Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Ron Kessler, Clay Johnson, III and the New American Century for the Old Feudalism

Bush Family Apologist Exposes Presidential Peccadilloes On All But Bush Bamboozling

By T. Penn Zoyle, CPW News Service

      Ron Kessler is an award winning journalist who has made a living writing books about Presidents' peculiar personalities, quirks, vagaries, foibles and capriciousness....Kennedy, Nixon, Clinton, Obama, they are all fair game, but his criticism of George W. Bush is as rare as Big Foot, a Himalayan Yeti or a pink unicorn.
       "It should come as no surprise," said Kaye Junn an independent Texas political writer from Slidell, Louisiana living in Elgin, Texas and who goes by the full name of Kaye Cummins "come and take it" Junn.
        "Ron Kessler who has taken special aim at Hillary Clinton whose husband failed to veto the repeal of Glass-Steagall in 1999 opening the doors to the 2000-2008 bamboozling of the nation and who when in the Arkansas Governor's office turned a blind eye to the Iran-Contra CIA airport at Mena.... forget about White Water.... is an apologist for the Bush family," said Junn.  "He'll never bring up that part of Clinton's history," said Junn adding "why pee in the already pissy broth?"
       "Ron is best friends with Bob Woodward of the Washington Post who never produced a real witness by his or her real name for All The President's Men, or for his series at the Washington Post,  but did French kiss 'Deep Throat' whom Ron Kessler knew all along and given that Nixon went down on the burglary of the Democratic National Headquarters at the Watergate Hotel, an action that former CIA agent, John Stockwell, said 'we'd do three of those before breakfast,' when Iran-Contra, a flagrant violation of the U.S. Neutrality Act and Boland Amendment, did not take down the Reagan/Bush administration," said Junn.
      "You see in the intervening years the Managing Editor of the Washington Post, Steve Coll, becoming the Henry Luce Professor of Columbia University's School of Journalism, the Washington Post's Metro Editor, Vernon Loeb, the myth-spinner who tweaked the Pat Tillman and Jessica Lynch stories and co-authored All In: The Education of General David Petraeus with sex kitten, Paula Broadwell, whose writings about Petraeus were scrolled on more than sheets of paper, going from the WP to the Houston Chronicle.   It was in Houston that Ron Kessler's good friend, Woodward, found his old editor on All the President's Men, Alice Mayhew,  promised to the Houston Post's star reporter and author of the powerful series on the connections between the S&L crisis of the 1980's and the Iran-Contra money mill, Peter Brewton.  Brewton wrote 'the book that Simon & Schuster signed, but wouldn't print' in 1992.  That's the same year that the Saudi influence peddling scandal that would eventually find its way into the 28 pages of the Official 911 Commission Report, was the focus of the FINCEN investigation that was suddenly abandoned in that year by the FBI.  It was also an important Presidential election year between GHWB, Clinton and Perot. According to Junn the fifteen year hiatus on revealing those 28 pages and its partial release that focuses on Los Angeles is "another disinformation ploy aimed at focusing the Saudi's penetration into the culture of America's power elites as far away from Texas, especially Houston, Texas as possible."  Who was the focus of that investigation in Texas?  The former roommate of GWB.  No, not Clay Johnson, III, who was referred by Ron Kessler as 'my rabbi in the White House', the other one....  James R. Bath, the business partner of future Bracewell & Giuliani attorney and Houston Mayoral candidate, William E. King, and Khalid Bin Mahfouz, the Saud royal banker who, together, bought for Salem Bin Laden the Houston Gulf Manor Airport next to the CIA air hub of Ellington Field," said Junn.  "Sadly, Salem Bin Laden died in 1988 the same year that the CIA's Matt Gannon died on Pan Am 103 on his way from the Middle East to Washington to press the CIA brass about this strange new quirky terrorist group called Al Qaeda that had been empowered through Texas' Charlie Wilson and Joanne King Herring, to fight for the CIA in Afghanistan in the 1980's after it had evolved from the Muslim Brotherhood in Hosni Mubarak's Egypt only to be expelled by progressive Muslims during the Arab Spring.  Oddly, the nation of Qatar, whose Ambassador was another Bush buddy, Chase Untermeyer, has opposed the moderate Muslims' rejection of the Muslim Brotherhood and has sought to reinsert the MB back into Egyptian culture."
        "Ron Kessler was also best friends with Governor George W. Bush's Chief of Staff, Clay Johnson, III who, as mentioned, had been GWB's roommate at Yale just as James R. Bath had been his roommate in the Texas Air National Guard.    Johnson had overseen the evolution of what was called the Sunset Commission in Texas which GWB was hoping to implement at the federal level.  You have to remember that from the 1999 repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act which was the initiative of Bush's leading bamboozlers Phil and Wendy Graham in Texas, handed to Bush on a silver platter by Bill Clinton's failure to veto, that they were joined by Kessler's friend Clay Johnson in attempting to dismantle the established rules of engagement for everything from Wall Street banking practices, Enron's rape of California based on the promise of lower pricing based on enhanced competition, to the muzzling of the EPA and the insertion of Pat Wood to oversee the government's oversight of Enron's  bamboozling in Texas and California.  It was all as big a bamboozle as yellow cake uranium," said Junn, noting that the Enron debacle in California would not have been possible without the insertion of Governor Gray Davis.  Davis, who is the grandson of William Rhodes Davis.  William Rhodes Davis was Adolf Hitler's oil procurement officer in Texas  in the 1930's and 40's and according to Dale Harrington's 1999 book, William Rhodes Davis: Nazi Agent of Influence, claimed descent from the Confederacy's President, Jefferson Davis and Cecil Rhodes of the DeBeers Diamond Company in Rhodesia, Africa, namesake of the Rhodes Scholarship that took William Jefferson Clinton to Oxford, England.
     Junn was challenged in her thinking.  "But the Bush bamboozling worked," said a colleague from Lufkin, Texas.  "Really?" asked Junn.  "Ask JEB Bush.  People may be slow on the uptake, but eventually if it rains long enough even granite breaks down."
     Writing to Dan Froomkin on August 4, 2004 Kessler said in Froomkin's published email of his biologic on Bush:
      Dan Bartlett checked me out quite carefully and finally called me in and said they would cooperate. He said I was probably the only journalist besides Bob Woodward who could do the book regardless. I found getting access to this White House was far harder than penetrating the FBI or CIA.
     Even though Bush personally approved cooperation, some White House aides were skeptical and were not scheduling interviews. But after I interviewed him, Clay Johnson III became my rabbi. He is Bush’s friend from Andover and Yale and was his chief of staff when Bush was governor. He was executive director of the transition and chief of presidential personnel in the White House. He is now deputy OMB director. He is probably the only person to have spanked Barney, the president’s dog—in the Oval Office, no less.
      Johnson got behind the project, smoothing the way. I wound up interviewing all the major players—Karl Rove, Condi Rice, Andy Card—as well as Bush’s friends and White House aides who never appear in the media but may be as influential in their own spheres as the more well-known figures.
     As the book progressed, Clay Johnson and I would email each other as many as a dozen times a day. In answering my questions, he would provide more inside anecdotes or observations or steer me to the right aides or to Bush friends.

