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Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Dinesh D'Sousa, Michael Eric Dyson Display Deep Ignorance of American Mythology

From D'Sousa and Dyson on Ed Show MSNBC......

D'Sousa: Sometimes I think that what the left is doing is blaming America for a conquest ethic that is universal and for which America came up with a very innovative solution which is the idea of wealth creation.

Dyson:   Well, look.   The point is when you compare for analysis.... when you talk about slavery... when you look at books that talk about the comparative analysis about slavery and the argument that there was indentured servitude and there were other nations that enslaved their people, but not until America where Christianity was directly involved was the kind of sanctification of the process  of slavery to the divine intent that made slavery such a heinous act. So even though we have comparative analyses that goes out here, they weren't equally as savage as what happened in America and they weren't the devastating and dehumanizing impact that slavery had. So even if there is truth to what you are saying the greater truth is that there was much more moral devastation in American than there was in other forms.

D'Sousa:  Well, first of all there needs to be some important qualifications.  You've seen my film so you admit that I admit that there was a racial dehumanization in American slavery that was unique and yet  even there were exceptions.  For example, approximately 3500 black slave owners, free blacks in the American South, owned more that 10,000 black slaves.  That is the sort of wrinkle

Dyson: But.....

D'Sousa: That's a wrinkle that undermines the idea that slavery was purely a black and white issue, but the even more important point isn't that.  It's that slavery was a universal institution, but only one nation, America, fought a great war to end it.  So anti-slavery, abolition, that's the unique achievement of the West and of America.

Dyson: Yes, of course, but the alternative could have been that America could have resolved the issue without resorting to war.  The argument could be made that the incredible and unique barbarism that accompanied American slavery came to the necessity of a war where other nations would say, look, we've got to stop doing this because this is problematic.

The Voices of The Greek Slave and Spartacus Cry Out for Their Champion!

