Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Ultimate Fighting: Trump, Christie, Hutchinson, Giuliani and Dana White?

No More Gloves!
America's Newest Blood Sport
by Peter Pezonus, CPW News Service

   It seemed an odd endorsement for a U.S. Presidential candidate.  It's not that sports figures haven't endorsed candidates in the past.   Football coach Joe Paterno of Penn State University endorsed George Herbert Walker Bush in 1988 when the national anthem at the Republican National Convention was sung by Lawrence King, whose S&L scandalized company like Neil Bush's Silverado Savings & Loan and thousands of other went belly up.   King was also implicated in the notorious Omaha-based pedophile scandal called the "Franklin Cover Up" that has many concerned that the Jerry Sandusky scandal at Penn State was more than reported and which received coverage in Great Britain.  Yorkshire Television produced the documentary "Conspiracy of Silence" that was to have been aired on Discovery Television before it was derailed.  England's most notorious pedophile, Jimmy Savile, a close friend of the British royal family and of Margaret Thatcher worked with Yorkshire Television that produced the troubling program.
    Meanwhile, New York billionaire, Jeff Epstein, became a  convicted pedophile whose fortunes, unlike Jerry Sandusky, were seen as the reason for his anemic eighteen month sentence, when Jerry Sandusky was imprisoned for decades.  Epstein's jet, "The Lolita Express", was reportedly the traveling platform for former U.S. President William Jefferson Clinton for 26 trips including trips to Epstein's private island resort in the U.S. Virgin Islands.  It's also been noted that Epstein is a close friend of Donald Trump in Politico and New York Magazine
    The "Franklin Cover-up" went directly not to the Clinton White House, but to the Reagan/Bush White House and even reportedly had later connections to the GWB White House where a reporter for Talon News, Jeff Gannon, also known as James Guckert, was believed to be a child-victim of Omaha's history with the Franklin ring, Johnny Gosch.  New York police detective, Bo Dietl, appeared with "Jeff Gannon" on MSNB to attest that Guckert/Gannon was not Johnny Gosch who had been kidnapped from his paper route and never seen again.
     Independent journalist, Carmine Tataglia, has asked a number of questions relative to why James Guckert would have picked the name "Jeff Gannon" as his cover name while working for Talon News in GWB's White House.  "You have to remember that in 1988, the same year that Osama Bin Laden's brother, Salem, died in an inexplicable ultra-light plane crash at the Field of Dreams airport in Cibolo, Texas owned by the wife of the USAF general from Offutt Air Force Base who became the head of the National Reconnaissance Office, the NRO,  which called for the 911 NORAD drills that confused and confounded the U.S. air defense system, Matt Gannon, died on Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland," said Tataglia.
      Matt Gannon, a CIA officer and son-in-law of the CIA's Thomas Tweeton, was on his way to Washington to ask the CIA's top brass why rank and file CIA agents did not have information on Al Qaeda since the terrorist group had been created in Mubarak's Egypt within the Muslim Brotherhood for fighting the Russians in Afghanistan with support from the CIA.  "The use of the Gannon name by Guckert was a cryptic message to government insiders that the secrets were out there," said Tataglia noting that another victim of Lawrence King's "Franklin Coverup", Paul Bonaci, claimed that he had been taken to Offutt Air Force Base before being flown on to California by King and notable Washington politicians as a sex slave.  Bonaci filed a civil suit in Nebraska against King using an attorney who had been the former aide to CIA Director William Colby and won a $1 million settlement.
    Tataglia sees a broader implication.  "You have in the 2016 Republican National Convention the consolidation of New York and New Jersey and Connecticut insiders like Trump and Christie and Giuliani and Manafort holding the RNC hostage.  Who does Trump have to come out to tell you that there's a new game in town?  Dana White of UFC, Ultimate Fighting Championships, the blood sport that was criticized by previous Republican Presidential candidate John McCain.   Then you've got Paul Manafort stepping in to take over the Trump campaign and what is his reputation?  Manafort has made a living protecting international despots from his ring-side-seat in Connecticut where the Yale power elite's place in the pantheon of U.S. intelligence agency stars is laid in stone," said Tataglia.
