Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Monday, January 28, 2013



By Philip A. Carney CPW News Services

     Rarely will Fox News confirm a story as damning to the Bush and Reagan legacies and as affirming of a journalistic outsider.  Daniel Hospicker, an independent journalist,  claims that 911 was a drug deal gone bad.  Hopsicker's story is "truly what happened" according to “Flapping Jowls” a Fox News reporter who is the equivalent of Woodward and Bernstein’s “Deep Throat”.
1982 Wisconsin paper confirms relationship of Wally Hilliard of Huffman Flying
School  to Myron Du Bain of SRI and Fireman's Fund Insurance Co.

      “The head terrorist of the 911 hijacking, Mohammed Atta, was trained at the Huffman Aviation's flying school in Venice, Florida which was owned by Wallace J. Hilliard.  Hilliard’s workers were arrested in Orlando, Florida by low ranking DEA officers as his jet landed with millions of dollars of heroin on board on July 25, 2000.  Any connections between Hilliard and the Bush family that might derail the George W. Bush presidential campaign in the run up to the November election could have been devastating for the Bush legacy.  Hilliard had business ties to Myron Du Bain, an early member of the OSS and a CIA operative, twice President of the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) known for mind science experiments including the use of LSD for psychological warfare for the U.S. intelligence agencies,” said Flapping Jowls who cited the following quoted from a yet to be confirmed source.....

Edgar Valles Diaz was arrested on Wally Hilliard’s Lear jet (N351WB) at Orlando Executive Airport on July 25, 2000, in what the Orlando Sentinel called “the biggest bust in Central Florida history.” The paper quoted officials stating it was “the largest find of its kind in the southeastern United States in recent years.”
    “Du Bain was also a member of San Francisco’s Bohemian Club as well as a San Francisco dinner club which he started with Mercer Gordon Gaddy and Secretary of State George Shultz that employed future Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, when he was unable to find work in the public sector.  Du Bain’s main fortunes had come from his position as CEO of Fireman’s Fund Insurance, the San Francisco insurance company that was number ten in revenues in the U.S., an  agency that would merge with American Express.
     In 1982 Wallace J. "Wally" Hilliard’s insurance company, Wisconsin Employers Insurance Group of De Pere united with American Express.   Ellen Tufts of the Green Bay News-Chronicle reported on November 10, 1982 that Myron Du Bain and Willie Davis, a Fireman’s Fund Board member and former Green Bay Packer, joined Wally Hilliard in Green Bay for the celebration of the announcement.

Huffman Flying School, Venice, Florida (l)
 owned by Wally Hilliard (r)
    “It looks to us like the trail of Mohammad Atta to Venice, Florida where he connected with Wally Hilliard’s  flying school meant that he was flying like a homing pigeon right up the CIA-linked drug lines protected, for example, by Asa Hutchinson at Mena, Arkansas.  Hutchinson, as that state’s leading law enforcement officer, was promoted after the death of Barry Seal to the head of the Drug Enforcement Agency or DEA.  Seal, for whom Eugene Hasenfus worked, downed  the Fairchild C-123 cargo plane, N4410F, formerly USAF 54-679 which he piloted for the CIA.  The flight over Nicaragua blew the lid off of Iran-Contra.  Seal promised to carry news of the entire Iran-Contra network to a Baton Rouge, Louisiana courtroom where Seal was to have testified in the Federal case.  Seal was machine-gunned on the street.  Not only was Seal problematic, but Hilliard’s plane in Orlando was problematic as was Mark Lombardi, a Houston artist and curator of the Houston Museum of Contemporary Art who had drawn graphic schematics of the entire Iran-Contra network.  Lombardi supposedly committed suicide in New York in the spring of 2000,” said Flapping Jowls.
     “Anybody near the Iran-Contra network that included the indictment of Oliver North, John Poindexter, Casper Weinberger and Elliot Abrams, were near the CIA’s covert drug supply that would ultimately be uncovered by San Jose Mercury New’s Pulitzer prize winning reporter, Gary Webb.  Webb died of two gunshot wounds to the head on December 10, 2004.  The California medical examiner in charge declared it a suicide.  He said it happens all the time…two shot to the head suicides,” said Flapping Jowls.

