Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Friday, March 23, 2012

Jason Russell the Kony Viral Video Author Psychotic?

Pressure from Notoriety Blamed
by Hymen Garza Umbibbwas for CPW News Services

   The author of the viral video of Joseph Kony the African warlord who has brutally murdered thousands, Jason Russell, has been reported to be psychotic in San Diego.  According to the Associated Press, when police arrived to find Mr. Russell mumbling incoherently, banging his fists against the pavement, he was wearing only his underwear.  Family members indicated that Russell’s state was not due to drugs or alcohol, but to brief reactive psychosis.  Some experts indicate that brief reactive psychosis may also be an indicator of the on-set of deep psychological issues including schizophrenia.
    Kony, the current leader of Ughanda, Africa is a self-proclaimed spiritual medium who combines local folk religion with fundamental Christianity.  Desirous of turning Ughanda into a theocracy with the Ten Commandments harmonized with local customs, Kony's leaders are seeking ways to exempt child sex slaves and child soldiers from any apparatent prohibition within the new theocracy's laws.
     Danica Russell, Jason Russell's wife, said it may be months before her husband returns to San Diego-based Invisible Children, the organization her husband started in 2005 to expose African war atrocities.
     Swatner J. Borst of the Institute of Anglo Reactive Anger Studies in Santa Monica, California says that “we often find the children of America’s leading families, particular those with ties to the New England Brahman class like the Peabodys, Forbes, Cabots, Russell, Lodges, Harrimans, Cushings, Roosevelts, Delanos, Tafts and so forth, crumbling under the pressure to uphold the dynastic pillars of the family’s position of prominence.  When you couple this pressure with their children’s awareness that these families have exploited the historic China Trade by eclipsing the British sometimes by means of their own cross-Atlantic alliances with the leading British, Scottish and Irish families, they crumble.  Who wouldn’t?” asked Borst who noted that Kony claims also to be the medium for a host of 13 international hosts including a Chinese phantom.
     “We could make the case that this is what happened to Barack Obama friend, William Ayers, the son of a leading Mid-Western industrialist.  Or take San Diego’s Jim Morrison of the Doors whose father was the Admiral overseeing the Gulf of Tonkin affair with its widely reported connection and motive for war…. Indo-China’s poppy region, the Golden Triangle.  Before that there was the entire cross-Pacific battle for the Opium trade with the Japanese and Chinese including Chiang Kai-Shek with his connections to China’s leading opium smugglers, the triad known as the Green Gang.  During the Vietnam War it was same song second verse as revealed by Col. Bo Gritz and Col. Daniel Martin.  The China connections have been meticulously covered in Sterling Seagrave’s books, especially The Soong Dynasty.  So, anyway, these family ties bind.  They bind hard and hang heavy around a young man’s neck.  Then when he see the same crap and corruption elsewhere, it hard to deal with objectively.  Soon your whole moral compass is haywire and spinning out of control and you find yourself walking in your underwear down the street speaking jibberish and pounding the pavement with your fist.   Your awareness that the refined portions of your whole life are based on the often brutal development, expansion and protection of the worldwide opium trade which enslaves others and you are faced with an existential morass.  Do you leave the life you have known by becoming a goat herder on a Greek Island or a Trappist monk in an obscure monastery or go looking for the next Idi Amin to point a finger at for justification for your family’s holding tight to the illegal and enslaving trade?   So you target that black bastard, Joseph Kony, who would dominate the same China Trade with the help of his Chinese phantom,” said Borst.
     On Janurary 25, 2011, Winsip Custer reported that minutes before President Obama’s January 24th, 2012 State of the Union speech, the President learned that Jessica Buchanan and her Danish co-worker, Poul Hagen Thisted, were rescued from Somali pirates following their October, 2011 kidnapping.
     Custer wrote... “Working for a Danish demining ministry in Somalia, Jessica Buchanan had been a teacher at the Rosslyn Academy in Nairobi, Kenya.   She is also widely reported to be a resident of Bedford, Virginia and Rosslyn Virginia, just across the river from Washington, D.C..”
     Custer stated that:
Stephen Buchanan, Jessica’s brother at Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee was delighted to hear of his sister’s release.  Lee University was previously the home of Bob Jones University where both Billy Graham and Tim LeHaye attended school at the Cleveland campus.  “Tim LeHaye wrote the Left Behind series,” said one Lee University student near the Richard DeVos Recreational Center.  “We’re sure glad that Jessica wasn’t left behind in Somalia and that the Seal Team 6 did again what they had accomplished in Pakistan even though it was a different group of them," said another young man wearing an Amway cap and Blackwater t-shirt.
   Jason Russell's hometown of San Diego, an increasingly violent city,  is home of the U.S. Navy SEALS in addition to Jason's mother and family.  "Assuming a connection to the New England Russell family whose Russell Trust is a major supporter of Yale University and the China Trading that is intertwined with the mission and objectives of the U.S. Navy, the pressure on Jason is monumental.  Tim LeHaye’s financial support made possible the San Diego College where Jason Russell’s mother is employed.  This means, of course, that in addition to the family pressure, there is also the pressure of the religious community.  That community often preaches one thing and does something else altogether....not unlike Kony's all-over-the-chart religio-babble,” said Borst.  “Which brings me to a hope and prayer that Jason will recover to produce a new viral video that exposes the connections between the New England elites and world-wide drug trade including Gary Webb’s discoveries in his book Dark Alliance,” said Borst.

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