    So what of Dana White?   "Dana White, admits before the Republican Convention that  'I'm a fight promoter' noting that Trump had reached out to White when no one else would and featured his cage fighting at Trump's now defunct Taj Mahal Casino and Hotel.   They bring out the one-leg-in-the-grave Mitch McConnell and Bush death-warmed-over Attorney General, Michael MuKasey, who replaced Alberto Gonzalez who replaced John Ashcroft, all of whose images in a cage fight with Georges St-Pierre, Randy Coutre or Chuck Liddell, makes quite naturally for a Woody Allen, Don Knotts moment in the mind.  Slick!  You have to ask 'who else is behind Dana White?'  That would be Lorenzo and Vincent Fertitta, cousins of Tilman Fertitta, whose family ran the Texas motels and casinos for Sam Maceo.  Maceo having been the Texas lieutenant for New Orleans mob boss, Carlos Marcello," said Tataglia noting that Marcello had taken over from the Carollo family in Louisiana.
    Tataglia believes that there is some really bad blood in all of this.  The fight isn't over bare fisted cage fighting.  It's over nuclear weapons which were developed with the help of names like Oppenheimer and Einstein, for sure, but which was administrated by names like Vannevar Busch and  Dresser Industries that provided the cooling pumps for the Manhattan Project and whose long-time leader was Neil Mallon for whom Neil Mallon Bush was named.  "Don't try to find the Bush connection to Vanevar Busch.  You can't see it clearly, but isn't it, like, obvious?  Solomon Robert Dresser the founder of Dresser Industries was a Hillsdale College graduate, the school that produced in Michigan Erik Prince of Blackwater who was creating in the U.S. the very tip of the problem Dwight D. Eisenhower said he saw coming in the runaway Military Industrialist Complex," said Tataglia recalling that General Colin Powell had swallowed the bamboozle hook line and yellow cake.
    Tataglia believes that the New England power elites, the predominantly Puritan Protestant Brahman clans that made their fortunes in whaling, shipping and opium, providing weapons for the U.S. Civil War and giving glimpses of the consolidation of their power in groups like Yale's Skull & Bones formed by the Huntingtons, Russells, Tafts, and others which the Sterling Professor of History, Robin Winks, laid out in spades in his book Cloak & Gown about Yale's place in the evolution of the U.S. military industrial intelligence apparatus that developed after World War II.
    These power elites formed alliances with friends in low places.  From the Irish side of the equation they tapped Joseph P. Kennedy whose support of Hitler in Germany and therefore Mussolini in Italy is well documented and whose oil well drilling partner in Texas in a company called MoKeen, Inc.,  would produce a son, the top spy in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba during the Bay of Pigs.  The CIA developed credible links with the Italian and Jewish mobs, but in the end I believe that the whole Bay of Pigs thing was, when seen in the context of Anthony Sutton's books and particularly The Best Enemy Money Can Buy, a Cold War ploy to build consent for munitions spending. The election of the first Roman Catholic President in 1960 sent shivers up the spine of the Brahman-class, but that too is a tricky alliance to try to understand.  For example, the CIA's Alan Dulles who helped plan the Bay of Pigs, was also the premier U.S. spy-master who imported Hitler's leading criminal minds after WWII through Operation Paper Clip and his cousin, Avery Dulles, converted from Protestantism to Catholicism to become the first U.S. priest to skip the office of Bishop to become a Cardinal with the Catholic Church helping to run the Nazi rat-lines out of Germany to the U.S. and South America.  "We forget that Eleanor Roosevelt whose family was part of the Brahman-class and who along with the Delanos were major China Traders from Savannah, Georgia where the first Scottish Rite temple in the U.S. was built under the auspices of Scottish Rite founder in the USA, Roman Catholic Albert Pike, Jefferson Davis' chief Indian Agent during the Civil War and future chief legal counsel for the KKK after its founder, General Nathan Bedford Forrest, left the Klan because of its violence.  Pike's form of Free Masonry, Scottish Rite, was not from the York Rite tradition of Washington and Franklin, but from the Prussian court of Frederick the Great.   Germany.  Which helps to explain Alphonso Taft's membership in the Cincinnati, Ohio SR temple where his son, William Howard Taft, joined in 1908," according to Tatagalia.
