chopped Texas Senator Phil Gramm, who had led with the help of President Bill Clinton the 1999 repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act.  Clinton failed to veto thus removing the firewall in U.S. legislation preventing what became the 2008 financial meltdown and bamboozling Wall Street rape of Main Street. Turner sat with actor Robert Duval who played Robert E. Lee while Turner dressed in Rebel garb and playing an ancestor of General George S. Patton, sings as the Bonnie Blue battle flag of the Confederacy is waved for the Rebel troops including General Stonewall Jackson.  
     That Bonnie Blue flag would become the lone star blue panel of the Texas state flag. Meanwhile, Turner's CNN would march out former New York City Police Commissioner under Rudy Giuliani, Bernie Kerik during its July 10th television coverage to explain to a black reporter just how to avoid being shot by a policeman approaching a black driver behind the wheel.  Kerik, George W. Bush's first choice of Director of Homeland Security, had faced his own issues with a conviction and jail-time for accepting bribes from organized crime in New York after going to Iraq to train Iraqi security forces in 2003.   That was before West Point Professor Theodore "Ted" Westhusing went to Iraq for the same task only to be so disgusted with the corruption he witnessed there as to confront General David Petraeus about what he saw in 2005.  Westhusing was dead four hours after his bitter encounter with Petraeus.  Westhusing was the U.S. Military Academcy's top ethicist.  His students adored him.  His story is included in the first chapter of Christian T. Miller's book on the Iraq war titled Blood Money.
      We asked Dr. Lowell P. Wigglesworth to help us to understand the strange historical and cultural milieu that defines the events in Dallas.
     "Dallas was the scene of the brutal 1993 attack on Anglos and Hispanics by African Americans during the Dallas Cowboys' Super Bowl victory celebration and parade near the same site as the recent murders.   Now we can say that the elections of an African-American President has done nothing to prove that the 'more perfect union' that President Obama celebrates is not accurate, but what do you expect?  The USA is build on the celebration of militarism and even the football victory that is being celebrated is based on gobbling up territory, throwing long bombs and the offensive and defensive imagery of war.  We live in a war zone and it's time we admits it so that we have no excuse for altering our core values and core ethic.  Robert Wilonsky, the Managing Editor of the Dallas Morning News, was managing editor of the Daily Texan, the student paper of the University of Texas. He should know well what's going on in Texas.  He was at UT when Bush was Governor and when Bush implemented the Sunset Commission like Bush tried to do at the Federal level to essentially eliminate the need for the legislative branch of government," said Wigglesworth. "The privatization of the U.S. military is a prelude to the coming police state and no state was coopted more for the process than Texas where Bush privatized the multi-billion dollar University of Texas endowment fund when it became UTIMCO under Bush buddy, Tom Hicks, but most of that money went into backing defense contractors.  You have to remember the place of Samuel Prescott Bush in Buckeye Steel and making canon barrels and at Remington Arms and also Texas Ranger Samuel Hamilton Walker's place in history as Samuel Colt's friend, with Colt's plant being in Connecticut like Yale, the Springfield Armory, and other stalwarts of the arsenal of freedom that somewhere along the line has become the arsenic of freedom, " asserted Wigglesworth.
      "You have noted some significant aspects of U.S. culture that informs our perceptions.  I have written much about the drug culture that Dallas' Police Chief Brown describes, but what he doesn't say is that the drug culture that influenced his entering police service is the same culture that Gary Webb and Peter Brewton exposed in the 1980's and 1990's as being a government sponsored, power-elite-invoked money mill that replaced the iron chains of slavery with the chemical chains of slavery.  When the Iran-Contra network of drugs-for-weapons in violation of the Boland Amendment and U.S. neutrality laws were exposed, the gig was up.  Police are caught in the middle protecting the very system that enslaves the people who were supposed to be freed by a bloody Civil War that cost 600,000 American lives," said Wigglesworth noting that Webb's life story was turned into the film Kill the Messenger.  Webb was discredited in a debate with the Washington Post's Jeff Leen moderated by the University of Missouri's head of Investigative Reporters and Editors, Steve Weinberg, whose school produced Melissa Click who attempted to shut down free speech on the Mizzou campus," said Wigglesworth.  "The Washington Post's place in the pantheon of propaganda spinning papers can be seen in its Managing Editor, Steve Coll, who became the Henry Luce Professor of Journalism and Dean of Columbia University's Journalism School and who managed the work of the Washington Post's myth-spinning propagandist of the Pat Tillman and Jessica Lynch stories, Vernon Loeb, who also co-authored the book by sex kitten, Paula Broadwell, All In: The Education of General David Petraeus that included a extra-marital liaison that cost Petraeus his appointment as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency or CIA," said Wigglesworth.  "Gary Webb's debate included his mention of his consultation with Texas' Houston Post award-winning reporter and author the 1992 book that "Simon & Schuster signed but refused to print," while offering Brewton the editor of the Washington Post's reporters' Woodward and Bernstein's book All The President's Men, Alice Mayhew.   Brewton, now a Texas Tech University journalism professor managed to publish his important well-documented election-year book with difficulty under the title The Mafia, CIA and George Bush: Corruption, Greed and Abuse of Power In the Nation's Highest Office.   "He had a hell of lot more to substantiate his story than Deep Throat," said Wigglesworth.
