Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Hillary In Springfield Trumping Trump with the Lincoln Civil War Card

Lowell P. Wigglesworth Says "Springfield Illinois & Sidley Austin Connections Reveal The Real Motive for the U.S. Civil War"

by Winsip Custer, CPW News Service

    According to historian and American de-mythologizer, Lowell P. Wigglesworth, Hillary Clinton's trip to the Springfield, Illinois state house where Abraham Lincoln said as does the Bible before him, "A house divided cannot stand", both hides and reveals the fact that the U.S. Civil War was fought for three motives.
    "That's correct," said Wigglesworth.  "The first two motives drew the poor and middle-class to slaughter each other kind of like they did in going to Iraq to spark a civil war based on yellow cake uranium.  The two motives were either abolition of slavery or states' rights as the high moral grounds.  These were real motives but anemic in relationship to the third.  The third is the hidden motive of the U.S. rich and powerful which the Clinton's relocation from Arkansas to New York, Bill's speeches about President Franklin Pierce and Hillary's move to speak at Springfield reveals clearly that they know and use...as did Clinton's role of hiding the Iran-Contra network's drug-running airport at Mena, Arkansas when he was Governor.  Barack and Michelle Obama, Democrats like Hillary, met at the Sidley Austin Law Firm in Springfield, the historic Republican law firm of Mrs. Mary Todd Lincoln whose quiver of attorneys kept Mrs. Lincoln out of mental institutions. With Lincoln's role as a railroad lawyer and with Sidley Austin's historic ties to the U.S. power elites, we see clearly that Sidley Austin's 2000 merger with the New York law firm of Brown & Wood with its ties to the National City Bank and National City Bank's links to Baltimore's Alexander Brown and the cover comes off of the golf clubs.  It was National City Bank that General Smedley Butler said he had served as "a goon on three continents" as a U.S. Marine before he wrote the book War Is A Racket after exposing the 1930's 'business plot' that was the subject of the McCormick-Dickstein Committee of Congress.  Brown & Wood and Sidley Austin's new conjoined firm in New York had just moved into the World Trade Center, but lost only one of its 600 employees on 911," said Wigglesworth.
    Lowell P. Wigglesworth has written numerous articles on the real motive for the U.S. Civil War which he has characterized as a race between Northern and Southern railroad barons to the Pacific Coast.   The South controlled the flat overland route across the Great Southwest from Savannah, Georgia to San Diego, California and the North controlled the route from Omaha to San Francisco for which, he has shown, Union General William Tecumseh Sherman and Confederate General Braxton Bragg were partners in accomplishing, but hiding together, this unexpressed motive that served the U.S. power elite China Traders and opium smugglers from New England....Caleb and John Perkins Cushing, the Huntingtons, Russells, Tafts, Delanos, Heards and other families whose children, like the Bush clan, joins Yale's Skull & Bones.  "The dark alliances of the U.S. government and the inexplicable phony war against drugs that Iran-Contra and the continuing wars in the poppy-rich Golden Crescent in Iraq and Afghanistan underscores this historic unchanged motive that was hidden in the 1860's under the blood of 600,000 dead Civil War soldiers.   It is hidden today by a bevy of propaganda pumping printing presses, 'applied journalism' manufacturers and public relations houses with the most obvious being the Washington Post which provided the new Dean of Columbia University's Journalism School, the Henry Luce Professor of Journalism, Steve Coll," said Wigglesworth.  It was at Columbia that "the father of applied sociology" professor, Robert Merton, fathered his son, also named Robert Merton, in "applied economics" that created the Black Scholes formulas that received a Nobel Prize, but tanked the U.S. economy.  "When you see the word 'applied' applied to an academic discipline it means that it is being used as a tool for effecting a desired outcome," said Wigglesworth.