     Tataglia noted that when Al Gore's 2000 Presidential election campaign manager, Tony Coelho, resigned to be replaced by William Daley, the Irishman son of Chicago's Richard Daley, who helped to deliver the vote for John F. Kennedy in 1960, the connections became more obvious...as do Whitey Bolger's Boston connections to FBI agent, John Connolly, in a city where Joe Kennedy was considered Irish royalty.   "Chicago and Illinois figures centrally into the U.S. election of 1860 like they did in 1960.  Then it was Abe Lincoln who gave the speech about a house divided in the Springfield, Illinois capital building where Hillary Clinton recently spoke after the murder of police by disgruntled blacks.  It's too much to go into here, but you have to remember that Lincoln was succeeded by Andrew Johnson the first Scottish Rite President in history and the unspoken motive for the Civil War.....the real motive fought for by the power elites was not abolition of slavery, nor states' rights."
     When asked to explain Tataglia said "....go read Wigglesworth."
     "Suddenly you understand why Winston Churchill hated Joseph P. Kennedy and Edward VIII, the Duke of Windsor, whose family was not English, but German Saxe-Gotha-Coburgs, and who had met and married Wallis Simpson, a Nazi spy, at the Coronado Hotel in San Diego, California who became the god-mother of the daughter of the first U.S.N. SEAL, Draper Kauffman, with Elizabeth Kauffman becoming Mrs. Prescott Bush, Jr..  Winston exiled the Duke and his spy-wife to Nassau, Bahamas for the duration of the WWII where the Hess Oil Company had built its oil depots and where William Rhodes Davis would help Hitler supply Germany with oil through the port of Brownsville, Texas.   Hess would be purchased by Buckeye a company founded by Samuel Prescott Bush the head of the Remington Arms Company, head of small weapons procurement during WWI and close business association of the brother of John D. Rockefeller, Frank Rockefeller.  Samuel Prescott Bush was GWB's great grandfather," said Titaglia.
     "William Rhodes Davis was the grandfather of California's Gray Davis who with the arrival of the Enron debacle and Enron's public relation director in California being the wife of Joseph P. Kennedy's drilling partner's grandson in Texas, it becomes a little more obvious why California recalled Gray Davis who gave the impression of resisting the Enron raping, but then replaced him with a Kennedy insider whose father was an Austrian member of Hitlers SS, Arnold Schwarzenegger," said Tataglia noting that historian Lowell P. Wigglesworth had put him onto the book by Dale Harrington, William Rhodes Davis: Nazi Agent of Influence.  "Californians like most American don't do any original research of their own and what do you expect?" asked Tataglia.
     Tataglia further noted that history also connects Albert Pike's work in the U.S. to the work of Giuseppe Mazzini in Italy, founder of the "Black Hand" of the Cosa Nostra and whose Italian connections linked up with Pike's parallel ambitions in New Orleans, Louisiana that would evolve over time into a marriage of a Carlos Marchello and Jefferson Davis ancestor.  The Pike and Mazzini alliances resemble the Axis alliance of the 1930's when General Smedley Darlington Butler appeared before the McCormick-Dickstein Committee of Congress to expose a Fascist plot ordered by some of America's leading businessmen.  "The plotters are still very much with us and longing to repeat Tammany Hall like the portly Chris Christie who'll close bridges even if your pregnant wife is on it in a taxi cab and in labor.  And don't think Hillary is any better for Christ's sake," Tataglia continued.
    Tataglia is concerned that the power shift from the wayward power elites of the New England Brahman class to the Italian/German/Irish connection will, as witnessed in the Republican National Convention of 2016, lead to a real dumbing down of the American political landscape.   The problem is that we are now faced with two equally distasteful choices.  Trump or Hillary whose Arkansas hillbilly mafia connections are as shocking as running the nation's top secret secrets through a personal email server.