       "Remember Serpico?  Rudy Giuliani was the Prosecutor on the Knapp Commission in New York City, hometown of Giuliani, Kerik, Henry Luce and Columbia University and its new Dean, Steve Coll.  The Knapp Commission was the Serpico Commission. The FBI liaison on Knapp was Brian Bruh who was also the liaison for the FBI's Financial Crimes Investigation Network, FINCEN, that was designed to uncover Saudi Arabian influenced peddling in the USA, but which stood down in 1992, a program that could have stopped the development of the 911 WTC hijackers' plot.  You remember Frank Serpico?   The police in New York were corrupt.  Kerik was corrupt.  The NYFD, the New York Fire Fighters, believe that Rudy Giuliani is corrupt.   Why?  Because of Giuliani's pre and post handling of the 911 disaster and because after leaving the Houston, Texas law firm of Bracewell & Giuliani whose lawyer, William Edward King, business partner at Houston's CIA-linked Ellington Field (Southwest Airport Services) with BCCI, Bank of Credit and Commerce International, the leading Iran-Contra money laundering bank, board member and GWB's Texas Air National Guard roommate, James R. Bath.   Giuliani joined in 2015 the Washington D.C. law firm that employed the convicted K-Street lobbyist, Jack Abramoff, while Ellington Field was home of Scottish Rite Mason, General Claire Chennault, head of the American Volunteer Group's Flying Tigers, backed as it was in China by the opium smuggling Green Gang.  The continuity of U.S. drug policy and "war on drugs" has revealed the historic conflicts of interests undergirding government and societal criminality.


       Did Serpico believe that the NYPD was cleaned up?  Apparently not.  He left the country.  So what is CNN doing marching out Bernie Kerik as a spokesperson on Black security issues like he was injected in the bamboozled war in Iraq?" asked Wigglesworth.
    Wigglesworth noted that with nearly 3000 architects, engineers, physicists and metallurgists questioning the 911 scenario and demanding a new investigation of the World Trade Center attack and Official 911 Commission Report  that was overseen by the chair of the Congressional Committee investigating the reports of a 1980 "October Surprise" that reportedly included the participation of Salem Bin Laden, elder brother of Osama, who died in an inexplicable plane crash in Cibolo, Texas in 1988.  "Texas has become like a Broadway stage for all manner of bizarre events," said Wigglesworth.  The Chair of the 911 Commission and of the "October Surprise" investigation was Lee Hamilton. "There's a conflict of interest of monumental proportions," said Wigglesworth noting that 3000 scientists have concluded that the science does not, cannot, support the Official 911 Commission Report.