     The idea of a "Sunset Commission" that would cut through legislative requirements like the programs that would oversee the enforcement of Glass-Steagall had it not been legislatively overturned without Clinton's veto, programs like OSHA, the EPA, Health Education and Welfare was, according to Osha Gray Davidson of The Rolling Stone (April 21, 2005), the dream of Ronald Reagan and would have been GWB's legacy had it not been for Congressman Henry Waxman who argued convincingly that the Constitution was in grave jeopardy if Bush could, with the help of his Andover and Yale classmate, Clay Johnson, summarily dismiss the legislative branch of government.
     "Look," said Junn, "people finally figured out that the Bush legacy was filled with dark alliances that they simply will not accept, will not tolerate anymore.   Look at what happened to JEB whose aunt, Elizabeth Kauffman Bush, had been baptized next to her Godmother, Wallis Simpson Saxe-Gotha-Coburg-Windsor, of the British royal family that Winston Churchill had to muzzle during WWII because of their Fascist sentiments.  I don't care if GHWB, GWB and JEB are sons and grandsons of Prescott Bush whose sister was married to the GHWB's brother, Prescott Bush, Jr., was married to the daughter of the first USN SEAL, Draper Kauffman.  When  you consider that the SEAL headquarter in San Diego are built in the shape of a Nazi swastika or since Elizabeth Kauffman Bush's godmother was the Duchess of Windsor, a known Nazi spy during WWII," said Junn, "you've gotta expect a strong backlash.  "I don't care how many Joseph Goebbels wannabes like Ron Kessler, a Helsinki or Stockholm syndrome sufferer,  hobnob with Clay Johnson," said Junn.