    Tataglia is also well aware that the Trump political machinery with Manafort at the helm did not overlook bringing forward to attack Clinton the former Republican Arkansas Attorney General Asa Hutchinson.   "Hutchinson had overseen the prosecution efforts against Barry Seal who was running the CIA's Mena Airport from which had flown Eugene Hasenfus whose downing in Nicaragua blew the lid off of the CIA's connections to the Contras leading directly to the Iran-Contra hearings and bringing up long-standing suspicions that even the Reagan-Bush victory in 1980 on top of the Iran hostage crisis and what was clearly a bamboozled 1978-79 energy crisis that had citizens standing at the pump for hours while Jimmy Carter weakly counseled nationwide austerity instead of making a bold move, was overseen by Lee Hamilton for Congress' investigation into the 'October Surprise'.....the same man brought out of mothballs to oversee the Official 911 Commission that conveniently classified the 28 pages of the Official 911 Report," said Tataglia. 
     "Seal was working for the Reagan/Bush CIA efforts with the Contras and Hutchinson and Clinton supplied the credible deniability of the Mena operation that left many dead bodies, like those of Kevin Ives and Don Henry, in its wake while the little Tyler, Texas independent journalist, Sarah McClendon, drilled down on Clinton who denied knowledge of it as he did knowledge of his White House intern, Monica Lewinsky," said Tataglia.  Asa Hutchinson was made the Director of the Drug Enforcement Agency or DEA by George Walker Bush and sworn in on August 8, 2001 by John Ashcroft, shortly after Bush took office and went on to serve on the Department of Homeland Security's Border and Transportation Security Directorate the large element of the DHS after 911.
    "Look, Giuliani goes from Ground Zero where his police headquarters were in the World Trade Center to Houston, Texas' Bracewell & Patterson to become Bracewell & Giuliani where he is a Sr. Partner and boss of Houston Mayoral candidate, William E. King, the business partner at the CIA-linked Ellington Field fuel supplier, James R. Bath. Giuliani is now with the law firm of convicted Washington D.C. lobbyist, Jack Abramoff.   It was Bath who was in Michael Moore's documentary Fahrenheit 911....GWB's Texas Air National Guard roommate, but also the business partner of the Saudi royal family's chief banker, Khalid Bin Mahfouz.  Mahfouz was, along with Bath, on the board of BCCI, the Bank of Commerce of Credit International, also founded by Little Rock, Arkansas business mogul, Jackson Stephens.....you see where this is going?   Iran-Contra.....Mena, Arkansas.  It's what Wigglesworth has called a 'smegma-lathered-clustered-copulation,' said Tataglia.  "The FBI could have found, would have found, the 911 plot if they had not been stood down in the FINCEN investigation in 1992, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network that had as its only mission the wholesale Saudi Arabian influence peddling the U.S.A. that reached its apex in 2001 and that has become the subject of the 28 pages missing from the Official 911 Report which now points readers to California and not to Houston," said Tataglia.  "Then consider that the guy from the FBI in charge of FINCEN was Brian Bruh the FBI agent in charge of the Knapp Commission in New York whose 29 year old prosecutor was a young Italian named Rudy Giuliani.  The Knapp Commission was the Serpico Commission that cleaned up the NYPD.  That was before Giuliani's Police Commissioner was indicted and jailed on corruption charges which he served after getting back from Iraq where he trained the security forces before he was replace in 2005 by West Point leading ethicist, Col. Theodore 'Ted' Westhusing who confronted General David Petraeus over the corruption that he witnessed in Iraq," said Tataglia noting that Serpico left the country so sure was he of the effectiveness of the Knapp Commission's work.
    "Come on now," said Tataglia, "when you look at our history and consider that Giuliani's police chief was being recommended by George W. Bush as the first head of Homeland Security after 911 kind of like he did with Houston's Ken Lay of Enron for Secretary of Energy and that the NYFD fire fighters are mad as hell at Giuilian's handling of the 911 pre-and-post disaster responses while Trump knows damn well that a high rise office building's steel frame and core columns will not melt from a jet collision and suddenly the 3000 architects and engineers, metallurgists and physicists who now say science will not support the official 911 explanation......let me say that again.....THE SCIENCE DOES NOT SUPPORT THE BULL SHIT PROPER LINE.....and the depths of the political crisis we are now in means we have to choose between two steamy piles of putrid doggie dung and I mean Hillary or Donald," said Tataglia.
