Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Friday, July 15, 2016

Five Murdered Dallas Policemen Bushwacked Twice

Jovial GWB Makes Mockery of Serious Occasion

by Peter Pezonus, CPW News Service

    The most memorable moment at the memorial service for the five Dallas policemen killed by a sniper during a peaceful protest was George Walker Bush's gyrations during the singing of the Battle Hymn of the Republic according to a widening array of dismayed Americans.
    "Is there no redeeming quality to this moronic caricature of a human being?" asked one disgruntled spectator.  "I was wishing that FLOTUS or Laura had learned kick boxing and put a heel to temple slam against that idiot's forehead," said another who tried to dismiss the event by saying that perhaps the ex-President was on mixed-up medications.
    "It was all I could do to keep from vomiting when Bush gave his eulogy, not because it wasn't semi-touching coming from someone else's lips, but when you realize that the nation's most successful prosecuting attorney who sent Charles Manson to prison wrote the book Prosecuting George W. Bush For Murder while painstakingly laying the legal framework in all 50 states for some ballsy DA to do as Vincent Bugliosi has recommended and anything coming from Bush's lips at such a tragic occasion is as hollow as Carlsbad Cavern," said George Felix Montgomery from Tyler, Texas.
    One respondent to the numerous online videos of the Bush exhibition challenged Congressman Harold Watson "Trey" Gowdy, III, asking him to include the prosecution of GWB alongside the prosecution of Hillary Clinton for treason based on email-mishandling and to throw in Condeleeza Rice and Colin Powell not for their similar mishandling of classified information, but for Ms. Rice's failure to read the national security memoranda that stated clearly that Bin Laden was determined to strike the U.S. and Colin Powell for serving up yellow cake uranium as a pretext to legitimizing the war in Iraq.  Noting that Gowdy had said he was not a racist and vehemently denied any such accusation because of his attack of Attorney General Loretta Lynch.  Lynch, an African American who took the advice of FBI Director James Comey whose agency escorted the Bin Laden family out of the U.S. after 911 and had previously "stood-down" the FINCEN or Financial Crimes Enforcement Network investigation that had as it mission identifying Saudi influencing peddling in the U.S. that could have netted the 15 Saudi 911 hijackers, simply accepted what one critic called "Comey's  pabulum".
     "Gowdy said "I have not had the opportunity to call a Republican President to accountability, but I will welcome the opportunity."   Another respondent noted  that in light of Bush's moronic showing in Dallas "now is the time to do just that by taking Vincent Bugliosi up on his challenge and work.  The legal framework is in place thanks to Vincent."   Before his death in 2015 Vincent Bugliosi argued convincingly that Bush should be tried and convicted for the deaths of those who prosecuted a war in Iraq based on what Zbigniew Brzezinski has said was "....fictious, in fact, absolutely false evidence."
     Another respondent had read the website page of  Imam Omar Sulieman who had attended the funeral, but admitted that the presence of George Bush and Ted Cruz made him nervous.  Sulieman's website spoke also of Shariah Law.
    The respondent said.....
There is no way to reconcile Shariah Law with the West that rejected in large measure the top-down, pyramidal, primogeniture legal systems of feudal and tribal communities....as was life under the European monarchies. This is the West's blessing to the world and its curse from some perspectives. The lack of diversity within Islam which is basically a two party system not unlike what our political system has evolved into.....leading to our own Civil War....speaks of a lack of simple tolerance of others. His was an overstatement and a rush to a conclusion, but Voltaire said of the West "If there was but two religions they would cut each other's throats. As it is there are 50 and they get along nicely." There are many more than that now and depravity still seems destined.

I have read that you were anxious over the presence of former U.S. President George W. Bush at the service in Dallas. You cannot be more annoyed than was Los Angeles Prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi who before his death in 2015 called for GWB to be tried from murder for taking the USA to war in Iraq based on false evidence.

Events in Dallas show that even the U.S. Civil War has left much unfinished business, but then again it was never about one motive or even two.....abolition of slavery or states' rights. It was about the race across the U.S. for a rail route to the Pacific and to the poppy products from the Golden Crescent which the Brits bought from the Ottomans through David Sassoon and dumped as trading chips in China until England had become an Empire and China had a Cultural Revolution of their own that, as all political and religious ideologies tend to do, promise to amend the evils, but then don't, can't, really. We are stretched out, it seems, between our lower and higher natures, where nothing but faith, hope and love can sustain any of us. This is our brave new world, but thank God the Muslims of the Arab Spring saw that the Muslim Brotherhood which spawned Al Qaeda in Egypt, exported them to fight the Russians in Afghanistan and then saw them blamed for 911 which more that 3000 U.S. architects, engineers, physicists and metallurgists say is unsubstantiated by the basic science while calling for a new investigation into 911, has taken root in the U.S..

There is hope, but it will require that everyone.....I mean EVERYONE....put their egos on the altar of self-sacrifice.
The suffering that the West has inflicted upon the Middle East as explained by former NATO General Wesley Clark as part of a Neo-Con agenda is evidence not of the evolution of the West's best expressions of justice, equality, liberty, mercy.....but of a return to a feudalism from which it has evolved.

Choosing Bastille Day for some Islamists to declare war on Western thought is to attack the wrong elements of Western culture. The West prior to Bastille Day was closer to Sharia Law if Islam has within it no challenge to primogeniture rule that we have seen attempting to reassert itself in the Bush family political dynasty. This makes many in the West nervous, but Sharia Law even more so since the Bush family is so beholding to the Saudi royals who have supported essentially a two-party religious system of Shia and Sunni wings of Islam that wars against each other and provides an opening for profiting from the racket of war.

     Farhdin Ahweh, a member of the Disunited Coptic Christians For A New World Ordered by Freedom and Liberty, DCCFANWOBFL, pinned a poem following the Bastille Day attack in Nice, France adding to his contribution the words "Libertie, Equalitie, Fraternitie!" and "Viva La France!"



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