Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Paul Manafort, Jr., Trump's Image Man

A Political Muse's Amusing Make-overs

by N. A. Winn Doughe, CPW News Service

    Donald J. Trump's image maker is Paul J. Manafort, Jr., the son of Paul J. Manafort, Sr. a notable mayor from New Bridge, Connecticut.  Manafort has taken a hit from Newsweeks' Michael Isikoff on the April 10th, 2016 Meet The Press for handling the image campaigns of a bevy of world-class criminal-types from the Phillipines to the Balkans leading many to say that Trump's image problems should be a cake-walk for this seasoned media musher.
     While Manafort's past has been softly handled by CNN's Vanderbilt heir, Anderson Cooper, it is understandable.  Cooper's ancestor is Cornelius Vanderbilt who went to war in Central America with William Walker, the close associate and filibustering friend of his avid supporter, Franklin Pierce. Vanderbilt and Walker squared off over the canal route across Honduras before Theodore Roosevelt settled on carving Panama out of the northern corner of Colombia.  If Manafort is use to handling the image problems of despots he is not alone.  Franklin Roosevelt said of Nicaragua's dictator the sociopathic Anastasio Samoza...."he's a son-of-a-bitch, but he's our son-of-a-bitch".  Trump is a much less "bitchy" man than many of Manafort's previous clients.
     Manafort graduated from Georgetown University like William Jefferson Clinton who was putting the Manafort spin on the legacy of President Franklin Pierce in the spring of 2015 while at Georgetown for a lecture series during which Clinton became something of a Pierce apologist, a message that he strangely repeated in Exeter, New Hampshire when he open his first campaign speech for Hillary mentioning Pierce, but not Hillary.   Georgetown University is also the alma mater of Manafort's partner in a 1980's HUD scandal, Deborah Jean Gore (William J. Eaton, June 21, 1989, "GOP Consultant Admits Using Influence to Obtain HUD Grant, but Defends Actions," Los Angeles Times).

Gordon Dean, father of Deborah
Gore Dean, Manafort's close
associated and fellow
Georgetown University alumni.

     Debora Gore Dean is a relative of former Vice-President Al Gore and daughter of Gordon Dean who supported the head of the Manhattan Project, Robert Oppenheimer, when Oppenheimer was attacked for what was then characterized as dragging his feet on the increased weaponization of nuclear fission.  Oppenheimer resisted the invention of the bigger hydrogen bomb so he was removed from the nation's nuclear program and replaced by physicist Edward Teller.  Key witnesses in the Gordon Gray Committee, headed by the father of Bush family attorney C. Boyden Gray, who together with his father were top heirs of the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company....not known to resist the passing on of known carcinogens to an unsuspecting public.... was Kenneth Pitzer who provided the primary testimony against Oppenhemier whose plans for nuclear energy threatened the fossil fuel industry.   Pitzer, like historian Frank Vandiver, was a President of Rice University which domiciles the Bush Secretary of State James A. Baker Center for Public Policy in Houston, Texas where Pitzer, a chemist, was working on high-octane fossil fuels at the time Oppenheimer was pushing for peaceful uses of nuclear energy.
     Fellow Rice University President, Frank Vandiver, the historian who oversaw the personal papers of Jefferson Davis, the Confederate President, a close friend of both William Walker backer, Franklin Pierce, and New England opium smuggler and China Trader, Caleb Cushing, whose negotiation of the Wanghia Treaty that displaced Britain as China's leading trading partner when China had become disgruntled with Britain's dumping of opium from the Ottoman Turks through the exports of Sephardic Jew, David Sassoon, soon found that the Cushing arrangement was not significantly different. "You could argue that it led directly to Mao's Cultural Revolution," said John Ithaut.
     Ithaut believes that Gordon Dean may have been providing his own cover for the fossil fuel cartel as he believes Al Gore did by politicizing the Global Warming debate when it should have been a leading scientist like Einstein or Oppenheimer to present it in its fullest dimensions.  "This is too important an issue to leave it to a former seminarian turned politician whose centrality in the debate locks up the argument in the status quo....good news for the petro-chems, bad news for the planet" said Ithaut
    Frank Vandiver left Rice University to become the Director of the Mosher Institute of Defense Studies at Texas A&M University.  Founded by Edward Mosher of Mosher Steel, Mosher provided 13,000 tons of steel for the critical first nine floors of the World Trade Center in New York that imploded on September 11, 2001.  In 2005 Frank Vandiver wrote the book How America Goes To War.
     "It's the darndest thing," said John "Duke" Ithaut.  "Texas A&M has some of the finest engineers in the country and after the 1992 deadly A&M bonfire accident that killed eleven they recommended a column of steel beams be placed in the long-burning log fire, one of the largest in the world, since carbon-based fires of whatever length and like the one that felled the World Trade Center cannot melt steel."
     Gordon Gore, father of Manafort's close associate from the HUD scandal days,  oversaw the fast-tracking industrialization and militarization of the U.S. nuclear program along with Edward Teller.
    "When politicians need a fort because they are embattled, Manafort provides it," said John "Duke" Ithaut the diminutive 115 pound Director of the non-profit political action group SFWW....Skinny Fat Whale Watchers in Hialeah, Florida.  "Manafort has made a nice living massaging and manipulating the images of some really fat whales," said Ithaut.
    Ithaut believes that Manafort's Connecticut connections to the historic U.S. power elites that date back to the Cushing initiatives helps to inform Americans about the untaught elements in the nation's history....."elements, too slimy for high school and college civics and history teachers to grasp and teach.  For the unpacking of this impaction you have to read historians like Howard Zinn or, more to the point, Lowell P. Wigglesworth," said Ithaut.

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