     Wigglesworth looks to the written records for a better understanding of the foundations of our blurred history.   "Most blacks and whites  do not now that the great Civil War abolitionist orator, Frederick Douglass, was really named Frederick Bailey who worked in Baltimore, Maryland's Gardner shipyard that made the fastest opium cutters for the China Trade of New England's leading drug smugglers like Boston's Caleb and John Perkins Cushing with Caleb also being a close friend of Jefferson Davis.  Not much changes.  What most also don't know is that George Washington and Benjamin Franklin and many of the other founding fathers of the country were Free Masons, but York Rite Masons, not Scottish Rite Masons.  Scottish Rite Masons evolved from the Prussian royal household of Frederick the Great who exported Albert Pike, the founder of Scottish Rite Masonry, to the USA through Savannah, Georgia where the first Scottish Rite Temple in the U.S. was built.   Pike was an avid slaver, the Confederacy's chief Indian agent and chief legal counsel for the KKK which founder Nathan Bedford Forrest left when it turned to violence.  In time the Northern white power elites like Alphonso Taft and his son, William Howard Taft, both of Yale Skull & Bones like the Bush Presidents and Linden Blue who is married to the former "Mayor of San Diego Naval Base," now the Chief Financial Officer of the City of San Diego.   Blue's company General Atomic mines uranium and uses depleted uranium in its shells fired from it Predator and Reaper drones also made by Neal and Linden Blue's General Atomic.  The Blue brothers had been business partners with the brutal sociopathic dictator of Nicaragua, Anastosia Samoza, about whom FDR whose wife, Eleanor Roosevelt was from Savannah, Georgia like Pike, and whose Delano side of the family were also serious China Traders like the Cushings, Tafts, Huntingtons, Russells, Heards and other Yale elites.  Alphonso Taft would become a Scottish Rite Mason, William Howard joining in 1908 his father's Cincinnati lodge, essentially reuniting with their Southern power elite brethren who they had fought during the Civil War.  The first Scottish Rite President was Lincoln's successor, Andrew Johnson, initiated into Pike's SR Masonry by Benjamin Brown French.  While complicating the plot to murder Lincoln, Mary Todd Lincoln's lawyers were the Republican law firm of Sidley Austin in Springfield, Illinois that merged in 2000 with the New York law firm of Brown & Wood which had just moved into the World Trade Center, but of its 600 employees lost only one on 911.  Brown & Wood represented National City Bank about which General Smedley Butler said in his book War Is A Racket that "I was a goon for the National City Bank boys on three continents."  Democrats Michelle and Barack Obama met at their jobs at Sidley Austin law firm in Illinois.
     This helps to expose the clear fact that the U.S. Civil War was fought over multiple motives which Lowell P. Wigglesworth has discussed in numerous articles on American history and myth and which was explored in Ishmael Sol Servaivor's article Eddie Glaude, Diane Rehm And Unraveling the American Myth.  Wigglesworth's contribution to the demythologizing of American history is also the subject of Flavius Rucklehouseman's Dark Side of the Fall and in Justin Nicholas Thyme's article Varon, Beschloss Scorn Wigglesworth.
     At the top of the food chain it was not primarily over the prohibition of slavery or states' rights, but over the control of the rail route to the Pacific Ocean and the shipping lanes to the Middle East's opium crops controlled by the Ottoman Turks and by the British through Sephardic Jew, David Sassoon.  Bought in the Golden Crescent....Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan and India.... the U.S. China Traders, protected by the U.S. Navy, as was John D. Rockefeller's ships on the Yangtze River by the USS Panay gunship,  dumped the drugs in China as a trading chip as had the British before them.  This side of the evolving US policy in China can be seen in the novel by U.S. merchant marine, Richard McKenna, The Sand Pebbles.  Not surprisingly, returning from the Yangtze where he was doing similar duty earlier was Admiral Andrew Hull Foote to open the South's waterways for Union gunboats, a story not covered by historian Shelby Foote who told C-SPAN's Brian Lamb in a 2005 interview that "I did not consult any original documents.  It's all been gone over before," an astounding admission for any serious U.S. historian.   In the USA they sold the drugs as they had in China to the poor as happened later with cocaine as Gary Webb fully exposed and as Peter Brewton collaborated.   Those poor were looking for relief from the grinding degradation of poverty and U.S. drug policy became an undeclared tax on the poor, but that tax went into the power elites pockets while the U.S. middle class' legitimate taxes paid for the programs that addressed the same grinding poverty in a token fashion that sought to legitimized the power elites rule.  "When Gary Webbs book Dark Alliance was published in 1996 outlining the  U.S. government's compliance in the drug trade there also followed Dr. Thomas Layton's 1999 book Voyage of the Frolic: New England Merchants and the China Trade that chronicles aspects of the history I just described," said Wigglesworth.