by Melman "Mel" A. Nomeh and Kaye Pass Sohimehgoes , CPW News Service

     There is a major problem with being a black American trying to comment rationally on the history of slavery in America.   There is a problem with a Christian apologist, D'Sousa,  from Mumbai (formerly Bombay), a conservative political pundit from Kings College, solely owned by Campus Crusade for Christ, a convicted felon having made illegal political contributions to conservative political parties and coming from the Indian city where the British Empire's leading opium smuggler labored.  That would be David Sassoon.   Sassoon, a Sephardic Jew, had cornered with the help of the British Empire's navy and military first the important Golden Crescent poppy production centers of Baghdad and Basra, moving to Bombay, now Mumbai, with the rise of the Ottoman Turks whose bubble wouldn't burst until the advent of T. E. Lawrence (of Arabia) whose interventions into the consolidation of the power of the Saudi royals through the funding of their oil assets, had accompanied the export of opium to Southeast Asia where Indian (from India) immigrants created way stations for the shipment of opium up the Yangtze River in China, leading to the British colonization of Hong Kong until China's opium trade, run by the  British, was eclipsed by the more powerful navy and military of "Ku Shing".   Who was "Ku Shing"?  He was  better known as Caleb Cushing, the Boston opium merchant who negotiated the first U.S./Chinese trade agreement, the Whangia Treaty that put the U.S.'s New England opium merchants into the driver's seat of the displaced British.
    This is all according to the American historian and de-mythologizer, Lowell P. Wigglesworth. "Yes, you will find no clearer a hodge-podge of myth spinning than the conversation that D'Sousa had with Michael Eric Dyson on MSNBC's Ed Show in October 2014.   Dyson misses the fact that the Romans lynched 6000 slaves on the road between Rome and Capua....the followers of Spartacus.   Fedor Andreevich Bronnikov's artwork portrayed beautifully the ugliness of this crime against humanity.  Come to think of it, artist James Powers' The Greek Slave, captures nicely the history of slavery in a way that demythologizes the natural human desire to paint as nice a picture of one particular race as we can over another.   The Greek Slave was a beautiful white chick who was chained by the Romans to a tree stump.  The myth of evil white people or evil black people or evil yellow people or evil red skins is all a load of mythologized crap.  We're all potentially evil whether we are England's Henry VIII or a Zulu king not unlike Idi Amin of Charles Taylor or a Chinese warlord or Caleb Cushing whose buddies employed as an opium cutter hull-layer in the Gardiner Shipyard in Baltimore, Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey who became Frederick Douglass the great black abolitionist and statesman.  The history of slavery is like a marbled cake of swirling skin colors.  You can't bite into it without taking a mouthful of your own kith and kin," said Wigglesworth who believes that the same cake-bakers made the Yellow Cake argument of the GWB administration for war in Baghdad and Basra....all of Iraq.
     Wigglesworth is especially fascinated that D'Souza comes from not only Kings College with its connections to Bill Bright who was knighted by the British crown with its shallow modern roots not in purely British Anglo history, but in the German Saxe-Coburg-Gotha history of current House of Windsor who altered their "Windsor" name to hide their German heritage.
     "That's right," said Wigglesworth noting that D'Souza was also a member of the American Enterprise Institute and The Hoover Institute at Stanford University from which had rebelled noted scholar Anthony Sutton whose claim that Western technology created the USSR, a claim validated by National Security Advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski, and who was author of such books as The Best Enemy Money Can Buy and America's Secret Establishment which chronicles the transformation of America from the induction of the Germanic traditions of Wilhelm Wundt at Yale in 1833.
    "Not only that, but Dinesh D'Souza is from San Diego, California home of the U.S. Navy SEAL headquarters that are shaped unmistakably in the form of a Nazi swastika by architectural design.  The daughter of the first U.S. Navy SEAL, Elizabeth Kauffman Bush, was the goddaughter of Wallis Simpson the wife of the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha-Windsor heir, the Duke of Windsor, and British royal who denounced the throne, Prince Edward.   Wallis was a known Nazi spy who met the Duke at the Coronado Hotel in San Diego.   The British royals, ah, German/British royals, who were a royal pain in FDR's and Winston Churchill's butt, came into power with a half a billion dollar estate which today, mostly on the value of uranium, is worth about fourteen billion dollars.  Not surprisingly those investment are with the largest American uranium merchants, also makers of the Predator and Reaper drones that shoot depleted uranium shells that slice through traditional military armor, iron and steel, like a knife through butter......ah....butter with a lengthy radiation half-life that's not good for people and other living things," said Wigglesworth noting that another depleted uranium product is the armor on the M1-Abrams tank.  "General Atomics's founder Neal Blue was not only GWB's Yale Skull & Bones fraternity brother, business partner of Nicaragua's brutal dictator, Ansastasio Samoza, but the husband of the San Diego Naval base 'mayor', and now the Chief Financial Officer of the City of San Diego," said Wigglesworth who sometimes worries that one of Blue's drones may be circling his home.
