Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Amy Goodman, Julian Assange and Slavoj Zizek at Frontline Club

Amy Goodman Attempts To Shed Light on 2016 Political Issues And Comatose Fourth Estate

by Shirley Locke Holmes, CPW News Service

     With the release of the DNC emails and the FBI's assertion that Hillary Clinton's handling of her personal emails was a affront to responsible leadership new conversations are surfacing like the recent discussion between Slovoj Zizek and Julian Assange hosted by Amy Goodman.
     With Assanges' assertion that journalism and dissent are under attack worldwide one respondent shared how he believed the American Fourth Estate is being managed as "applied journalism" and propaganda.

        The respondent stated of the Frontline Club's video of Goodman, Zizek and Assange and the small number of online readers the Frontline Club's program:

    Only 2,065 views, but to this packed hall?  Zizek (who is much easier to hear than he is to see!) notes Newt Gingrich's abandonment of his wife during illness in comparison to  Bill and Hillary Clinton who remained married in spite of and Monica Lewinsky and other affairs.  In my opinion, Clinton's relationship to Jeffrey Epstein (a convicted child abuser/pedophile....and human trafficker?) is cause for great alarm.  The testimony of Monica Lewinsky as to her secret liaisons packs a powerful insight via a Time Magazine story on her experiences.  She said that her trysts in the Oval Office were interrupted by a phone call from a powerful sugar magnate named "something like Fanjuli".  The President's records indicated that he was speaking to one of the Fanjuls, the powerful Cuban-American sugar moguls who are the subject of the film on Clinton's exploits in Haiti and Dominican Republic in the partisan documentary, CLINTON CASH.   The Fanjul's Central Romana sugar plantation in the Dominican Republic was using forced labor. 
     In my opinion, Guantanamo is not kept in Cuba primarily as a terrorists holding site.  Austrian intelligence was reported by a Miami newspaper to have hosted the planes in an out of Bill and Don Whittington, convicted drug smugglers.  Why Austrian spies were on the fence line at Guantanamo is a mystery, but it showed up in their official governmental documents.  Something, perhaps Assange could help unpack.  The reporter placing that story was put on the fast track upward through the neutered Fourth Estate for careful management.  This is how dissent is silenced.  Limited reporting is pointed to as an example of openness even as it is being squelched. The botched Bay of Pigs invasion....in light of the Monroe Doctrine's justification for a strong defensive response at the time.....tells me that Cuba was more important for the manufacture of consent for Cold War spending than it ever was a playground for the rich and powerful served by mafia figures like Meyer Lansky. As for giving Peyton Manning the Nobel Prize?  Kissinger got a Nobel Prize.  So did Robert Merton who created the Black-Scholes credit default formulas that tanked the world's economy in 2008 (made possible by Bill Clinton's 1999 failure to veto the repeal of Glass-Steagall just before he pardoned Marc Rich).  Merton's  father, also Robert Merton, is the "Father of Applied Sociology" at Columbia University whose new Dumbledore as the Henry Luce Prof. of Journalism at the Columbia School of Journalism is the former Managing Editor at the Washington Post, Steve Coll, who managed Vernon Loeb who spun the stories of Pat Tillman and Jessica Lynch before co-authoring with Paula Broadwell the book ALL IN: THE EDUCATION OF GENERAL DAVID PETRAEUS. 
     Journalism has become "applied journalism".... propaganda.   Coll's other henchman at the WP was from Miami Herald like Terrence McCoy and Penn Bullock were from the Miami New Times of  the Guantanamo story....Jeff Leen.....who, together with Steve Weinberg of IRE, Investigative Reporters and Editors.....joined in a 1996 debate as "good cop" and "bad cop" while attempting to silence Gary Webb particularly when Webb mentioned his connections to Houston Post reporter Gary Webb who published after stonewalling by Simon & Schuster the book The Mafia, CIA and George Bush.  Weinberg's campus at the University of Missouri was the site of the Melissa Clark attack on free speech from within that historic journalism school's core of "educators". What Amy Goodman is shown in this video is that the Fourth Estate is being, hopefully, eclipsed by the Fifth Estate....which is a return to the Greek way of individualism vs. the Roman way of empire....both of which have....have what? Where the hell we going?

     Alfonso Fanjul was 23 when his family's sugar cane plantation were taken over by Fiedel Castro in Cuba.  His family had entertained the Duke and Duchess of Windsor and Errol Flynn at their plantation before the revolution and they swore that in the U.S. they would not avoid getting involved in politics as they had done in Batista's Cuba.  Consequently Alfonso supports the Democrats and his brother who was 14 when the family business was nationalized supports the Republicans.  Alfonso was the head of Clinton's election campaign in Florida in 1992.
     Progreso Weekly reported (September 22, 2010) that a film about the life of the Fanjuls had been made into a film titled Sugarland.  It was clear that Alfonso Fanjul and his brother did not want their tory told:  In other words, a movie about a real social drama, featuring two Oscar-winning stars (Foster and DeNiro), was not shown in this country because the Fanjul brothers, who supposedly left Cuba because of a lack of freedom, blocked its distribution.
     Jeffrey Klein's November/December 1998 Mother Jones article "Sweet Rewards" reiterated the Time Magazine article covering Lewinsky's memories and stated:

     To take one simple example: On Presidents' Day in 1996, Bill Clinton told Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office that he "no longer felt right about their intimate relationship, and he had to put a stop to it." According to the Starr report, Clinton "hugged her but would not kiss her." Lewinsky remembered that at this point the president got a phone call from somebody named "Fanuli." According to White House records, the caller was Florida sugar magnate Alfonso Fanjul, Jr.. The call came through at 12:24 p.m., and Clinton returned it less than 20 minutes later. He and Fanjul then spoke for 22 minutes, from 12:42 to 1:04 p.m. -- an eternity in presidential time.

     The Miami New Times covered the Whittington's connection to Guantanamo Bay by Terrence McCoy and Penn Bullock whose story (Miami New Times, Feb. 6, 2014) was titled "Race Car Driver Don and Bill Whittington: Drug Smugglers and CIA Helpers?"  McCoy's career has skyrocketed within the anemic Forth Estate.
   Julian Assange's WikiLeaks provided a classified document that informed the relationship between Haiti and the Dominican Republic's sugar cane workers and the agreement that developed into the documentary by Roman Catholic priest Christopher Hartley, narrated by actor Paul Newman before his death, The Price of Sugar.  WikiLeaks provided the documented meeting between Florida Senator Bill Nelson, Dominican President-Elect Leonel Fernandez, Alfonso Fanjul and Albert Ibarquen, publisher of the Miami Herald.

   Ambassador Hans H. Hertell's itinerary read: On August 6 the Ambassador and visiting Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL) attended a lunch hosted by President-elect Leonel Fernandez (PLD) at the office of his Global Foundation for Democracy and Development (FUNGLODE). Also present were Alfonso Fanjul of sugar manufacturer Central Romana Corporation and Alberto Ibarquen, publisher of the Miami Herald. The lunch took place just 10 days before Fernandez was to be installed as President.
    "The selection of Tim Kaine as Hillary's VP and given his deep ties to the Jesuits may be seen as a way to ameliorate the Clinton history in Haiti that is also covered in the partisan documentary, Clinton Cash,  but much more transparency is needed as Americans head to the polls in November," said this independent journalist, Shirley Locke Holmes, who has also been following this story along with colleague, Fabian Colbachi.
    "I don't think that Assange's promised release of more Clinton emails will focus on this element in the Clinton political fanny pack, but it sure as hell should," said Colbachi.

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