     Wigglesworth's assessment of the current situation is rooted in American literature as well. "Herman Melville wrote of American whalers' pursuit of a great white whale, but remember that the whalers, exemplified by Ahab and Starbuck, would morph into the New England China Traders and opium smugglers like Caleb Cushing and John Perkins Cushing, the Heards, Huntingtons, Russels and Delanos.  In fact, I make the case that Moby Dick was not the white whale, but Moby was a symbol for the obsessive, mindless, numbing pursuit of the drool of the opium poppy.  In fact, the father of Oliver Wendall Holmes, Jr., Oliver Wendall Holmes, Sr. the New England surgeon who invented the word 'anesthetic' found his son on the U.S. Supreme Court fashioning U.S. drug policy that protected the China Traders at the same time the Golden Crescent's chief product was finding new legitimate application in medicine even as the clandestine side of the imports flourished making the power elites more powerful.  Melville, who would follow Moby Dick with Billy Budd about the need for justice and fair play on a ship gone mad, died penniless unlike Cormac McCarthy whose book, Blood Meridian, was pronounced by the Dumbledore of the Yale's cherished naming-program of the U.S. literary canon, Harold Bloom, as compared favorably with Melville's famous novel.  Unlike McCarthy's books that have made him a fortune, Melville's died penniless and did not jettison a Biblical prophetic role in the character of the Ishmael or Budd.  McCarthy has, on the other hand, declared in Blood Meridian's Judge Holden that "War is God".  If god, the lesser god, Kratos," said Wigglesworth.

Texas Ranger Foundation's
Masonic origins.

     Wigglesworth notes that the Dallas event is especially troubling because of the questions it raises.  "Take the Texas Rangers.   In the last couple of years the corruption in the ranks of the Texas Rangers from cross-border drug deals has led to a Ranger-wide crackdown and restrictions on recruiting new Rangers, but the Ranger's are not at all shy about their history with Free Masonry.   The Texas Ranger Heritage Center in Fredericksburg, Texas, home of the George Herbert Walker Pavillion on the Pacific War at the Nimitz Museum, proudly displays on their website a Masonic Ranger badge, but it says nothing about the Scottish Rite history to Free Masonry and about Albert Pike's place within the KKK.
     "You have to remember that the German communities in the old frontier were early repositories for the mercenary Hessian troops from the American Revolution that fought with British Tories against the York Rite Masonry of Washington and Franklin.  Unable to return after the Revolution to Germany they also became the repositories for Allen Dulles' immigrant Nazi Germans from 'Operation Paperclip' that also fed the U.S. intelligence apparatus after 1947," said Wigglesworth.
      "I don't know who this preacher from Emory University is, Jeff Hood, but I am highly suspect of Emory University and the CDC in Ted Turner's Atlanta.  Why?   Because when Ebola made its way to the USA from Africa it was through a black traveler in Dallas....another interesting Dallas connection to a city that has become the hub of America's conflicted social ills and where both H. Ross Perot and George W. Bush live.... Perot teaming up with Col. Bo Gritz in the 1992 Presidential election who named Richard Armitage as a Cushing-protege, providing the perfect example of the depths of the city's cross-purposes.  Perot's Vice-Presidential candidate in 1992 was Congressional Medal of Honor winner and USN Vice-Admiral, James Bond Stockwell, whose place in military history is featured at the Nimitz Museum in Fredericksburg, Texas as is George H.W. Bush.   Dallas is remembered now for Ebola that was concentrated in oil-rich Nigeria and diamond-rich Sierra Leone and the doctors and nurses who contracted it were flown to the U.S. on the Georgia-based airline that used exclusively the gray Lear Jets from the jet company that had been headed by Neal Blue.  Those pilots traveled in shirt sleeves while the med staff wore full infection protective suits.  The physicians who worked on Ebola in Atlanta at both the CDC and Emory have patented the virus.  Let me say that again.  They patented the Ebola virus!   Meanwhile, the vaccination program for Ebola was put on a back burner while a ZMAPP program that uses a different approach using tobacco, an industry whose heirs at R.J. Reynolds included Gordon Gray and son, Bush attorney, C. Boyden Gray, has received government funding through Texas A&M University also in Texas and home to the GHWB Presidential Library.  This is great news for states like Senator Richard Burr's North Carolina that lost out of its revenues when smoking was exposed as the health hazard that it is.  There are those who don't believe that the evolution of Ebola is as so often describe by the media, but rather, like the Marburg virus that originated in a laboratory in Germany.  It may well be a military bio-weapon.  Look at the U.S. history relative to the Tuskegee Experiment and the Pruitt-Igoe Project in St. Louis, Missouri," said Wigglesworth.

