Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Jimmy Savile's MI5/CIA Essay Challenge

Essay Question
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by CPW News Service Staff

     Amnesty International is arguing that the 1970's pedophile scandal at the Kincora Boys Home in Ireland that was reportedly known to local authorities as well as to leading MI5 and MI6 agents should allow the charges of victims Gary Hoy, Richard Kerr and Clint Massey to be included as a significant element in the Jimmy Savile pedophile investigation.

(photo courtesy of British Royal Family)

     In as much as MI5 is to Britain what the FBI is to the USA and given that Boston's FBI "handler" of James "Whitey" Bulger was FBI Agent, John Connolly....Bulger, a self-confessed victim of a CIA managed MK-Ultra program in his Atlanta prison, returning to Boston where the Irish-Catholic-pedophilia connection was rampant, an affair as sordid as Britain's Kincora/Savile/Heath scandal.... how might England's problem be reflected in the USA's similar problem....the Franklin Cover-Up (Omaha's Boy's Town) and Sandusky/Paterno (Penn State/Second Mile) scandal, managed after Paterno's death by former Bush family consigliore, Yalee, 41st Governor of Pennsylvania, U.S. Attorney General, and hired gun by CBS 60 Minutes in its investigation of the Dan Rather/Mary Mapes 2004 GWB/Texas Air National Guard scandal,  Dick Thornburgh?
     That Whitey's Atlanta prison experience was related by author of Whitey: The Life of America's Most Notorious Mob Boss, Dick Lehr, to Emory University which took such a pivotal role in the identification and control of the Ebola virus is chilling given that Emory was also home to Salman Rushdie, the British knighted author of The Satanic Verses and one about which the author of A Clockwork Orange, Anthony Burgess, said "The only one I hate more than Jimmy Savile is Salman Rushdie."
     WAS THE U.S. AND BRITISH PROBLEM ONE IN THE SAME?  What kind of supporting evidence could help to substantiate that connection?  For example....the CIA's Paul Helliwell's movement of his money-laundering bank operations at Castle Bank in the Bahamas to the Isle of Jersey where Jimmy Savile and Ed Heath were abusing boys at the Haut de la Garenne School?

Click box above for Lehr's CSPAN book review of
Whitey: The Life of America's Most
Notorious Mob Boss. 

     Please keep your answers to 500 words or less.

     Use your own resources to justify your position, but document your findings.  You may also want to review the July 16, 1988 program After Dark on the problems at the Kincora Boys School.....the unaired Yorkshire Television/Discovery Channel documentary Conspiracy of Silence and ask "what was the connection of Yorkshire Television to Jimmy Savile given Yorkshire's 21st Anniversary material in 1989 and Savile's appearance there before the 1992 derailment in the USA of the troubling Conspiracy of Silence documentary...plus the Alternative Views program documenting the shift of Castle Bank's money laundering from the Bahamas to the Isle of Jersey.  Australia's 60 Minutes presentation of "Spies, Lords and Predators" may also be helpful in as much as it named Peter Hayman, a former British High Commissioner to Canada which had its own issues with serial child abuse uncovered by the Rev. Kevin Annett, and the  number two in command at MI6, as a member of the same British pedophile ring.

"I'm just sorry that my movie, Iron Lady, didn't do more to show the close relationship between Margaret Thatcher and Jimmy Savile."   -Meryl Streep

     How might Britain's IPCC's (Independent Police Complaints Commission) investigation into apparent police misconduct at the North Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, East Yorkshire and West Yorkshire police departments relative to the Savile case inform the production and withdrawal of the Conspiracy of Silence from The Discovery Channel in the United States and what purpose could its production and withdrawal have possibly served?

Jimmy Savile seen helping Yorkshire Television to celebrate its 1989 21st
Anniversary.  By 1991-1992 Yorkshire was filming Conspiracy of Silence
to be released in the USA by The Discovery Channel.  The program
was mysteriously withdrawn from its scheduled airing.

.....when Stanley Kubrick's film of A Clockwork Orange came out, he (Anthony Burgess) went on a lot of chat shows. One of these was hosted by Jimmy Savile, presciently described in Burgess’s memoirs as a man “noted for bipartite hair dyes and his love of the young”. The experience left Burgess wishing “to inflict GBH (great bodily harm) on Savile” and vowing never to appear on a chat show again.

-The Guardian

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