      Wigglesworth believes that the Dallas police deaths followed by Clinton's choreographed trip to Springfield was as effective at mind and memory control as the recent police deaths in the city associated with the unraveling of the JFK initiatives in civil rights from a family whose patriarch, Joseph P. Kennedy, drilled oil wells in Texas where William Rhodes Davis, Hitler's oil agent in the U.S.A. shipped oil from  Brownsville to German refineries built by Fred Koch, patriarch of Koch Industries and founder of the John Birch Society.  "Joe Kennedy was also a Irish German Nazi Fascist sympathizer, who sent shivers up Winston Churchill's spine," said Wigglesworth who believes that the Kennedy boy's rebellion against their father's political sympathies may have cost them both their lives.  "Old Joe Kennedy knew he was subordinated by the New England Brahmins whose affinity for the German heritage of Wilhelm Wundt, the Saxe-Gotha-Coburg-Windsors who also sent shivers up Churchill's back and the brutally Darwinian socialism of the Thule and Teutonic traditions I have easily demonstrated hang out of our mutual histories like a bad case of hemorrhoids," said Wigglesworth.
     "I believe that given the email debacle of Hillary Clinton and the obvious back peddling of FBI Director James Comey it is way past time for America to do something.   The FBI, you remember, had escorted the Bin Ladens out of the U.S. after 911 when the Nazis were allied with many of the Arabic countries during WWII, that we would be justified in holding treason trials, but only if we include General Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice who did the same thing with his and her emails, but who also failed to take seriously the national intelligence reports about Al Qaeda determined to attack the U.S. and Colin for selling the Iraq War based on the bamboozle of non-existent yellow cake uranium.  Meanwhile, I believe that we should take the 3000 architects, engineers, physicists and metallurgists who believe that the Official 911 Commission Report is total fiction and on their witness reopen the case since the science does not support the government's claims," said Wigglesworth.
     "William Jefferson Clinton's bizarre reference to President Franklin Pierce in his 2015 speech at Georgetown University (at 1 hour and 21 minutes in) and repeated during his first campaign speech for Hillary in January 2016 at Exeter, New Hampshire (at 1 min. 5 sec.) shows us that he is concerned about the legacy of Franklin Pierce, an ancestor of Barbara Pierce Bush, but why?  "Well, because New England's premier opium smuggler, Caleb Cushing, the Confederacy's President Jefferson Davis, who had laid out the Southern rail route across the flat Great Southwest in the 1850's, and Franklin Pierce were good friends, a fact not noted by leading historians including Frank Vandiver who sat over Jefferson Davis' letters at Rice University in the hometown of Union Pacific lawyers from which came U.S. Secretary of State, James A. Baker, in the Mecca, Medina and Vatican of the world's most powerful petro-chemical empire, Houston, Texas.  William Tecumseh Sherman, who was Braxton Bragg's business partner before the Civil War and close associate afterward,  was working to consolidate the rail head at San Francisco along with George C. Bragg. General Braxton Bragg found that there was absolutely nothing he could do, no obviously insane military action or inaction, to lose his position as Davis' military advisor to the amazement of better Confederate officers while Bragg's brother was the Attorney General of the Confederacy," said Wigglesworth noting that Clinton sees himself as an apologist for the Bush/Pierce legacy in the U.S..  "If Thomas Bragg was the Attorney General for the Confederacy, Albert Pike, Jeff Davis' chief Indian agent became not only the chief legal counsel for the KKK, but for the Scottish Rite Free Masons whose members would include Alphonso Taft whose son, William Howard Taft, joined his father's Scottish Rite Temple in Cincinnati in 1908 and, of course, the chief historian for the legacy of Albert Pike comes from the University of Arkansas, Walter Lee Brown.  The Scottish Rite Masons are not the York Rite Mason of Washington and Jefferson.  The tradition was kidnapped and shifted to the Germanic SR origins in the Prussian monarchy of Frederick," said Wigglesworth.
     "That legacy has us war mongering in the Middle East along the path laid out by the sociopathic Neo-Cons and as spelled out by NATO's former commander, General Wesley Clark, who rightfully blew their cover," said Wigglesworth.

For further reading of Wigglesworth's analysis of the motives for the U.S. Civil War, read Winsip Custer's "Tracks II: Joe (Hi Jolly) Camel To Cross Great Southwest With Robyn Davidson?  Camel Caravan To Clearer Consciousness."

For an analysis of William J. Clinton's reference to President Franklin Pierce published before his Exeter repeat of this analogy see Denise De La Tio's June, 2015 article "Bill Clinton's Shipwreck on the Franklin Pierce Legacy."


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