    Indeed, Wigglesworth is correct.  Two U.S. families have argued that their kin was the first U.S. Navy SEAL.   In Lincoln's Commando, a book by the son of a noted U.S. academic and author from Columbia University, Charles Van Doren, William B. Cushing was the first U.S. Navy commando and SEAL.  Elizabeth Kauffman Bush, on the other hand, argues in her book The First Frogman, that it was her father and friend of the Duke of Windsor and his American/Nazi spy wife and Elizabeth's godmother, Draper Kauffman.  "You decide," said Wigglesworth, noting that which ever it was both stories give direct testimony to the "interwoven pattern of American mythmaking."
     "Yes, well,  Anthony Sutton warned us that the Hoover Institute whose cross campus compatriot organization, The Stanford Research Institute, had us looking at Yuri Geller's bent spoons as proof that the Russians were remote viewing our deepest secrets kind of like they claim the Russians are reading the DNC's emails," said Wigglesworth.   "The Hoover Institute owns the diary of Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebels and has shown an abiding interest in the pseudo-science of mind manipulation through Applied Sociology and Applied Psychology," said Wigglesworth pointing out that Columbia University was not only the intellectual factory producing the "father of Applied Sociology", but his son the Nobel Prize winning Harvard economist whose Black Scholes credit default formulas that tanked the U.S. economy in 2008 as well as the journalist that the New York Time's writer, James Carr, called "Columbia's new Dumbledore of journalism", Steve Coll, formerly of the Washington Post, who managed the editing of Vernon Loeb, who spun the Pat Tillman and Jessica Lynch stories before turning to co-author with Paula Broadwell the book All In: The Education of General David Petraeus.
     Wigglesworth is less worried about the Russians coming than he is about the fact that most Americans don't know that the SEAL headquarters had to have been purposely built in the form of a swastika in the post World War II era just as Minoru Yamasaki had to build for the New York Port Authority that was so Mobbed up during World War II as to find the FBI asking the Mafia to protect the port from German saboteurs.  "Yea, Yamasaki the favorite architect of the Bin Ladens and the Saudi royals built the NY Port's World Trade Center as a model of Mecca in Manhattan and the Nazi's were allied with whom against the Jews during WWII in the Middle East?  So you also have Yamasaki building the Pruitt-Igoe project in St. Louis in the 1950's that was used as a type of Tuskegee Experiment site for testing radiation poisoning on the population, the subject of Dr. Lisa Martino-Taylor's open-source PhD dissertation of over eight hundred pages.  But that's not the kicker.  The kicker is that Yamasaki's building was "pulled in 1972 using thermite explosives by the same company, Controlled Demolition Inc.,  that was contracted by New York to quickly complete the demolition of the WTC to the horror of the victims whose families could not properly retrieve their loved ones remains.  The New York City fire fighters blamed Rudy Giuliani while his Police Commissioner, Bernie Kerik, was jailed for taking Mob bribes, but not before he went to Baghdad to help train the Iraqi Army in security tactics," said Wigglesworth noting that Kerik was George W. Bush's first choice as Director of Homeland Security before Tom Ridge.
     Wigglesworth has elsewhere convincingly unpacked the real history of the U.S. Civil War which he claims was fought for multiple motives two of which were smoke screens for the most powerful of the three competing motives.  "The first two motives were the abolition of slavery and states rights.  The third was the control of the rail route across the flat Great Southwest which had been laid out by Jefferson Davis, the Confederacy's President when he was the U.S.A.'s Secretary of War and which was the logical route for enhancing's Caleb Cushing's overland opium road from the Pacific to the Northeast and Europe beyond before the invention of Alfred Nobel's Dynamite in 1867.  When that happened it meant that the North could abandon Davis' camel route from the Gulf of Mexico to San Diego up the Rio Grande and across the Gila River.   Those camels came from another of David Sassoon's early opium smuggling ports, Smyrna, brought by William B. Cushing's commander, Admiral David Dixon Porter who served the same U.S. Navy as the early China Trade blockade-buster on the Yangtze River who returned to  bust the blockades on the South's rivers transportation system, Admiral Andrew Hull Foote.   Admiral Foote, whose kin is historian and myth-spinner, Shelby Foote, doesn't want anyone reading too deeply in the original documents of our recent past," said Wigglesworth.
    "Anyone who gets sucked into the vortex of this hot air being spewed between  Michael Eric Dyson and D'Sousa are being pulled into a black hole of well-choreographed myth and ignorance," said Wigglesworth whose family lived on a small farm between Atlanta, Georgia and Savannah, Georgia during the Civil War.