    When asked if there was a particular U.S. historian who has a better grasp of these developments than those we have read to date he said, "Why yes.  Dr. Lowell P. Wigglesworth.   His analysis of the history that got us to this sad place is spot on."
    Tataglia believes that we will soon see whether Hillary or Donald are elected the Balkanization of the U.S..   "When you have leadership that is this compromised the whole thing spits apart.  The Roman Catholic Church found a way to hold it together.  They learned to shuffle the embarrassments to the system around like three peas under a three cups in a carnival game, but you can't do that with an elected President and the Catholic haven't taken the corruption bending over.  U.S. Presidents are out there or all to see as Melania found out with that....what the hell was that?.......speech on Monday night.  When the U.S. Balkanizes the local leadership....Senators and Congressmen.... could be even more important than ever if they are transparent and principled, but we will look like China under its drug lords in the 17th and 18 Centuries when David Sassoon and British arrived to give them the Golden Crescent's opium as a giant pacifier as Wigglesworth has laid out for us in the history lessons we were never taught in high school or college," said Tataglia.
   "South Carolina's Congressman, Trey Gowdy, has said that he has not had the opportunity to hold a Republican President accountable, but that as a former prosecuting attorney he will welcome the idea.  That sounds great and I believe that the world that he and Vincent Bugliosi would create for humanity would be significantly more humane than the one we currently inhabit, but Mr. Gowdy should have started with Vince Bugliosi's case against George W. Bush for taking the nation to war in the Middle East based on a cooked up platter of yellow cake bamboozling," said Tataglia who believes that it is time to use a firing squad for traitors, George W. Bush and Hillary, for their Keystone partnership.....no, not Keystone pipeline....Keystone Cops. 
     "Will Trey Gowdy be able to live up to his words when he looks up to see that Trump and Dana White have sent a dozen cage fighters to talk with him in private?" asked Tataglia admitting that "they'll be there for Hillary if she wins, too.  We're screwed in the short-term and facing a return to the early 18th Century in America in the long-term," concluded Tataglia who thought Dr. Ben Carson's speech linking Hillary Clinton to Saul Alinski and Lucifer because of Alinski's book dedication that reads:  Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgement to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins or which is which), the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom. -Lucifer

.....was "taking from the political and religious paint pallet the darkest black with which to paint Hillary.   What's this coming from the mouth of a physician who in ancient times was both lauded and burned at the stake for heresy, was an amazing moment...especially from an African American.  It was a moment of amazing clarity for me, since Dr. Carson could have legitimately noted that when William Jefferson Clinton, who Hillary has consistently defended, allowed Glass-Steagall to be repealed in 1999 without a Presidential veto....all the demons of the greed and avarice that led to our 1929 Wall Street crash were let out of the box to inflict on us the 2000-2008 economic rape of the nation that had after the 2001 World Trade Center attack George W. Bush's White House Economic Advisor, Morgan O. Reynolds, resigning from his appointment and returning to Texas A&M University where the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library houses the sealed papers on Iran-Contra, overseen by former CIA Director turned Texas A&M President, Robert Gates, where Rice University's former President and historian, Frank Vandiver oversaw the Mosher Institute of Defense Studies founded by Edward Mosher whose company supplied 13,000 tons of steel, 26,000,000 pounds, for the critical first nine floors of the World Trade Center, and who wrote in 2005 the book How America Goes To War and where a panel of Aggie engineers had determined that the world's largest college bonfire that collapsed in 1993 killing eleven could only be rebuilt if it contained steel columns since carbon-based fires cannot melt steel as has been proven by every high-rise fire in history, except for the World Trade Center on 911," said Tataglia adding "Lucifer is still in the fine print and babel."


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