Spatialight Corp. records showing Wallace J. Hilliards proximity
to Farhad Azima the primary U.S. government conduit for
the Iran-Contra drugs for weapons exchange and hostages scandal
 that would have sent U.S.Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger to prison
save for a Presidential pardon from George Bush.
    Hilliard not just close to Myron Du Bain, but also to Farhad Azima, the Iraqi businessman who handled the weapons delivery to Iran and whose small airline, Buffalo Airways, was domiciled in McClennan County, Texas, home of both the Crawford White House and the Branch Davidian compound where gun runner, David Koresh, died with his followers in a firey FBI and ATF assault.  The FBI agent in charge of the assault was also the leading FBI buffer on the Iran-Contra scandal.  His friend, Oliver North, was indicted with the others.  Leaving Washington D.C. after the scandal, Fawn Hall, North's secretary, would pair up with Randy Sugarman, the agent for the rock group The Doors whose lead singer, Jim Morrison, was the son of the USN Admiral in charge of the Gulf of Tonkin Affair.  Sugarman would introduce Hall to opium addiction. The drug connections, opium and cocaine, were pervasive throughout these networks," said Flapping Jowls.  Fahrad Azima and Wallace J. "Wally" Hilliard came together in a company called Spatialight Inc. whose CEO would face an SEC conviction for fraud in 2006-7.
     “I’d want to know if anybody else died in or around  the date of Webb’s death that was close to this case.  Maybe even four years earlier when tensions were even greater around the 2000 Presidential election  in Florida when a fortunate son feared any unfortunate new revelations. Given Hilliard’s problems in 2001 with Mohammed Atta and Mark Lombardi’s death just before the 2000 election and it raises the spectre that Atta and his friends, mostly from Saudi Arabia, where the Bin Ladens were the engineers and builders for Prince Bandar Bush’s family, were taking advantage of their connection to American politicians to get to the American people by getting to their symbols of empire. By the way," said FJ, "the Bin Ladens owned the Houston Gulf Manor Airport, purchased with the help of Khalid Bin Mahfouz and Jim Bath, GWB's Air National Guard roommate."
     "The Houston Gulf Manor Airport was razed after 911.  Then you have to ask yourself who was on the 911 Commission?  Richard Bin Vinesti was the attorney for Barry Seal and he was on the 911 Commission,” said Flapping Jowls who added...."When an S&L scandal figure, Robert Corson, son-in-law of Houston, Texas' Walter Mischer made his way to a Houston court to face the judge for his part in the S&L scandal it was reported by a Houston Post reporter that Corson also had significant knowledge of Barry Seal's drug operation and that he would use it as a bargaining chip as Seal had hoped to do in his trial.  Corson also committed suicide before he arrived at the George Herbert Walker Bush appointed U.S. District Court.   Anyone near the Bush, Hilliard or Du Bain organizations appear to have been in intense danger," said FJ. 
   “What we were forbidden to explore at Fox News was why if President Bush’s brother, Marvin P. Bush, was on the board of the security company in charge of the World Trade Center, Securacom, wasn't GWB receiving phone calls from Marvin while the President was reading to children about goats?  Goats?  With Myron Du Bain's experiences with the OSS and CIA and as head of the Stanford Research Institute he was literally the man who paid the men who stare at goats.   My brother wouldn't hesitate to interrupt my photo op if I were President and someone just crashed 747's into his building,” said Flapping Jowls.
   When asked where he got the name “Flapping Jowls” he said that “Deep Throat” was from a porn film and “Flapping Jowls” could be used for "every politician I have ever seen. Their jowls flap prevarications....mine the truth.  FDR was credited with saving free market capitalism from the German American Nazi coalition of the 1930’s with Leo Crowley's seizure of Union Bank's assets, but don’t forget that Roosevelt’s family like so many of America’s power elites made their money from the opium trade, too….the China Trade….which they had learned from Great Britain’s East India Company," said FJ.  "And don't forget Du Bain's connections to the Hawaiian German import/exporter Heinrich Hackfield who during WWI found his import/export business in Hawaii taken by the American Alien Custodian for Woodrow Wilson as would happen to Union Bank by Leo Crowley, FDR's Alien Custodian during World War II.  Remember that the Roosevelts and Vanderbilts had teamed up to stall William Walker's attempt to put a Central American canal through Honduras and with the Panama Canal eclipsed Hackfield's domination of Hawaii whose assets went to AMFAC.  Du Bain was running AMFAC after Henry Alexander Walker.  AMFAC, American Factoring, owning thousands of acres of prime Hawaiian real estate on which it produced mostly sugar and coffee while being the China Trader's mid-Pacific depot, would find its best resort properties assimilated by a group of Texas brothers from Yale and Stanford, the Bass brothers, future partners with Richard Rainwater, the partner with George W. Bush in the Texan baseball franchise. The deal was brokered by Merrill Lynch, formerly Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner and Smith, with its family connections to President Franklin Pierce who backed the mercenary exploits of filibusterer William Walker in his attempt to privatize parts of the coasts of California and Northern Mexico.  Franklin Pierce was an ancestor of Marvin Pierce, Barbara Pierce Bush's father," said FJ recalling how Ken Lewis of America Bank was forced to take Henry Paulson's bailout money to be used partially to buy Merrill Lynch which would have been illegal under Glass-Steagall which was repealed in 1999 just before GWB took office.  Glass-Steagall, passed to prevent another Great Depression in 1933, had forbade banks from owing investment houses and insurance companies.
