Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Chris Hedges Sees The Problem, Not The Solution

Democracy Now Debate Between Hedges and Reich Lays U.S. Political Issue Bare

by Commentary by Lowell P. Wigglesworth, CPW News Service

     Former Secretary of Labor under William Jefferson Clinton, Robert Reich, believes that Hillary Clinton will make a great President.  Chris Hedges sees Hillary as the handmaiden of the corporate bamboozling of the U.S. and the wholesale decline of a once great nation.  Trump is another story, equally as distasteful to Hedges.  "Either Trump or Hillary, nothing changes," says Hedges. Reich calls Hedges "insane".   I call Hedges a man in the vein of Peter Niemoller, Hans and Sophie Scholl and Dietrich Bonhoeffer. 
     There is no clearer, more passionate and articulate an assessor of the American political experience than Christopher Hedges who told Reich and Democracy Now  hosts Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez, that both Trump and Clinton are corrupt and that Bernie Sander's checkered past led to his capitulation to the corporate malfeasance sliming around an oily, slippery, swamp of capitalism run amuck.  Jesse Ventura's Minneapolis one-minute meeting with Sanders is revealing.  Sanders was never an Independent said Ventura.  Are Bernie and Reich from the Israeli Mossad and was Hedge's statement about the Mossad to Robert Reich, suggesting such unseen influences?  Robert Reich's put-down of Hedges for not having been in the seat of power should have swollen Reich's tongue and tonsils given that Bill Clinton and Hillary by association gutted programs for needy children and gutted the firewall of the Glass-Steagall Act in 1999, Clinton's last year in office, by failing to veto the repeal of Glass-Steagall...the only legislation preventing the big banks and Wall Street from fermenting the credit default swaps and bundled junk mortgages based on incomprehensible metrics that tanked the economy in 2008.  While Reich was presiding over the Clinton labor betrayal Chris was covering the wars in the Balkans from a brain splattered and bloody front row seat.   I say hang all the national debt on the corporations, especially the big banks, let them declare bankruptcy, write it all off and start clean!  China won't be happy, but like the old USSR, as Anthony Sutton has shown and as Zbigniew Brzezinski had verified, it was Western technology that brought them to where they are from Faraday's breakthroughs that supported China's  high speed (400 kph) rail system to the Bessimer steel smelting process to copying drones and incorporating illegally appropriated software. 
    Clinton's open door and the following Bush-wacking of endless war on terror is what made Trump possible.  Does Trump have mind or a march toward fascism with Rudy Giuliani as a new head of Homeland Security?  A mustached Trump and billiard ball bald Italian Giuliani registering images of the Axis anomaly just as Hillary and her personal and DNC emails dredge up images of Eva Peron dancing around with bananas on her head while, and this is truly vile, soliciting Anastasia Samoza to speak at the Democratic National Convention, but not asking her to tell her immingration story in its totality.
     That story would have included the murder in 1979 of NBC's Bill Stewart in Nicaragua by the National Guard of brutal dictator, Anastasio Samoza, the business partner of Neal and Linden Blue, makers of Global Atomics's Predator and Reaper drones which fire depleted uranium shells made from Blue's the spent fuel rods produced from Blue's uranium mines.  The $400 million payment of the U.S. to Iran has been linked to the payment owed to Iran for weapons that Iran did not receive because Ayatollah Khomeini's rebellion had exiled the Shah while students took Americans hostage leading directly to the 1980 "October Surprise".  It was from within that revolution that Bill Stewart had flown from Iran to Nicaragua, an assignment that potentially had him holding the two hot wires of the Iran-Contra connection to war profiteering in both the Middle East and Central America for the flow of power to the two regions by the purveyors of the endless racket of war.  Obviously, the DNC did not want Anastasia's message to include that history any more than they wanted Julian Assange's WikiLeaks to unpack the fact that Hillary Clinton had helped to divert Libyan weapons to freedom fighting jihadists in secular Syria, a nation that had expelled Al Qaeda from within its borders so that they moved on to Saudi Arabia and eventually to the mountains of Afghanistan and Pakistan.
      I love Chris Hedges, but I, like Mr. Reich who is as covered in the Clinton's scatologic rituals as a Pilgrim's Pride chicken in a barnyard, get depressed when I hear Chris say "Game over and corporate America won." 