Stock of The Buckeye Steel Casting Company and signed
by President Samuel Prescott Bush.

     "You have to remember that Samuel Prescott Bush (1892-1948) was the head of the U.S.'s small arms procurement program during World War I and that from his perch atop Buckeye Steel Castings Company where he made railroad parts for E.H. Harriman railroads he was in a position to transition the 'arsenal of freedom' into the 'arsenic of freedom'.   I know that Neal Mallon Bush, named for Neal Mallon with his ties to Brown Brothers Harriman and long-time head of Houston's Dresser Industries didn't have the same political aspirations of GWB and JEB, but how could he after Silverado Savings?  With Samuel Prescott Bush's close connections to Frank Rockefeller, John D's brother, we see the morphing of some of America's most powerful families toward a type of fossil-fuel-chugging power elite cabal.  During World War I Samuel Bush sold arms to 75% of combatants on both sides. That led soldiers like Smedley Darlington Butler to call war a 'racket', and to point his finger at the company for which he was a goon on three continents and for which he 'pacified Honduras for Brown Brothers'," said Junn who sees Kessler as a Goebbels wannabe.  "Samuel Prescott Bush was essentially put in charge of procuring government contracts for his own Remington Arms Company, a charge looked into by the 1934 Nye Committee, named for U.S. Senator Gerald Nye, that concluded that Bush had manipulated many countries into war and then sold them the weapons to fight it.  Nye's Committee called them 'Merchants of Death'.  The Nye Committee is not to be confused with the McCormick-Dickstein Committee that was focusing on Prescott's trading with the enemy and his Fritz Thyssen/Union Bank connections.  That is why Ron Kessler's honorary degree from Franklin Pierce College is so suspect," said Junn.

    It was with Buckeye Steel Castings that the Bush and Rockefeller family's ties are knotted through Samuel Prescott Bush and Frank Rockefeller the brother of John D. Rockefeller.  Frank Rockefeller was to S.P. Bush what Louis Henry Severance, son of Solomon and Mary Severance of Cleveland, was as a founding member of the Rockefeller Trust and a sulfur magnate in John D. Rockefeller Standard Oil Company.