    "All politics is local," said Wigglesworth.   "So you have William Tecumseh Sherman, Confederate General Braxton Bragg's business partner, who  before the Civil War was consolidating the Northern railhead at San Francisco along with railroad man, George C. Bragg. Knowing that nitro-glycerin could move mountains, they might run out of African and Chinese transporters before the South finished their flatland route to San Diego.  A nice little Civil War could hinder the Southern power brokers who had all along envisioned that the transcontinental rail route would go from Savannah to San Diego and not through the highest rockies.  So Sherman returns to destroy the South's future rail crossing at Vicksburg where he dines with whom?  Ulyssess S. Grant and Admiral David Dixon Porter on Porter's ship on the Mississippi River.  Porter's ship had the better menu.   The future Chief Engineer of the Union Pacific is there, too, Grenville Dodge, whose part in the Credit Mobilier scandal will later come to light, but the real kicker here is William Tecumseh Sherman's treatment of the freed slaves at Ebenezer Creek as he's marching from Atlanta to Savannah doing what?  Destroying the South's little rail head?  Hell no!  He's twisting into corkscrews the future East Coast China Traders' port to stall the South's slave holding entrepreneurs' so that Caleb and his friends to the north.....you know....the Yale elites....Huntington, Russells, Tafts, Delanos, Heards.....can turn many more into slaves without the need for iron shackles!" said Wigglesworth.  "Slick! But you won't heard Dyson and D'Sousa talk about this one and Ken Burns won't mention it in his Civil War series what included a generous dose of Shelby Foote and only the mention of the Delanos' participation in the undefined "China Trade" in his pabulum film The Roosevelts," said Wigglesworth.
     "In the end you have the South's port at San Diego finding the Marine Corp and Navy bases of the Union military plopped on top of their....and I use the word 'South's' in a very limited way since most Southerners weren't salve owners, but fierce individualists who bought into the states rights motive only.....envisioned seaport at San Diego."
    Wigglesworth was asked just how Americans could keep their objectivity in listening to so many conflicting assessments of reality.  "Strangely enough, you start with the Biblical notion that we live in an imperfect world and that depravity is like rust on a piece of impure iron and that few people stainless or made of gold and titanium.  Precious medals may be in every living thing in trace amounts, but in larger doses they are deadly so rust and tarnish is  the norm of the human condition.  Then you read and listen with eyes wide open and mouth shut tight till you have looked deeper.  Oddly, another fine Biblical admonition says that 'the sins of the father are visited upon the children to third and fourth generation.'   Now, it's not just the father's sins, the mother's DNA is in there somewhere and she's got about 50,000 generations of genetic mush just like everyone else.  Hells bells, even Jesus' mother Mary had her mother's genetic crap in her.  A little leaven infects the whole loaf.  I don't care what they say about her having been conceived from the Almighty's pristine seed unless they added to the divine theory that it was like a vaccine against Mary's mother's DNA and I may have just invented a new theological assertion like that  bimbo came up with that other one....Thomas Aquinas I think....or was it Augustine....it doesn't matter.  Any holes in the theory is quickly covered with "What is impossible with man is possible with god."    The better idea is that you look back about three generations and ask 'whose kids were these and who were their grandfathers and grandmothers.....great grandfathers and great grandmothers....great-great grandmothers and great-great grandfathers..... and the truth falls out like a butt-load of prime rib and lobsters at a Shriner's convention on a Carnival Cruise infected with the Norovirus," said Wigglesworth.
     "You've heard people talk about 'six degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon'?   Well, whoever invented that notion was not a serious historian or archeologist. It's an admonition to move on causes there nothing to see.  Bull shit.  There's plenty to see.  Tell a good CSI guy to use the Kevin Bacon theory in his work and you'll end up with Fox News' fat 'Jabba the Hut'... Roger Ailes... or Fahmy Malak in Mena, Arkansas who autopsied the bodies of Kevin Ives and Don Henry or whoever the bimbo was that did Gary Webb's autopsy in California in 2005.   You'll get FBI Director James Comey describing Hillary's emails and U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch saying that she and Bill Clinton were on the Phoenix airport tarmac talking about grandchildren while Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was playing her impartial affections for both Hillary and Bernie Sanders as straight as an arrow.   Shelby Foote may have told CSPAN's Brian Lamb in that 2005 interview in his Memphis home office that "I consulted no original materials.  People don't need to read the original materials.  It's all been gone over before," but that's to tell you to swallow his unexplored crap hook, line and sinker which never makes the connection between Braxton Bragg to William Tecumseh Sherman or Jefferson Davis to Franklin Pierce and Caleb Cushing and the untaught motive for the Civil War" said Wigglesworth. 
      Move on there's nothing here?  No, there plenty in the debated between D'Sousa and Dyson, but it's not at all what they seem to want to make you think it is.  It's a train wreck.  Don't move on.  Dig through the debris.  The story is amazing!  It's our collective story and the truth of it has, as Winston Churchill said famously, "been covered over with a swarm of lies." 

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