     Now, what is a corporation, anyway?  According to the U.S. Supreme Court it is a person that employs other people.  People have a life span.  That being true, get visionary attorneys to force the Supreme Court to make ALL corporations only viable for the average human lifespan, not unlike Thomas Jefferson writing monarchial primogeniture bias, a throwback inherent in Sharia Law, too, out of U.S. law.  Say eighty years.  Period.  Then it has to spread its assets among its children equally....its stockholders....forbid interlocking directorates and die a decent death.   Let it rebrand to prevent the imitation of a primogeniture system of wealth transference like the old monarchial systems that kept humanity in the feudal dark ages.  Thomas Jefferson was saddled with writing primogeniture bias out of American law. It is this element of Western culture that will never reconcile with Sharia Law since Sharia has no such provision, nor will it reconcile with the circumvention of its intent to prohibit family dynasties that replicated feudalism, the enabling of which makes the U.S. Supreme Court traitorous at the deepest levels.  The West's bias was tied to the Magna Carta and equality under the law....that "the first shall be last and the last first," and a "golden rule" that was tacitly present even with Israel's King David, the last born runt of Jesse's litter that was a much a stake through the heart of primogeniture as Moses' babbling tongue and serpeant rod.   This, along with peaceful transference of power, was the genius of U.S. political theory that Oliver Cromwell and son Richard and the British Parliamentarians could not envision and which the U.S. accomplished by codifying the Magna Carta that even the Muslims of the Arab Spring embrace and to which Rep. Trey Gowdy appealed when he expressed his concern to Attorney General Lynch that she worked for a blind woman holding the scales of justice when he asked her about her meeting with Bill Clinton in they're parked jet planes like at the Sonic Drive in Phoenix.
     Does this sound like Teddy Roosevelt and the Sherman Anti-Trust Act....Glass-Steagall?  Why yes, both were on the side of sanity!  History repeating itself and this time to replace what Bill Clinton, the Rhodes Scholar and Oxford educated Arkansas hillybilly accomplished by failing to uphold Glass-Steagall...and don't forget NAFTA, supported by the war-mongering Bush cabal.... and now the Pacific alliance.......from Arkansas..... where the teaching of Albert Pike, chief legal counsel for the KKK and beholding to the court of Frederick the Great like the surfs under England's King George or Charles I, upheld by historians like the University of Arkansas' Walter Lee Brown, are a treasonous throwback to the Prussian royal court and politics before the American Revolution.  Remove Glass-Steagall and you have life under Taft and Hartley and Wall Street gone wild with William Howard Taft joining in 1908 his father's, Alpohonso Taft's, Albert Pike Temple in Cincinnati in the city where Alphonso is buried in the Spring Grove Cemetery alongside the largest assembly of Union Generals from the Civil War in America.  Ironic is it not that so many who fought for abolition of slavery should be beholding to the KKK's and SR's key leader in North America?  The first Albert Pike-follower to be initiated U.S. President was Andrew Johnson who succeeded the murdered Abraham Lincoln, initiated by Benjamin Brown French. 
     Lincoln's widow was defended in her sanity trials by the Springfield, Illinois law firm of Sidley Austin that merged in 2000 with Brown and Wood, counselors for what Smedley Butler called "the National City Bank Boys' and who lost only one of it 600 World Trade Center domiciled employees on 911.  Sidley Austin employed Barack and Michelle Obama from its home offices next to the Springfield statehouse where Hillary Rodham Clinton reminded us of Lincoln's speech...."A house divided cannot stand".   That is what Gowdy's blindfolded lady holding the scales of justice is saying, but she surely isn't blind to this bamboozle and neither should we be!
    Lady Justice is blind to fear or favor.  She is not blind to bamboozling and neither are the sons and daughters of America's continuing revolution.  Alphonso Taft was welded to the core column of the Yale power elites....Huntingtons, Russells, Heards, Cushings....whose push to the Pacific was fueled by the opium trade of the Golden Crescent with it own roots in the British royal family's concordat with David Sassoon and the subjugation of the Ottomans, Indians and Chinese.  Suddenly we understand how Bill Clinton was acting as an apologist for the memory of Barbara Pierce Bush ancestor, Franklin Pierce, in Clinton's Georgetown University speech and his first stump speech for Hillary in 2016 at Exeter, New Hampshire.   Franklin Pierce's champion William Walker, the "Gray-eyed Man of Destiny" tried to strip from Jefferson Davis' his desired grasp on Southern California where in short order 600,000 Americans would die to liberate America's version of the Chinese coolies only to find them reinslaved not with iron chains, but chemical and economic ones and abandoned on the altar of greed and graft.  When William Walker died in Honduras, Pierce turned his eye to Jefferson Davis and to Caleb Cushing in an alliance that Davis may have thought, though Braxton and Thomas Bragg knew, was not sure-fire bet of a rail line from Savannah to San Diego.   William Tecumseh Sherman, Braxton's business partner before the war, and George C. Bragg were working to consolidate the rail head at San Francisco using coolies and blacks to transport the unstable forerunner of Alfred Nobel's 1867 invention, Dynamite, to their appointed drill holes in the Rockies....nitro glycerin.  Memories of Ludlow!  Those memories and Jefferson Davis', Caleb Cushing's and Franklin Pierce's triad were hidden from history in the letters of Jeff Davis at Rice University, Houston, overseen by historian Frank Vandiver, whose benefactor, Edward Mosher of Mosher Steel, would supply thirteen metric tons of steel for the first nine floors of the World Trade Center while establishing  at Texas A&M University the Mosher Institute for Defense Studies where Vandiver wrote in 2005 his last book How America Goes To War.