    "From the American Northeast, across the U.S. mainland by rail to California then to Hawaii and the Philippines these dark entrepreneurial stars laid, then passed on by inheritance through interlocking corporate directorates, the rail heads, sea lane and safe harbors of the China Trade sparking along the way a Civil War, world wars and eventually a massive Cultural Revolution.  After the Cultural Revolution aimed essentially at expelling the China Traders, after Mao's death the second U.S. Envoy leading to diplomatic relations with China was George Herbert Walker Bush," said FJ.
     "Under the guise of providing a new and better leadership and establishing a more just society with our strict drug policies and laws, America's leaders disregarded the terms of the Nan King Treaty that replaced Britain's opium pushers.  That treaty, first negotiated by the U.S. dominant China Trader, Caleb Cushing, was disregarded and the principle for which a Civil War was supposedly fought, freedom from slavery, clearly did not include the new chains of chemical slavery, as evidenced by Iran-Contra twenty years after GHWB's diplomatic mission 140 years after Caleb Cushing's mission.   Then would come new military excursions to control the world's historic poppy-growing regions.  Iran-Contra was not some little misguided fluke, but a lens through which to understand the whole charade aimed at turning the earth, like William Walker's hope for a Golden Circle in the American Caribbean basin, into a new home of slaves and masters," said FJ pointing out GHWB great interest in China.
     "When you consider that the Civil War was an attempt by these same families to secure this route across the flatter Great Southwest with terminal secured on the Pacific coast by William Walker, the  Southwest route though easier to build, was in the end more difficult to control, so they punched it through to the future hometown of Myron Du Bain and George Shultz, San Francisco, while abandoning Reconstruction as soon as the San Francisco route north of the stalled southern route was completed.  Of course you cannot separate the rail barons, Leland Stanford or E.H. Harriman and the Union Pacific from these families and at the Stanford Research Institute Myron Du Bain's two stints as President put him on the front row of the power elites' mind-control research center.  The Civil War was essentially, therefore, like 911, with the Hilliard and Du Bain connections to Mohammad Atta, a drug deal gone bad for the South.   Jefferson Davis' Confederate rail route from Savannah to San Diego, was usurped by the North.  In 1860 and 1861 for 18 months the trail from St. Joseph Missouri to San Francisco provided the media blitz that pulled attention to the Northern route....the Pony Express.  Who started the Pony Express?  William Hepburn Russell.  With his connections to the New England Russell family and William Huntington Russell, founder of the Russell Trust that created Skull & Bones and to Boston's Caleb Cushing who negotiated U.S. trade policy with China, it was a done deal for the South's dream of joining the power elites.  The Southern slavers were amateurs compared to the Cushings and the Russells who not so ironically were Northerners who favored Union and slavery.  Just as the arrival of the British East India Company was to China the start of its cultural enslavement, so GHWB took a profound interest immediately before becoming CIA Director in the same region.  It had been long enough since the Chinese Cultural Revolution that people there were starving for the free market excesses that the Russell and Cushing galaxy could provide when and if they needed to.  With the Frank Church Commissions investigation of  the CIA, GHWB stepped in as CIA Director which by his own admission would have been for anyone else the kiss of death for any future political ambitions.  Yep, the Civil War was a drug deal gone bad, too, but so was Iran-Contra and Hopsicker is absolutely correct," said FJ.  "911 was in essence a drug deal gone really, really bad." 
     FJ did not think that 911 was an inside job unless one means that Atta and his Middle-Eastern couriers coming from a history of doing the top CIA's dirty work across the Middle East through Al Qaeda dating back to the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, went radially religious and did to New York what knowledgeable and angry Confederates, those who had figured out the China Trade and Great Southwest rail route connections, tried to do after the Civil War.   Without this history American suspicions about Atta's group went largely without scrutiny even after the 15 of the 19 Saudi terrorists were used like fake yellow cake uranium to justify war with Iraq instead of Saudi Arabia.  "Still I'm bothered by Building 7 and reports of Thermite found at Ground Zero.  That would be over the top even for angry religious radicals bent on suicide bombing, what's the point?  Unless they were also working with the President's brother's company Marvin P. Bush's company, Securacom, which had unfettered access in securing the World Trade Center complex," said FJ in a concluding flap.

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