      Many of Junn's claims were collaborated by the 1992 article in The Progressive Review article "Looking Behind the Bushes."    
      "It was from Confederate President Jefferson Davis' letter to Franklin Pierce that Dr. Lowell P. Wigglesworth has made the very convincing case that even our own U.S. Civil War was a bushwacking cabal and bamboozle, only it included such names as Alphonso Taft and Yale's New England China Traders on a tear to the Pacific, Caleb Cushing, William Tecumseh Sherman, Braxton Bragg, Grenville Dodge and others whose histories relative to the Bush family and Franklin Pierce family legacies come jumping out in the 1980's-2008," said Junn noting the New York Port Authority's commissioning of the World Trade Center, including Minoru Yamasaki marriage to  Emery Roth Architecture, a leading designer of Harriman and Rockefeller buildings in New York.
      "From this legacy you can see how Prescott Bush came under fire for cavorting with the enemy in the lead up to WWII, but not why that strange episode that had Smedley Butler crying 'foul' went away so quietly," said Junn. "There's no one, but Lowell P. Wigglesworth to tell you just why in late 2015 and early 2016 William Jefferson Clinton was strangely speaking of how history has misinterpreted Franklin Piece, the ancestor of Barbara Pierce Bush, who is also of the family of the company, Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner and Smith,  the Wall Street brokers that were big-time bailout recipient of Hank Paulson's 2008 'Chicken Little' power puke.  No one here has misinterpreted anything," said Junn.
    "Look," said Junn, "It was the work of Gerald Nye's Committee that determined that Samuel P. Bush was essentially the Don King, and Angelo Dundee of worldwide military conflicts.  The current worldwide clustered war copulations across the Middle East have the Bush finger prints all across them and Ron Kessler is simply not a good enough wizard to make their thumb, index, pinkie and palm print disappear."
     "The attempt by GWB and his cronies to implement a Sunset Committee in Washington like he had used in Texas as the 'Sunset Advisory Committee' chaired by Fred Bosse should have qued the nation to the incontrovertible fact that there was a move toward dictatorship going on, which you will remember, is what GWB said was the easiest form of rule. The use of the Sunset Advisory Committee had at least one Texas family up in arms, seeing how Bush's 'Funeralgate' had been swept aside as Bush prepared to take office if the Supreme Court didn't get hung up on any inconvenient truths in Texas that might jeopardize the judges' decision," said Junn who provided the following:

On Tuesday, December 12, 2000, two days after the death of Patrick Carr, one day after the death of the teenage grandson of the FBI's former Counter-Terrorism Chief, Oliver "Buck" Revell, in Dallas and the day before Gore's concession speech, James S Randall appeared before Texas' Sunset Advisory Commission's hearing on complaints that the multi-billion dollar prepaid funeral burial insurance business in Texas was in need of reform and stronger oversight. This investigation coincided with Eliza May's complaints about the same industry, indeed, Commission staff member assigned to both investigations, Ginny McKay, confirmed that Fred Bosse, a Democrat, overheard both the banking and funeral services cases for the Commission in 2000. This put Bosse in a powerful position in determining the future fate of the Texas funeral industry. Texas Attorney General, John Cornyn, now US Senator and uncompromising supporter of GWB, took an unprecedented interest in the case as did Texas State Comptroller, Carole Keeton McClellan Strayhorn, mother of the President's press secretary and head of Medicare, Scott and Mark McClellan. On the Texas Banking Commission was James S Randall who appeared before the Houston attorney and Texas State Congressman Fred Bosse who chaired the Sunset Advisory Commission.

     "The two deaths mentioned brought together a strange convergence of factors in Texas relative to the Bush cabal and focused an illuminating light on the threat to the erosion of core U.S. principles that we've especially experienced in the last half of the Twentieth Century, but which appears now to have been noticed by the electorate's rejection of JEB Bush," said Junn.   "For all of Ron Kessler's writings on the subject he cannot blur the realities," said Junn.  "We were threatened with a major economic meltdown in 2000 called Y2K.    We had a meltdown, but not in 2000.  2000 was the arrival of the meltdown, but things weren't really hot and gooey until 2008 just as GWB handed to Obama,  the first African-American President to get a seat at the counter, a multi-trillion-dollar bill, while giving the nation a nice swift kick in the gut.  That gut-punch included the Bush-watch-911 disaster and the invasion of Iraq based on what Zbigniew Brzezinski called 'absolute false evidence' and which the Prosecutor of Charles Manson, Vincent Bugliosi, said is enough for George W. Bush whose pedigree is seen in the darkest of spades, deserving of GWB's being tried for murder," said Junn.



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