    Now, I had the opportunity to be fired from a job by Exxon's Chief Geophysicist  for Exxon U.S.A. whose father was the chauffeur for Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone and John Burroughs all of whom supported the Nazis in the 1930's.  What had I done?  I dared to think for myself and Mr. John D. Rockefeller's employee did not like the fact that I did.  I said, "stuff it up your red headed ass, you god damn freaky bamboozler."   The Greek in me came out.  It's somewhere back there on my mother's side and it will not go away.  I'm glad it won't because as I read American history Washington, Franklin, Jefferson and the rest were Greeks at heart, not Romans, like the dick-wads that have ruined our nation and are in the process of ruining the world.  Imagine if we had taken the Greek mindset, but expanded and universalized it to include all people so that in 1936 Jesse Owens had been running at the International Olympics in Greece, the permanent site for the games, and not in Berlin where the event was less about the celebration of individualism and team work as it was about ideological spectacle for a madman?  That little change would say volumes to the world about democracy as the essence of enlightenment would it not?  Winter Olympics in Greece?  Don't worry, the coming winter may put snow on top of Olympus.
     Hillary said during her Democratic Convention acceptance speech that "I believe in science."  Well so did Dr. Joseph Mengele.  So did Dr. Jeffrey Wigand who worked for Brown & Williamson Tobacco Company until his phony science caused him to grow a conscience and some bigger balls.  So did Dr. Kenneth Pitzer who was working on high octane fossil fuels for the jet aviation industry when his testimony stripped J. Robert Oppenheimer of his national security clearance for wanting us to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes instead of building the hydrogen bomb.  So did scientist who were mixing lead in our paint and gasoline five decades after Europe banned lead from paint because of the health risks which folks in Ford-build Flint likely knew if the lead pipes were laid after the European ban.  So did the scientist who conducted the Tuskegee Experiment and the Pruitt-Igoe Experiment that has become the subject of Dr. Lisa Martino-Taylor's PhD open-source dissertation on Pruitt-Igoe, the undeclared government radiation test in St. Louis at the project built by the architect of the World Trade Center, Minoru Yamasaki, who saw Pruitt-Igoe demolished in 1972 using thermite explosives that were invented in the 1890's and used initially in the railroad industry, demolished by the same CDI, Controlled Demolition Incorporated, that quickly completed the demolition of the WTC after 911 to the horror of victims' families who could not retrieve their loved ones remains.   Hillary believes in science?  Not so much that she opposed the XL Pipeline as evidenced by Peter Schweizer's documentary Clinton Cash at 31 minutes into it and to the horror of groups like Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth.

     Hillary Clinton believes in science?  So do nearly 3000 architects, engineers, metallurgists and physicists who now say that science does not support the official 911 explanation of events.  We are now seeing that science is being held captive by the corporate cabal at the top of which are the world's fossilized moguls of the fossil fuel industry.  It's time that like Copernicus and Galileo our scientists be released from house arrest or release themselves.  Hedges is correct.  Revolution is a moral obligation when the truth is being murdered.  Scientist MUST step forward to claim the Greek way over the Roman way.   The world is on the brink and the status quo is the kiss of death.


About the Author: Lowell P. Wigglesworth is the American historian who has argued convincingly that the U.S. Civil War was fought over two public motives.... abolition or states rights.... both of which masked the more powerful, but less palatable motive, of control over the first Transcontinental Railroad and the race to the opium poppies of the Golden Crescent which helped to deaden the pain associated with the racket of war providing for a very profitable dialectic business model which has been the focal point of war critics like Henry Van Ness Boynton, Smedley Darlington Butler, Theodore "Ted" Westhusing, Pat Tillman and even former NATO Commander, General Wesley Clark, but who failed to point out that the Democrats, on whose ticket he ran as a Presidential candidate, had the same agenda as the Bush Neo-Cons.

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