"Democrat Edward Markey may seem an unlikely member of
Turner's Gods and Generals' cast, except that Boston
Massachusetts was home to the opium smuggler
Caleb Cushing whose letter from Jefferson Davis to
Franklin Pierce in the Jefferson Davis
Collection at Rice University, overseen by Frank Vandiver,
discloses the real motive for the U.S. Civil War. Boston
 was also home to Joseph P. Kennedy and the U.S. military
 armories that profited from war and backed Civil
War abolitionist, John Brown, like
lead miner and bullet maker, George
Luther Stearns who tried to corner the lead market."
-Lowell P. Wigglesworth
     Pruitt-Igoe was the housing project that was built in St. Louis and used as the site for an undisclosed nuclear radiation test on unwitting citizens that is the subject of Lisa Martino-Taylor's open source PhD dissertation.  Pruitt-Igoe was built  by the architect of the World Trade Center, Minoru Yamasaki, and was controlled-demolished by CDI in 1972 using thermite-laden explosives.   CDI is the same company that completed the demolition of the World Trade Center days after 911 to the horror of the NYFD whose families claimed that the remains of their loved ones and physical evidence that could have informed a proper investigation into the 911 disaster was not permitted.
    "I smell a Reichstag-like choreography of events that will inevitably lead this nation into a new Reich-like era of world war," said Wigglesworth.  "That is good news for munitions makers proving once again that as General Smedley Darlington Butler said, 'War is a racket,'" said Wigglesworth.
    "The connection of the Scottish Rite Free Mason's founder, Albert Pike, to the German monarchy and to the KKK and Confederacy comes full circle in the British monarchy of the German Saxe-Coburg-Gotha-Windsors.  You can never forget that the god-mother of Elizabeth Kauffman Bush, wife of Prescott Bush, Jr., and daughter of the first USN SEAL, Draper Kauffman, was the wife of the Prince Edward, Duke of Windsor, Wallis Simpson, a known Nazi spy.  JFK's father, Joseph P. Kennedy, was in their camp so JFK's civil rights initiatives was essentially a betrayal of Oedipal proportions!  Elizabeth Kauffman Bush lived to write the book Frogman: The Draper Kauffman Story about the first USN SEAL and to see the SEAL headquarters in San Diego, California built as Minoru Yamasaki had built the WTC as a model of Mecca in New York as a replica of the Nazi Reich's swastika.....hardly a minor oversight!" said Wigglesworth noting that much of the Muslim world and German Nazis were allies against Western democracy.  When you realize that 26,000,000 pounds or 13 metric tons of steel for the critical first nine floors of the World Trade Center were supplied by Edward Mosher's Mosher Steel Company while the Mosher Foundation funded the Texas A&M based Mosher Institute of Defense Studies whose long-time Director, historian Frank Vandiver, former President of Rice University who essentially hid the letters of Jefferson Davis to Franklin Pierce that disclosed the real motivation for the U.S. Civil War, then you see the depths, breadth, length and height to which this bamboozle goes," said Wigglesworth.

San Diego, California's USN SEAL headquarters building.

    With the issue of apparent class-warfare and racial conflict so unabated I asked Wigglesworth what he thought should be the response from responsible citizens of whatever color.
    "I once asked a Texan named Deleon, an independent businessman, if they knew that they were from the Deleon Colony that went from Monterrey, Mexico to Dallas.  'Yes, and let met tell you that if Santa Anna had won the war with the Texians we would not have been better off.  Do you think the Mexicans are better off today and how inclusive are they?   If you are a Central American crossing into Mexico you will find out.   You can't go claiming such a large swath of land and expect to hold it for your own power elites without substantial resistance.'  But here's the thing.  Everybody deserves a chance in life.   I would that there not be demonstrations in the public squares where things like these police murders or the 1993 Super Bowl event took place.  Demonstrate at the local elementary schools and at the public hospitals.  Why?  Because human rights are a public health issue and education and the solutions to human conflicts are elementary and should have leaned those lessons in kindergarten and because health professionals and teachers are among the most trusted professions in the culture.  That way when the crazies come out of the woodwork as they always do, if they don't get the elementary message of universal peace and goodwill you won't have as far to transport the victims," said Wigglesworth.


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