Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Lowell P. Wigglesworth Register's Concern For Nation's Architects and Engineers

Following Letter To Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth, Historian Expresses Concern That Nation's Leading Minds Will Be Targeted In Myth-Keeping Sweep

by Yama Brinnier Barnum Saki, for CPW News Service

    Following a letter from a concerned 911 Truth Movement watcher, historian Lowell P. Wigglesworth expressed concerns that the nearly 3,000 world-wide architects and engineers who have signed a petition demanding a new investigation of the World Trade Center's collapses on 911 be reinvestigated may be the first in a sweep of dissident voices in a troubling new USA.
   "I am old enough to remember that totalitarian governments silence dissent.  These brave engineers and architects who have joined pilots, metallurgists, physics experts, chemists and other scientists are in as much danger as the voices of Peter Niemoeller, Hans and Sophie Scholl or Dietrich Bonhoeffer during Hitler's Reich.  Please convey my deep appreciation for their fearlessness in the face of overwhelming evidence against the official government mantra which is now, quite obviously, a cover-up."
   The letter to which Wigglesworth responded stated:

The official story does not match the science.  So which do you believe? Our government is run by a shadow government?  Look at Minoru Yamasaki's Rainier Tower....his "Beaver Building"....and you know that he was well aware of the strength of the central steel columns to withstand enormous forces....as architect Robert McCoy has said....four times what would be needed to support the structure in 100+ mph winds and even plane crashes.  Why was Yamasaki joined with Emery Roth as the architect on the WTC when Roth has such an amazing list of buildings in its portfolio?  Why was Yamasaki groomed as the Bin Laden's favorite architect and why was the WTC built as a model of Mecca in Manhattan in its central courtyard with the globe replacing the Kabbalah?  Why weren't Bethlehem and US Steel with their work forces unionized included in the list of steel suppliers for the WTC?  Instead, the steel came from compartmentalized companies like Stanray and Mosher Steel with Mosher supplying the critical first 9 floors with 13,000 tons which would have included the core central columns.  The Mosher Institute of Defense Studies was headed by former Rice University President and historian Frank Vandiver who wrote in 2005 the book How America Goes To War.  Vandiver was also the historian overseeing the Jefferson Davis Papers at Rice University which Dr. Lowell P. Wigglesworth claims is the key to understanding the real motives for our own Civil War.  Rice was also significant in the charges against Robert Oppenheimer for his refusal to build the hydrogen bomb with Rice President Kenneth Pitzer providing the primary testimony against Oppenheimer before the Gordon Gray committee.....Gordon Gray, father of C. Boyden Gray....both heirs of the R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company....a company like Brown & Williamson that have showed genuine contempt for science.   Ironically, Texas A&M University which domiciles the Mosher Institute and GHWB Presidential Library was home of the Aggie bonfire which when it collapsed in 1999 killing 12 received a recommendation of placing a central steel column in any future bonfires.Yamasaki's Pruitt-Igoe Project  is the subject of Lisa Martino-Taylor's open source PhD dissertation on this project's use for an undisclosed radiation test on the citizens of St. Louis, Missouri.  In 1972 Pruitt-Igoe was "pulled" by the same control demolition company that was quickly brought in to complete the demo of the WTC and WTC-7.    Thermite was invented in the 1890's and used extensively in the railroad industry.  I am not a scientist, but it is clear to me that science is being held hostage like Copernicus and Galileo were by the power elites of their age.   I will be happy when your list of architects and engineers swells to include 99% of the world's A&E's.

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